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Science... sort of

Jun 15, 2010

00:00:00 – The Paleopals can’t even get through introductions without Ryan being wrong about something, Charlie correcting him and Patrick presumably knowing all along.

00:04:26 – This week’s guest is Rick Loverd who works for the Science & Entertainment Exchange as well as writing the comic Berserker for Top Cow. He has a lot to say about his own projects as well as how he fights the good fight to get the best science possible into the media you enjoy every day. A conversation not to be missed.

00:43:41 – Trailer Trash Talk this week gets a little punny as the guys chat about Christopher Nolan’s latest offering: Inception. Comparisons are made, digressions are had and finally votes are cast.

00:52:19 – That’s Dr. Paleopal to you. Our very own Patrick becomes a doctor mere moments (1 week in podcast time) before our very own Charlie. So the good doctor takes a moment to tell us about the research that led to the title. How long till Ryan gets his act together and finishes a PhD? (Hint: A very long time, stay tuned.)

01:09:54 – PaleoPOW this week brings a more personal than usual addition to the Brachiolope Gallery, a comment on a self-serving (and list based) post, and Katherine brings the tweet with a callback to a previous show and a previous drink.

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Music for this week’s show:
The Beach – Dr. Dog
Entertain Me – Blur
Jambalaya (On the Bayou) – Hank Williams
Beyond Electric Dreams – Bad Religion