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Science... sort of

Aug 22, 2019

00:00:00 - Paleontologist Adam Pritchard (@PTPritchard), post-doc at NMNH and future Assistant Collections Manager at VNMN, joins Ryan to talk about all things reptiles! Diapsids, crown versus stem, mass extinctions; this segment has something for everyone (who likes reptiles)!

00:32:59 - A brief drinks interlude to keep everyone (especially Ryan) awake. He’s sipping on an Americano made with Ethiopian Mordecofe beans from Stumptown Coffee Roasters, so put that in your hopper and drink it!

00:36:06 - Adam and Ryan keep talking about reptiles, including best individual reptile (spoiler), and which reptile group is best overall (spoiler). Adam also does his own podcast Past Time, and it’s past time you checked it out while you wait for your next fix of Science… sort of.

01:04:48 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like reptiles, more diverse than you may have originally thought. Dan W. writes in with some kind words but also to tell us about some sloth-y shoes he saw online, but instead of promoting those shoes directly, here’s a clip on why for-profit shoe charities maybe aren’t always that helpful to those in need. We also want to thank Doug S. for being a recurring donor after already donating twice before even if it confused our thanking system. Thanks, Doug! Finally, Caryne H. wishes she’d listened to episode 309 earlier while she was working on grad school essays, but better late than never!