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Science... sort of

May 19, 2011

00:00:00 - Crocodiles confuse even the best of biologists. Morphology, genetics and taxonomy collide as the Paleopals start the Gainesville show off with the wrong kind of reptile when discussing a new story of crocodile distribution and evolution.

00:14:42 - Patrick got something special for this. Cork special. Charlie continues his IPA tour as a trend continues to develop. And Ryan goes from humid to humidor with a cedar-aged IPA from Cigar City Brewing in FL.

00:21:24 - Trailer Trash Talk is going back to basics with a franchise maybe past its prime as the Paleopals discuss X-Men: First Class.

00:32:57 - Charlie makes the Paleopals read a whole chapter from a book about the evolution of being wasteful with energy. The merits of the specific arguments, evolutionary psychology as a field in general, and some specifics on personal energy consumption and mitigation are pontificated passionately. Step back folks, this one gets hot.

00:57:27 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like alligators, they strike when least expected. This week Patrick reads a lengthy but glowing iTunes review from Genetic Tom. Charlie has an erudite voicemail from Sam on the state of even the best schools failings with regards to creationism. And Ryan has an e-mail from Lisa involving many points plus a bonus instant update on t-shirt shipment status.

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Music for this week's show:

Green River - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Cigarettes and Alcohol - Oasis

Chan Chan -  Buena Vista Social Club

Going Down South - R. L. Burnside