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Science... sort of

Jan 24, 2012

00:00:00 - David Shiffman, from the Why Sharks Matter blog, joins the Paleopals to discuss the recently discovered hybrid shark in Australia. He has a lot to say about the media coverage of sharks, global warming, and this story in particular.  Be sure to check out Southern Fried Science for more marine science blogging!

00:33:04 - Fact: sharks are found in water. Fact: Water is a drink. Fact: The Paleopals have drinks. Conclusion: the Paleopals are actually sharks. Charlie breaks out a Boont amber ale. Patrick slums it with an old Blue Moon. And Ryan has a Yeti-Christ from Ben.

00:36:05 - This week on Trailer Trash Talk the Paleopals are breaking down the ice of Big Miracle. A movie in the "whale genre" according to Patrick, and based on some real world events involving far fewer white people.

 00:49:18 - The Hominid Hunting blog from Smithsonian Magazine had a post suggesting that Gigantopithecus may have been the inspiration for prehistoric Sasquatches. The article is... interesting, but it all gets silly in the comments. Get ready to name that logical fallacy! 

01:05:46 - Paleopals are like black swans, no one really believes they exist until they see one for themselves. Justin C. delivers a donation to our door. Thanks, Justin! Doug P. wants to thank the Paleopals for giving him the upper hand during a model UN session. Let's hope one day he and his team get to the real UN and make some Science... sort of inspired changes! And Charlie reads a 5-star iTunes review from Groundedcontrol.

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Music for this week's show provided by:

I'm The Ocean - Neil Young

Shades of Gray - Robert Earl Keen

Out On The Border - Rolla Olak

Animal - Pearl Jam