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Ep 4: Science... sort of - 80's Nostalgia, Looking back on Simpler Times In Episode 4 of Science. . . sort of: Read the full show notes with links The guys are all drinking beer of diverse qualities, you should join (if of legal age, Science… sort of and their creators take no responsibility for anything that may go wrong in the event of drunken Science). Next the Paleopals attempt to get put on the No Fly Lists for several countries including the United States, Mexico, Quebec, Texas and Canada by talking about EMP attacks on our outdated electricity grid. Then Ryan and Justin get excited for a remake of a movie Ryan’s never seen, Justin just watched, and Patrick never liked as they talk about the trailer for Tron: Legacy! Is your baby smarter than a dog? Probably not, but either way a wolf will never trust you according to Patrick’s story of the week. Finally, He-Man may be the Master of the Universe but Ryan is the Odd-Man-Out as Justin and Patrick discuss a seminal work of 80’s animation.
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Ep 3: Science... sort of - Going to the Dark Side Tales of animals using sinister techniques to hunt down prey, alien human ancestors with multiple words for murder, boys being sent to bed without their supper, and matter (the dark kind).

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Ep 2: Science... sort of - Zombies Were People Too Can werewolves be sexy? Should they even try? Zombies invade computational sciences, we milk Europe for all it’s worth, and a ‘critical’ look at Blacklight Power’s claim to harvest energy by pushing Hydrogen electrons below their ground state.

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Ep 1: Science... sort of -  Governing Animals

For full show notes with links visit During the inaugural (i.e. #1) episode of Science… sort of: The guys introduce themselves, as is appropriate, you probably don’t know who they are. Google Earth captures the Loch Ness Monster, it may or may not be disguised as a boat. There used to be really big scary reptiles back in the day, Patrick tells us more! Trailer Trash Talk kicks off with the trailer for The Men Who Stare at Goats, and we explain the mysterious workings of the Hollywood Stock Exchange. Hybridization is awesome, except for one terrible flaw, would you make the switch? Is Superman a plant? You decide! Disney buys Marvel and Ryan pontificates on the business side of Imagineering.

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