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Science... sort of

Mar 20, 2012

00:00:00 - Male fruit flies hit the bottle harder after rejection from females. There's brain chemistry involved which might actually help humans suffering from depression and PTSD. A study of drunk flies that could help humans? Potentially the perfect win-win science study.

00:16:26 - In the wake of St. Patrick's...

Mar 16, 2012

00:00:00 - Illustrator David Peters thinks a tiny pterosaur was a vampiric leach of larger sauropods. Does paleontologist Chris Bennett agree? Should we ignore evidence so we can live in a world with blood sucking pterosaurs? These are the important questions of our time, people.

00:23:28 - Some drinks that aren't...

Mar 14, 2012

00:00:00 - Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson joins the Paleopals for the first time in 101 episodes to talk about NASA budgets, exploration, and his new book Space Chronicles! Be sure to check out Dr. Tyson's own podcasting efforts on the show Star Talk Radio.

00:36:17 - Drinks, they're a part of the show, so they get...