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Science... sort of

Jul 17, 2013

00:00:00 - Patrick and Ryan obviously agree with Sarah Werning that paleontology is relevant. But can they convince Ben, and, by proxy, the world?

00:20:44 - Drinks are what happen when you realize maybe it wasn't that relevant after all. Patrick tries a Constalker Dark Wheat dropped off by Ryan, who in turn is...

Jul 8, 2013

00:00:00 - According to Charlie, we're watching Saturn's moon Titan at a very special time in it's life. Specifically, it's runnin gout of methane, and all the other -anes to boot. How do we know? What does this mean? And will Ryan's plan to sell Titan survival matches work? Tune in to find out.

00:16:07 - Drinks,...

Jul 5, 2013

Instead of talking about a trailer this week we're talking an ENTIRE MOVIE! Ben, Ryan, and new-to-the-podcast Jesse B. Grove V spend some time going over the ins and outs of the newest addition to the long line of Superman films: Man of Steel.

Things get off to a weird Marxist start, but end up covering some of...