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Science... sort of

May 3, 2010

00:00:00 - Yeah, yeah, yeah, Paleopals, drinking, some kind of theme. There's no guest this week, just the usual knuckleheads. It only takes a few minutes to get through, SCIENCE happens soon.

00:08:03 - After hearing that who on earth would feel inspired to become a scientist? Probably no one, but then again the Paleopals haven’t attained pop-culture icon status… yet. Someday in the future people will definitely say “I became a scientist because of Science… sort of!” Those will be grand days indeed.

00:21:55 - Asteroids are full of chemicals, some more interesting than others. Charlie tries to unboring up this story for the guys while Ryan complains about the media… again. Guys really got a hard on for reporters, must be some history there. Best not to ask and just move on to...

00:32:38 - Trailer Trash Talk (T^3) which this week is talking about another brainy guy with issues while reviewing indie movie The Scientist. Opinions are mixed, hearts are broken, little is accomplished.

00:50:12 - Ryan has your weekly CalAcademy Nightlife breakdown; it’s your best chance to see a Paleopal in their natural environment (i.e. drinking around SCIENCE). Like the show, all interactions with live Paleopals will be pre-recorded and highly edited.

00:41:14 - If you’re not bored with the show yet, then you'll love this next bit. If you are bored you've likely yawned, well your brain has tricked you into paying attention! HA! Take that stupid brain. If you feel that you were tricked you should send your complaints to us which may earn you a spot in the...

00:52:39 - PaleoPOW segment! We love the Paleoposse and devote (an increasing) chunk of the show to singing their praises. This week Ryan B. raises a question in the wrong solar direction, James P. P. (actually) and Patrick will not let whole fly penis thing go, and Ryan is pronoun confounded on iTunes. Of course, Ryan also has more to announce such as: 


Music this week provided by:

  • Still Alive – Jonathan Coulton & GLaDOS
  • The Motivation Proclamation – Good Charlotte
  • Rest My Chemistry – Interpol
  • Scientist – The Dandy Warhols
  • I Wanna Be Sedated – The Ramones

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