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Science... sort of

Jan 31, 2022

00:00:00 - Joe and Ryan are excited to be joined by Craig Welch and Sam Howe Verhovek who each have articles in the October 2021 issue of National Geographic “The Revolution is Here” which is all about the future of non-fossil fuel transportation. Craig wrote the article “The future of driving is here–and it’s...

Jan 14, 2022

00:00:00 - Joe and Ryan are joined by their friend Dr. Antonio “Tony” Munoz, who tells us about his work as a scientist and his journey from the world of research to the world of consulting. Tony’s open access papers for those who want to learn more:

Jan 1, 2022

00:00:00 - In which Ryan introduces the concept of this type of episode… for the last time. (But which can be previously heard in episodes 266, 282, 326, and 332.)

00:05:23 - Zootopia and Disney Lemming Myths

00:10:51 - Bio bios: Fishing cat (Prionailurus viverrinus)

00:16:06 - The Drake Equation tries to answer...