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Science... sort of

Mar 22, 2010


Most of our listeners are human (we think) so chances are you'd be pretty useless in a fantasy realm. We brought in someone who agrees but is there hope? This week's theme is "Fantasy Survival Guide."


00:00:00 - Ben barely had time, and is under contractual obligation, to just have water. The other Paleopals enjoy more high pressured beverages... 

00:02:48 - This week we chat with Matt Sturges, writer of books and comics. He's smart AND talented, so listen up!

00:41:06 - Psychopaths get pleasure at any cost (we would know) but why? Charlie presents a new study that may hold the answer.

00:50:37 - Controversial as always, but no one can deny that this week's Trailer Trash Talk Kicks Ass!

00:58:49 - When physicists see something they don't understand they call if "dark _____" and make the universe that much more complicated for the rest of us. Thanks, jerks.

01:22:43 - PaleoPAL brings the iTunes love this week from 2 countries. Bonus feature: Hilbilly vocabular lessons for Canadians!


Music this week provided by:

Danger of the Water - The Futureheads

Sick Muse - Metric (from the ablum "Fantasies", get it?)

Evil - Interpol

Kick Some Ass - Stroke 9

Parallel Universe - Red Hot chili Peppers


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