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Science... sort of

Jul 27, 2010

00:00:00 - Ryan drinks his most complicated beer yet so thankfully Patrick and Charlie keep it simple and Ben has something else (as usual!)

00:07:50 - Patrick tells us how to make MORE money by being charitable. Man, that guy is crafty. Also, not so fast believing that study, the group tested may be a bit too... college, if ya know what I mean.

00:27:36 - The Paleopals then attempt to de-obfuscate the trailer for Centurion in this week's Trailer Trash Talk. However, it's possible there was no plot to unravel in the first place...

00:39:20 - If your mom ever told you not to play with your food then she was clearly unaware of how useful it could be as a building material, according to some very old Asians who figured this out long ago. Put some of that sticky rice between some bricks and that wall ain't coming down.

00:45:54 - Korea is planning to start replacing English teachers with Robots. The question now becomes: Will this disaster be linguistic or apocalyptic?

00:54:33 - PaleoPOW!We have a kiwi flavored iTunes review, an oddly friendly offer, a few trifling tweets, and Patrick is surprised by some criticism.


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Music for this week's show:

Turning Japanese - No Use for a Name

Fair - Ben Folds

Rome - Phoenix

Ways to Make it Through the Wall - Los Campesinos!

Robot - The Futureheads