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Science... sort of

May 10, 2010

00:00:00 - The Paleopals go through the motions of introductions but they're tired because they were up late and they were up late because they were at the Calacademy Nightlife. Which was pretty cool and they'll tell you why.

00:08:36 - What happens when a species gets divorced? Does that mean they don't love us anymore? Patrick explains the delicate and debated topic of speciation; specifically some cute little lizards on islands.

00:26:20 - The trailer this week involves some irresponsible scientists with a tale as old as time as the Paleopals tackle Splice. The tale of creating a monster you can no longer control. The Paleopals get a little harsh on this B-movie plot that perpetrates the image of the irresponsible scientist.

00:36:13- Another tale from an old time is a dinosaur tale. And they may be back soon if the Canadians are allowed to have their way with Chicken DNA. Everything you just read is true. Moving on.

00:50:10 - PaleoPOW this week brings a scientific inspiration from Hannah Elliot, Patrick's favorite iTunes review, and Ryan pleading to stay ahead of some nude academics on podcast alley.

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Music for this week's show:

  • Extreme Ways - Moby
  • Island in the Sun – Weezer
  • Experiment Number Six – Lemon Jelly
  • Things I Don't Remember – Ugly Casanova