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Science... sort of

Feb 14, 2011

00:00:00 – This week the Paleopals skip the usual intro because they're just so excited to talk to author Dr. Sheril Kirshenbaum author of The Science of Kissing!


00:52: 29 – In keeping with the oral fixation the guys let Sheril off the line then talk about getting a "kiss from sweet lady hop." That Charlie really is such a poet. Also Ben seems to have some issues with how beer is produced.


00:58:18 – This week Trailer Trash Talk is going on a field trip for the very first time with Ed Helms and John C. Reily in the new Sundance comedy movie Cedar Rapids!


01:08:31 - PaleoPOW is a time to reflect, and this week the Paleopals might as well be surrounded by mirrors.

  • Charlie et al. are taken to task by[blank]  for panning the trailer for The Last Mountain in Episode 70. Charlie explains our position in depth and refers listeners to Episode 51 where we break down the problems facing alternative energy development.
  • Ben helps budding young scientist Cam nail down the specs for his experimental hot fusion reactor, which he only learned about through Ryan's articles for Marvel. If Santa Cruz is a crater next week you'll all know who to blame.
  • Ryan and the guys geek out over a crocheted baby Brachiolope made and photographed by superfan Sarah. Go check it out yourself in the Brachiolope Gallery! She's asking for a name so they all throw out their ideas. Winner gets the prize! 
  • And finally, Kate wants to know why we don't have more women on the show. Patrick deals with her concerns with his typical well-reasoned and thoughtful style.



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Music on this week's show:

The Denial Twist – The White Stripes

Kiss you all over – Exile

Kiss the Bottle – Lucero

Rock and Roll All Nite – K.I.S.S.