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Science... sort of

Mar 9, 2010

More sort of than science this week, but still fun... sort of.

00:00:00 - The Canadian brings the Yeti! Justin drinks old beer and spews old nonsense to boot. Benjamin goes tropical in an unexpected way (at least to Old Man Yeakel). And Ryan quizzes the guys on mascots.

00:08:03 - Next some very overdue whining concerning the state of R2D2's aerodynamics. Turns out he's as hollow as the plot of the prequels. Bazinga!

00:36:33 - Ryan, being a shameless shill that he is, bring in Jon from the Nerd List for a brief plug and discussion of 2nd tier superheroics. Someone gets mocked.

00:44:17 - Trailer Trash Talk is full of Losers this week. It was a comic but you wouldn't guess it from all the action!! A woman is drooled over, both in and out of the trailer.

00:57:04 - Numbers can get big. We need words to help with all those zeros and someone has proposed "hella" for a 1 with 27 zeros. The Californians are furious, the Canadian is curious, and someone bothers to do some actual research. The controversy ends here!

01:11:28 - PaleoPOW! iTunes (both here and abroad) plus an e-mail! How much more need I say?

01:25:20 - If you haven't been listening after the credits you've been missing out, stay tuned...

Music this week provided by:

Beer - Real Big Fish

Fly Me to the Moon - Frank Sinatra

Superhero - Stephen Lynch

Lost and Found - Feeder

Never Ending Math Equation - Modest Mouse