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Science... sort of

Jun 26, 2011

00:00:00 - The show begins with possibly the best cold open ever and then descends into discussion of quantum computing as D-Wave Systems released the first commercially available quantum computer EVER! Its a big deal if you know what quantum computing is, so the Paleopals do their best to distinguish a qubit from a double slit.

00:26:06 - Charlie feels imperial from the lager side of things, and betrays and old favorite.  Patrick is reminded of his early days as a craft beer drinker. Ben has a juice with enough calories to make him second guess his selection. And Ryan has a beer from California that everyone agrees upon, which if you listen to the show you know is a rare thing!

00:32:44 - Trailer Trash Talk tackles Rom-Com for the first time and is left feeling Green with Envy. This one gets a bit silly, ben even does voices.

00:44:25 - Bigfoot "researchers" go into the woods and come out with "evidence." The remaining question is: Bigfoot or bear? The Paleopals have way too much fun (including the poking variety) with an old cryptozoological favorite. Just remember folks, we all want bigfoot to exist, and that's why we don't accept crappy evidence.

00:57:35 - PaleoPOWs are like bigfoot, there are lots of sightings but most are seen while the witnesses are drunk. Patrick checks in our coffers which have expanded thanks to the efforts of Schlomo D., Robert M., and especially Chris V. Thanks, guys! You're literally making it all possible. Charlie takes us over to the Brachiolope Gallery (seriously, folks, go check it out) to showcase three new contribution from Manuel,  Brendan M. and Kyle "The Centaur" H. Ben relates the harrowing, yet subconscious, tale of Joe Ameen, who told us his story in the comments of Episode 90. And finally, Ryan reads an e-mail from Randy H. concerning the beers promoting on the show, and Ryan has a solution in the form of a blog post concerning Untappd.

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Music for this week's show:

Threshold (8 Bit) - Brian LeBarton

Summersong - The Decemberists

The Muppet Show Opening Theme - Kermit, Henson, et al.

Hey, wanna throw up? - Minus the Bear