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Science... sort of

May 27, 2020

00:00:00 - Patrick puts forth proposals for less automobile-focused cities (see more on his Twitter feed @pvwheatley) before we dive into part 1 of Ryan’s interview with UCSD Scripps Institution of Oceanography Ph.D. Student Maya Becker. She attended the UN’s climate change conference last year (COP25) and then wrote an op-ed about climate change for her local paper. We talk about how scientists can find advocacy that works for them.

00:28:52 - Getting a lot done can be aided by the right beverage. Maya is a coffee fiend and enjoys The WestBean Coffee Roasters for her local fix. Ryan got to go to a farm for beer, which lured him into trying the white IPA Barred Owl from the Brookeville Beer Farm.

00:35:12 - Since Patrick hasn’t been around for a minute we double down on the drinks segment. You’re welcome. Patrick walks Ryan through his home fermentation experiment trying to make some homemade ginger beer. You’ll have to listen in for the results. Ryan has a beer mimicking a style from across the pond with a Proper Porter from Elder Pine Brewing & Blending.

00:47:51 - Enough about policy and beverages, let’s get down to some science. Maya tells us about her research, which involves the dynamics of ice along the underside of the Ross Ice Shelf in a rapidly warming Antarctica using satellites. You can follow along generally by checking out Scripps’ Twitter (@scripps_ocean) and Instagram (@scripps_ocean) feeds.

01:17:41 - PaleoPOWs can also sit on a shelf if they’re physical and sent to us in such a way that they can be displayed. We begin with an inspired 5-star iTunes review from Jackdu24. Thanks, Jackdu24! And we then bestow a thesis upon patron Lindsay M. who has successfully defended: Paedomorphosis of Penguins: Exploring the environmental biology of childlike chicks on Antarctica’s Ross Sea. Thanks, Lindsay! If you write an op-ed or make some ginger beer, let us know so we can feature you on a future segment!

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Music credit: Ice Pack - Poddington Bear