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Science... sort of

Jan 18, 2011

00:00:00 – The gang's all here (in a quantum sense) and enjoying brews of grape, grain and grass. Yup, ben is drinking grass. We don't even know anymore.


00:06:37 – This week we present Part 1 of our interview with Charles Doarn about his recently published paper titled "Medical Care for a Mars Transit Mission and Extended Stay on the Martian Surface."


00:48: 18 – In maybe one of the most metal stories we've had the joy of covering, NASA's Fermi space telescope finds that lighting storms emit antimatter. One day when the world understands science better this will be painted on the sides of vans everywhere.


00:58:31 – Patrick finally gets to a movie he's been excited about for awhile, and the excitement is infectious as the guys Trailer Trash Talk Your Highness!


01:09:36 – PaleoPOW this week brings a Christmas iTunes review from Canada (as read by Ben) written by Rico. Patrick follows up with an American iTunes from Travis. Ryan plays a voicemail followup on our tea discussion from Dustin K. when he found himself without access to internet. And lastly Charlie sends on a tangent about 80's television and he defends his love for Quantum Leap.



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Music for this week's show:

Teeth in the Grass – Iron & Wine

Build Me Up Buttercup – The Foundations (Which Ryan misidentified on the show as The Temptations)

Lightning Strikes – Aceyalone

The Glory of Love – New Found Glory