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Science... sort of

Jan 25, 2011

00:00:00 – The Paleopals are here sipping liquids from all over the place. Sustainable? No. Delicious? You bet! Ignore your carbon footprint and uncork something tasty.


00:05:26 – More Doarn! Charles Doarn returns to finish our discussion about sending people to Mars from Episode 69, including some sobering yet inspiring thoughts on the inquisitive nature of man.


00:55:16 – This week Trailer Trash Talk heads back to WV to judge the documentary The Last Mountain, about a small town fighting back against exploding hillsides.


01:11:13 – Patrick alerts the other Paleopals to the presence of a tiny dino that is maybe or maybe not sending ripples up the evolutionary dinosaurian tree. Plus the guys coin a new paleontological logical fallacy: Argument from T-Rex.


01:23:08 – PaleoPOW this week runs the gamut. Ryan tells us, with his amazing reading skills, about Thomas “Above and Beyond” Broyles-Lewiswho not only gave his mom a computer but set up with some sweet podcasts. Thanks, Thomas! Hi Thomas’ Mom! Patrick is taking cues from Pang with an iTunes review of the UK persuasion as written by SaphPhx. And lastly Charlie heads to the website wherein Chelsea has a question about zombies and George Washington based on the conversation from Episode 66 – Undead Cowboys.


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Music this week by:

Around the World – Daft Punk

Mission - Dispatch

Mr. Fire Coal Man – Stiff Little Fingers

Skull and Bones – Klaus Badelt