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Science... sort of

Jun 7, 2010

00:00:00 - This week we're diving right in without a wasted second (... sort of) because we have an awesome guest who's voice you're likely already familiar with, Brian Dunning, host of the podcast Skeptoid, with whom we speak of a many great and numerous things.

00:46:44 - Ryan revisits his more recent childhood while Patrick and Charlie remain lackluster about the latest offering from Pixar, Toy Story 3 in this week's Trailer Trash Talk.

00:56:53 - Whales were once scum-sucking bottom feeders. But they evolved past it and left cool fossils with which we can use against another group of scum-suckers: creationists.

01:10:56 - PaleoPOW! Charlie finds a real Paleopal in Ed, James takes us to task on iTunes and we fire back (all in good fun, cause we're all friends here, right?) and Patrick reads a tweet from Quadell praising the blog.

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Music for this week's show:

  • I Know More – The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
  • When I Grow Up - Garbage
  • Whale Song – Pearl Jam