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Science... sort of

Nov 23, 2010

00:00:00 – Winter has come to the Paleocave and the guys are chilly. Their beers reflect the changing seasons, each with their own spin.


08:01 – As everyone knows cats are hilarious, but they're also very good at drinking without getting their faces wet.  A new study reveals the physics behind this evolutionary accomplishment and the Paleopals discuss.


00:19:18 – things get a bit Tangled in this week's Trailer Trash Talk. Did Disney learn nothing from Shrek?


00:30:32 – Walking is easier for tall people, as if they didn't have it easy enough already, but chewing gum will help you look taller. Two tall tales from the world of walking and posture science!


00:44:53 – It's Thanksgiving time so Turkeys will be running. Young turkeys have a few trips up their wings for getting out of a tight spot (i.e. oven).


00:54:52 – PaleoPOW, GO! Charlie did his already by telling us that Clave4e sent in a new flyer for us. Patrick is confused by the theme, but has a PaleoPOW from the land of Apples (iTunes) written by Alpope23. Steve e-mailed Ryan and is worried the Paleopals hate psychology. They don’t and therefore try to dig themselves out of that hole.


Thanks for listening, the blog has more of this nonsense and can be found at


Music for this week's show:

Come in from the Cold – Marc Broussard

Tropicana – Ratatat

Accidentally in Love – Counting Crows

I Walk the Line – Los Lonely Boys

3 birds – The Dead Weather