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Science... sort of

Dec 7, 2009

From the ashes of episode 13 rises the phoenix of episode 14. 
The Theme: Below the Crust.

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Intro: 00:00:00 One of the Paleopals is missing but, on the other hand, that means that 75% of them are here.  That's a passing grade.   It could be a lot worse.  

Crocs… sort of: 00:02:55 Patrick is his usual crusty self in examining this feast of fossils.  Did these fossil crocs rule the world? Are they even crocs? Does duckcroc satisfy Kirk Cameron?

Nitrogenous Isopterans: 00:21:35 We interview professor Kena Fox-Dobbs about her work suggesting that when in Africa, the termite is king of the nitrogen hill (or mound).  You might think that big organisms would hold the keys to moving nitrogen around the savannah, but you might be wrong.

Trailer Trash Talk -  Clash of the Titans: 00:43:54 A remake of a 1980's stop-motion classic.  Patrick reminisces about the original movie that tells the story of the myth of Perseus.  Will the remake be a Greek tragedy?

Fish on Europa? 00:53:47 There is almost certainly a vast ocean on Europa (everybody knows t hat).  There may be some oxygen dissolved in the water (Ok). There may be 600 million tons of fish on the planet (I'm listening)!?!   The question is, would the sushi be any good by the time you got it back to Earth?  Call me back when there is life on Uranus.