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Science... sort of

Oct 19, 2009

In this week’s installment of Science… sort of; The mysterious Sr. Nino makes an appearance, he teaches the guys and important lesson about jumping to meteorological conclusions but he also needs your help! Once you’ve listened to the show you can e-mail him, "seniornino" at "" and find out how you can get involved in SCIENCE! Next Patrick’s tell us about butterflies having sex with caterpillars, which seems like incest but is really bestiality. The lesson: you’re never too old to start a blog for your crackpot theories. Gentleman Broncos is up on the chopping block for this week’s Trailer Trash Talk. We learn a secret of Patrick’s past, a not so secret about Justin’s current, and Ryan hears Kiwis everywhere. Justin is excited about Ardi, a “new” hominid fossil from Africa. The guys disagree with the consensus in a few spots and go through some of the basics of evolutionary theory that confuse creationists and other laymen. Lucy’s grandma is full of surprises! Or maybe she’s exactly what we expected all along… Jon has written in to find out about of sultry feminine intros. The guys defer to Patrick who has to decide whether or not to reveal another secret. Music this week provided by: The Gitanos - Dejame en Paz Blue October - Into The Ocean Flight of the Conchords - Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros They Might Be Giants - My Brother The Ape