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Science... sort of

Feb 23, 2010

This week's theme: Hilarity Ensues

You never know what you're gonna get with Science... sort of and this week it's no exception. Somehow we lost segments and wound up with a longer than usual show, ain't it whacky!?

00:00:00 Apologies instead of intros, but you get enough info to keep listening.

00:01:36 We talk to...

Feb 15, 2010

15 February 2010 - We're sticking tight to a theme this week. CHANNEL your DISCOVERY of this week's show with episode 23 - SHARK WEEK!!

00:00:00 - The gang's all here plus one extra-Sharky, but never too snarky, Sora Kim! Beers are both thematic and provided.

00:05:47 - The Paleopals grill Sora on her underwater...

Feb 8, 2010

00:00:00 – Ryan, Patrick, and Charlie are settling into their roles as the standard Paleopal permutation, recording once again in the same tower (err… empty classroom). NASA scientist Shawn Hart is our special guest this week and he complements the entire show. Ryan struggles with the drink... in a funny way not the...

Feb 1, 2010

00:00:00 - The Paleopals are together again for the first time.  We explore the art of podcasting from the same time and space.  Also, we explore what we are drinking.  Finally, Ryan disappoints us… sort of!

00:03:42 - We kick off the science this week with a story of a stranded red (planet) rover.  The spirit has...