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Science... sort of

May 2, 2011

00:00:00 - Friend of the show and fellow podcaster Brian Dunning returns after a long absence to talk about the details of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant problems in Japan. Plus why exactly radiation is bad for us, and what the crisis in Japan means for the future of nuclear energy.

00:33:49 - Podcasting has been known to lead to dry mouth. So to keep our oral cavities moist we enjoy a beverage. And this week was a weird one as Brian enjoyed some milk, Charlie had some water, and Ben had a weird cream soda thing. Patrick had an old favorite beer, and Ryan had a wheat whiskey he was sure could stand up to Dunning's scotch snobbery.

  • Be sure to listen to Skeptoid and watch inFact or else Brian will be sad.

00:50:58 - This week Trailer Trash Talk is kind of a big hot mess as Ben derails the discussion of the trailer for the upcoming film The Big Bang.

01:04:02 - Is there anything meta-materials can't do? First they promise us invisibility, and now they're simulating the big bang just to see if time travel into the past is possible (SPOILER: It isn't, sorry.) Ben explains, Charlie translates.

01:20:48 - PaleoPOWs are alot like skepticism. Most people don't bother. Those that do bother are thanked by small groups of nerds. First up, Patrick defends Ryan from a Facebook affront by Bob, while also teaching a valuable lesson on how to leave reviews. Ryan has an e-mail and a donation from John P. in Utah that lauds the Paleopals for their take on creationism in Episode 82. Ben has a Canadian iTunes review and website comment that threatens the States should we continue to mock those under the Maple Leaf Flag.  And finally, Charlie corrals a herd of wild Brachiolopes into the gallery for the viewing pleasure of all, including one from our very own Jacob! Thanks to everyone who contributing with their sightings of that most majestic of mascots.

That's it for this week! If you want more literate, less audible, content check out the Paleocave Blog.

Music for this week's show:

Radiation - Apples in Stereo

Malted Milk - Eric Clapton

Bang Bang - Dispatch

History of Everything (Big Bang Theory Theme) -  Barenaked Ladies