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00:00:00 – Per usual, the Paleopals are introduced with a tasty beverage in hand, but this week Patrick jumps the PaleoPOW gun with a question from Formspring about what drink we'd recommend on a date with a lady. Patrick also asks for you hair. Don't worry, it's for science. He explains it in a post on the Paleocave Blog.


00:15:17 - The NY TIMES warns us of biodiversity up a creek, or more specifically up a hill. The problem is hills end at the top, and so too may life.


00:28:14 - This week's Trailer Trash Talk takes us to space (again) but this time we're alone and musical because Angels & Airwaves are releasing a sci-fi movie. We don't get it either, but the trailer for LOVE has our interest piqued.


00:39:57 - Travis Brown wants to know what's up with those cloning Mammoths experiments! The Paleopals tackle the hard ecological questions, leave the genetics to the nerds! Cloning Mammoths via Travis Brown


00:56:04 - PaleoPOW: Patrick cheated by going early, Ryan has some texts from friends that keep him going strong and Charlie lays eyes on our latest prize for theBrachiolope Gallery!



Music for this week's show:

Devil's Haircut - Beck

Uphill Mountain - Jackie Greene

Stockholm Syndrome - Blink 182

January Hymn - The Decemberists

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00:00:00 – The Paleopals are here sipping liquids from all over the place. Sustainable? No. Delicious? You bet! Ignore your carbon footprint and uncork something tasty.


00:05:26 – More Doarn! Charles Doarn returns to finish our discussion about sending people to Mars from Episode 69, including some sobering yet inspiring thoughts on the inquisitive nature of man.


00:55:16 – This week Trailer Trash Talk heads back to WV to judge the documentary The Last Mountain, about a small town fighting back against exploding hillsides.


01:11:13 – Patrick alerts the other Paleopals to the presence of a tiny dino that is maybe or maybe not sending ripples up the evolutionary dinosaurian tree. Plus the guys coin a new paleontological logical fallacy: Argument from T-Rex.


01:23:08 – PaleoPOW this week runs the gamut. Ryan tells us, with his amazing reading skills, about Thomas “Above and Beyond” Broyles-Lewiswho not only gave his mom a computer but set up with some sweet podcasts. Thanks, Thomas! Hi Thomas’ Mom! Patrick is taking cues from Pang with an iTunes review of the UK persuasion as written by SaphPhx. And lastly Charlie heads to the website wherein Chelsea has a question about zombies and George Washington based on the conversation from Episode 66 – Undead Cowboys.


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Music this week by:

Around the World – Daft Punk

Mission - Dispatch

Mr. Fire Coal Man – Stiff Little Fingers

Skull and Bones – Klaus Badelt


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00:00:00 – The gang's all here (in a quantum sense) and enjoying brews of grape, grain and grass. Yup, ben is drinking grass. We don't even know anymore.


00:06:37 – This week we present Part 1 of our interview with Charles Doarn about his recently published paper titled "Medical Care for a Mars Transit Mission and Extended Stay on the Martian Surface."


00:48: 18 – In maybe one of the most metal stories we've had the joy of covering, NASA's Fermi space telescope finds that lighting storms emit antimatter. One day when the world understands science better this will be painted on the sides of vans everywhere.


00:58:31 – Patrick finally gets to a movie he's been excited about for awhile, and the excitement is infectious as the guys Trailer Trash Talk Your Highness!


01:09:36 – PaleoPOW this week brings a Christmas iTunes review from Canada (as read by Ben) written by Rico. Patrick follows up with an American iTunes from Travis. Ryan plays a voicemail followup on our tea discussion from Dustin K. when he found himself without access to internet. And lastly Charlie sends on a tangent about 80's television and he defends his love for Quantum Leap.



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Music for this week's show:

Teeth in the Grass – Iron & Wine

Build Me Up Buttercup – The Foundations (Which Ryan misidentified on the show as The Temptations)

Lightning Strikes – Aceyalone

The Glory of Love – New Found Glory


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00:00:00 - The Paleopals are back in the hot seat for their first show of 2011 all about the Queen of Sciences: MATH! Strap in, we promise it's not boring.


00:06:14 – Patrick likes pulling science out of the weirdest places, this week it's a New York Times piece by Michael Lewis about math, markets and natural disasters. This one really may be worth reading before listening.


00:29:12 – Anthony Hopkins is up to his old tricks again as he squares off against both skepticism and demonic possession in the "inspired by true events" trailer for The Rite!


00:43:46 – Odd-Man Out makes it's first appearence in a goodly while. Ryan is sitting silent (... sort of) as Patrick and Charlie talk about the BBC podcast A Brief History of Mathematics


00:57:00 – PaleoPOW returns with a vengeance this year. Patrick proclaims profit provided by PANG! Charlie gets corrected by Eric on his use of the term "hacktivist". Eric also set up a subreddit for those who know what that means. And finally Ryan (Who got bored and started a tumblr blog) has a double addition to the Brachiolope Gallery in the form of cookies from Augustin and ornaments from Babbletrish, holiday style! Be sure to check them out right freaking now.

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Music from this week's show:

Stranger - Dr. Dog

Rock you like a Hurricane - Scorpions

Where the Devil Don't Stay - Drive by Truckers

Math Sucks - Jimmy Buffet


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00:00:00 – What episode is it? Who can really say? All we know for sure is that science is afoot and the guys are prepared with beverages aplenty.


00:06:10 - Space X finally put stuff in space, again, sort of. Patrick explains it better and since it's about people in space there is no shortage of discussion.


00:18:20 – After a miserable day by the bay Charlie is feeling a bit SAD. The guys discuss this bizarre phenomenon of light based depression.


00:32:27 – Ryan is excited for The Source Code, new movie from the director of Moon. Charlie thinks the shark is being jumped. Patrick is in the middle but he only has 8 minutes to figure it out!


00:47:30 – Big PaleoPOW this week as Charlie announces the winners of the Flyer Contest. Congrats to Jon L. and Clave4e! You guys get shirts! In other news Patricks helps out Danielle with a tea and protein problem and Ryan reads an iTunes review you've already heard. The joys of having recorded a show out of order.



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Music this week:

Robots (Live) – The Flight of the Conchords

Outer Space – Ronald Jenkees

It's a Sad World – Elvis Perkins

The Gravy Train – Ian Brown


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