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00:00:00 - Ryan drinks his most complicated beer yet so thankfully Patrick and Charlie keep it simple and Ben has something else (as usual!)

00:07:50 - Patrick tells us how to make MORE money by being charitable. Man, that guy is crafty. Also, not so fast believing that study, the group tested may be a bit too... college, if ya know what I mean.

00:27:36 - The Paleopals then attempt to de-obfuscate the trailer for Centurion in this week's Trailer Trash Talk. However, it's possible there was no plot to unravel in the first place...

00:39:20 - If your mom ever told you not to play with your food then she was clearly unaware of how useful it could be as a building material, according to some very old Asians who figured this out long ago. Put some of that sticky rice between some bricks and that wall ain't coming down.

00:45:54 - Korea is planning to start replacing English teachers with Robots. The question now becomes: Will this disaster be linguistic or apocalyptic?

00:54:33 - PaleoPOW!We have a kiwi flavored iTunes review, an oddly friendly offer, a few trifling tweets, and Patrick is surprised by some criticism.


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Turning Japanese - No Use for a Name

Fair - Ben Folds

Rome - Phoenix

Ways to Make it Through the Wall - Los Campesinos!

Robot - The Futureheads

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Show notes are a little less traditional than usual this week seeing as we recorded this episode live at the CalAcademy Nightlife in San Francisco! The show was fun but fraught with distraction. We told what we were drinking, talked about what would happen if the earth stopped spinning, and the trailer for the week was the etymologically indistinct Green Hornet. All this is interspersed with Nightlifers asking questions and just generally being cool. Finally, we bask in the iTunes review left by Cat Eyed Fox.

Forgive the less than stellar audio quality but hopefully, the content makes up for it. Thanks again to everyone who came out to support us and welcome to any new listeners we might have! 

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This is Your Night – Amber

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Ep 44: Science... sort of - Dinosaur Language

00:00:00 - The Paleopals are joined by Ryan North, a computational linguist and creator of Dinosaur Comics (as well as a Canadian).  The Americans have beers and the Canadians have other stuff, some more interesting than beer, and some less so.

00:08:45 - Ryan North talks to us about computers using linguists and helps us sort out articles involving computers (supposedly) cracking indecipherable dead languages and how and why to save languages that are going extinct.

01:11:23 - Northern Ryan joins the usual suspects for Trailer Trash Talk.  We attack Piranha 3D, with surprising results.  We trade more stock than usual, find out if it's long, short, or both.

01:24:23 - We check in with Ryan at The Amazing Meeting in Vegas and plug our live recording at Cal Academy Nightlife on July 15th.  Then, we settle in on what is really important, you (talking about or to us).  Ben reads a classic review which sparks a Roman history duel between Ryan and Ben.




Wavin' Flag - K'Naan

I Fought Piranhas (Album Version) - The White Stripes

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00:00:00 - Ryan is out of character as he demands to keep things moving as the other Paleopals Charlie and Patrick are forced to rush through drinks and a theme.

00:03:50 - Patrick is annoyed by the name of a new mega whale, but at least it has more teeth than stupid Sperm Whales (whom also have a weird name, am I right?).

00:16:39 - But this week the Paleopals are also on the hunt as they dissect the trailer for Predators. Things get a bit literal and heavy handed.

00:27:32 – A new type of scientist finds an old type of spear. Do your part for anthropology by walking around melting glaciers and picking up oddly shaped sticks. You could be the next Indiana Jones!

00:38:40 – PaleoPOW! Patrick has news from Chad on newly discovered brews. Charlie is Dallan’s forgotten favorite in a new iTunes review. And Ryan gets some cow-based blog feedback from Tomica.

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No I in Threesome – Interpol
Whaley – Sentinel
It was a good day – Ice Cube (From the album “The Predator”)
Hunt - Aceyalone

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00:00:00 – Ben has made it to the proper (read: west) coast but is still too far north for Ryan and Patrick who are side by side and sharing a brew.

00:05:03 – Patrick may be looking to get away because he wants to talk about jetpack science. You know this one will lead to digressions.

00:19:44 – The Paleopals are feeling a bit loopy Trailer Trash Talking Knight & Day with Tom Cruise. We’re not sure if he’s crazy off-screen, on-screen, both or neither. Scientology should sue Ben, we’re pretty sure he said the meanest stuff.

00:37:22 – Ben has a real physics story he wants to talk about. He promises not to get distracted. He might succeed but we don’t remember cause we got distracted.

00:48:14 – The PaleoPOW leads to a confused Ben, which is amusing in its own right (blame Formspring). Also Ryan and Patrick each read some sort of listener interaction too. What were the odds?!

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My United Sates of Whatever – Liam Lynch
Jet Pack – Eve 6
Crazy Eyes – Old Crow Medicine Show
Fall – Something Corporate


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On the advice of a previous guest of the show and in conjunction with the website Brews and Books ( ​Charlie and Ryan take to the streets in what is sure to be an informative and hilarious romp through macro brew science! Not to be missed.

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Nothing Was Stolen (Love Me Foolishly) - Phosphorescent

Fixed Income - DJ Shadow
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