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00:00:00 - Katie McKissick, creator of the Beatrice the Biology and contributor to Symbiartic, joins Ben and Ryan to talk about the highs and lows of making comics about biology. (NOTE TO PARENTS: The language does get a bit salty, it is biology after all.) Katie has also recently put out a book of her comics, Amoeba Hugs and Other Nonsense, which you would be an utter fool not to buy.

00:38:39 - Drinks go into your biology and that can be a good thing. Katie has a Gams-bart Roggenbier from Los Angeles Ale Works, aka her husband's brewery! Ben enjoys some sticky sweet soursop juice. And Ryan makes a Corpse Reviver #2 in honor of a certain holiday.

00:49:24 - We talk about zombies often, so how could we avoid covering the trailer for the upcoming fire monkey zombie movie World War Z. And don't forget, we talked to the author of the book, Max Brooks, back in episode 66.

01:13:14 - Some clever chaps at the Max Plank Institute have released their findings readjusting the ratios of dark energy, dark matter, and regular matter. Ben takes a long time to explain this and Ryan forgot to turn on the timer duck. Sorry Christina! (And really everyone else too.)

01:41:52 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like constants in phyisics, they change all the time. Ryan has a generous donation from Bryan E. Thanks, Bryan! And Trevor R. wants to know what's up with this "archive" thing. Turns out it's spelled arXiv and you can go there to learn stuff.


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00:00:00 - Erin Barker and Ben Lillie of The Story Collider live show and podcast join Patrick and Ryan to discuss the magic of science disseminated via story. We also talk about their successful Kickstart of Science Studio, featuring a little podcast you may know and enjoy. Be sure to check out their podcast, especially the episode featuring our very own Kelly Weinersmith! (and some guy she brought along to help.)

00:27:05 - Drinks often lead to stories, so let's have some. Patrick embraces Spring with an Old Dominion Cherry Blossom Lager. Charlie cuts through the nonsense with a Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye. And Ryan keep is "local" with some Buffalo Bill Cody Rye Ale!

00:.33:10 - Speaking of stories, how about a new one featuring some old characters, which is exactly what we have in this week's Trailer Trash Talk with Star Trek Into Darkness.

00:44:58 - Charlie also has a story to tell, it's all about big batteries and their applications. Apparently your best bet to charge your phone is a big tub of water. It makes more sense when Charlie explains it.

01:05:51 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like batteries, they never last as long as you think. Patrick gets a stern correction from Bec B. concerning his bungling of Australian geography, but she softens the blow with some cold hard cash. Thanks, Bec! Charlie has an update from Antarctic pilot Blair H. who exposed his Science... sort of  T-shirt to the open air near the South Pole (here's the photo for proof). HARDCORE. And Ryan wraps things up by unwrapping some sweet science cards from Jonathan Horn at Blue Dot Prints. Jon sent enough that we'll be including packs to winners of the Flyer Contest, so get on it and be sure to thank Jon for your good fortune!


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