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00:00:00 – It's a high-powered introduction this week as the Paleopals are drinking top shelf beverages endorsed by various world leaders!



00:07:12 – Charlie says video games can make you react faster, we'll see how fast he reacts when he's popping pills to stave off ghosts.



00:20:46 – Ben and Charlie get deep with this week's Trailer Trash Talk. Ryan keeps it on the level. Either way, Its Kind Of A Funny Story.



00:35:08 – Ben wants to tell you about Australians using lasers to move particles and call it a tractor beam. Oh Ben, when will the silliness end?



00:45:03 – PaleoPOW this week has Charlie and Dustin K. taking it to the Yeti. Ben is back on the Canadian iTunes reviews with a new one from NessaB87 (really sorry if I spelled this wrong, I couldn't see it, your guess is as good as mine) and Ryan has a message from Pete in Japan about some hilarious wordplay. Who are we kidding? Wordplay is ALWAYS hilarious.




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Music for this week's show:

President's Choice – Sweatshop Union

Video Challenge – Anamanaguchi

(What's the story) Morning Glory? - Oasis

Closer to you – Jackie Greene


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