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Science... sort of

Apr 23, 2020

00:00:00 - We welcome back our old buddy Jacob Stump as he joins to discuss the evolution of the human big toe, which is more interesting than you might think because it showed up sort of lake to the walking around on two feet party.

00:30:21 - Using circular logic we have reason to celebrate with a drink because Joe is having a drink! A White Russian, to be precise. Jacob extols the virtues of Aldi, including their version of a Blue Moon. And Ryan is having a beer for charity in the form of Lifesaver from Solace Brewing Company, and a portion of the proceeds are going to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

00:42:26 - and how Elon Musk is single-handedly ruining the night sky for astronomers (sounds absurd, but it's true). That plus the usual segments coming your way soon!

01:23:18 - PaleoPOWs mix it up by putting the Patron thesis last, for reasons. So instead, Jacob reminisces about Scienceā€¦ sort of Theater with an e-mail from Cameron L. M. about how much those episodes made him laugh. Joe then reads a followup e-mail from Andrew S. some of the dark decisions that might have to be made regarding interstellar generation ships. Finally, we award Benajmin K. a BSso with a thesis entitled: Transmitted Olfactory Emissions (TOE): Using Satellite Uplinks to Distribute Smellular Data. Thanks, Benjamin!

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Music credit: Sneaker Chase - Podington Bear