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Science... sort of

Sep 7, 2010

This week on the podcast Science... sort of celebrates it's one year anniversary by doing a mostly normal show!

00:00:00 – Patrick actually tries for a decent beer this week (and succeeds), Charlie is being covertly classy and Ryan has too many options thanks to friend-of-the-show Josh Christie (!

00:08:43 – Can alcohol make you live longer? One study says it could but the Paleopals put on their science hats to get to the bottom of this too good to be true correlation.

00:25:29 – Trailer Trash Talk this week celebrates the downfall of Joaquin Phoenix in the new documentary I'm Still Here, which may, in fact, be a mockumentary but no one is really sure. 

00:35:24 – Patrick shoehorns his PaleoPOW, a voicemail from Jay in Ferndale, WA, into a new study about tetrapod diversity over time.  

01:01:07 – PaleoPOW is stunted this week because Ryan and Patrick were trying to streamline things but Charlie still have some great feedback in the form of a bumper stick the Paleopals called for in a previous show provided by BabbleTrish ( and on display in the Brachiolope Gallery.

Also this week we announced our brand new store where you can buy all kinds of Science... sort of merch, go to the website ( and click on the store link to see all the great swag! 

Thanks for listening, if you need more Science... sort of go check out our blog: 

Music for this week's show:
Losing a whole year – Third Eye Blind
Another Drinkin' Song – The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Truman Show – Sweatshop Union
For My Family – The Devil Makes Three