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Science... sort of

Jun 21, 2010

00:00:00 – Introducing a previously teased voice but now for a full episode it’s Jacob! Two other guys showed up to talk too.

00:07:11 – Charlie is a doctor now, and he’s gonna tell you why. Hint: Men are from Mars

00:28:31 – It’s the most literal Trailer Trash Talk ever as the guys breakdown the trailer Winnebago Man.

00:43:32 – If you wanted your Winnebago to make it to space, Jacob is the guy you want strapping on the rockets. He breaks down the current state of rocketry especially this Falcon 9 thing that matters to the engineering types out there.

01:03:21 – PaleoPOW! It’s like a punch from the past! (That should probably be incorporated as a slogan somehow.) This week Jacob reads out an iTunes review, which we love, by the way, Alan Saiz sends a relevant link to Charlie and Ryan spots PaleoPosse member James Comey in the wild.


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Music for this week’s show:

Billy Brag and Wilco – California Stars

Elton John – Rocket Man (’03 remix)

Lou Reed – Sick of You

M83 – We Own the Sky