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Science... sort of

Oct 12, 2009

Episode 6 of Science… sort of is probably the most sciencey episode so far.  We bring in an extra-terrestrial expert to talk about water on the moon.

We contemplate the price of lunar bottled water and where to hide a space elevator from terrorists.

Next we discuss NASA’s LCROSS mission, which is essentially launching a missile at the moon to see what happens.

Ryan reminds us that there may be dinosaurs on the moon just waiting for cyborg paleontologists to discover them.

We return to earth to discuss the upcoming Chinese epic, Red Cliff.  Patrick has a surprise up his sleeve and Justin and Ryan don’t care for it (I think they are just jealous).

Are you going to die 3 billion years from now when our galaxy collides with another? Chances are you’ll be dead already but at least future humans will get to crown a galactic champion, or will they?