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Science... sort of

Nov 30, 2011

It's time for the annual Thanksgiving Science... sort of special! Each year the Paleopals pick an extra-long PaleoPOW and cover it in a little more detail than usual. Just like the pilgrims did.

00:00:00 - Charlie starts things off with an e-mail from Michal about our dismissal of Evolutionary Psychology. Maybe the PaleoPOWsevolved to think that it's just not up to snuff?

00:24:56 - Ben has a question from Liz about anti-gravity. He answers it with his usual aplomb, while artfully plugging his own new podcast: The Titanium Physicists!

00:34:09 - Since it wouldn't sound very good for the Paleopals to eat on air, they settle for some drinks instead. Ryandouble-fists cider post a Thanksgiving-meal pregame. Ben drinks water like a fish. Charlie goes on rant about the realities of tryptophan and post-holiday meal torpor. Patrick is having a very old (possibly fishy) pale ale. And Charlie jumps the holiday gun with some eggnog.

00:43:32 - Trailer Trash Talk follows it's Thanksgiving tradition by reviewing a weird fantasy movie. This year we're going with Snow White and the Huntsman. Will be it be the fairest film of them all? Probably not. And where the heck are thedwarves?

00:56:57 - Patrick has some hairy snail mail from Micah admonishing our dismissal of creationism. Rather than rant and rave, the guys try to legitimately address Micah's point. See? It's possible for disagreements to be civil!

01:15:27 -And finally Ryan has a voicemail from Caroline about the difference between regular and anti-bacterial soap. Ryan actually did some research for this one so hopefully his answer sounds good.

Thanks for listening, this week more so than usual! Check out our blog for our other annual tradition: Winter Solstice Gift Guides! Available at soon.

Music for this week's show:

Change Your Mind - The All-American Rejects

Defying Gravity - Kristin Chenoweth in Wicked

We Should Be Sleeping - Eddie Money

Heigh-Ho - The Seven Dwarves

Charlie Darwin - The Low Anthem