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00:00:00 - For the first time since Episode 122 the newly-minted Doctor Jacquelyn Gill returns to the show! We start by grilling her about one of her most popular blog posts: How to argue with a scientist: A guide.

00:30:20  - One of the best ways to argue with a scientist is to start with a drink, symposium-style. Jacob continues trying to impress Ryan by half-heartedly enjoying a Duvel. Jacquelyn sticks with a new brew from an old favorite in the Wooly from Magic Hat. And Ryan bucks his high-gravity reputation with a Daytime Fractional IPA from Lagunitas.

00:37:40 - Since it's the holiday season Trailer Trash Talk decides to get in the spirit with the latest addition to the Die Hard franchise, Another Day to Die HardOur review is about as complimentary as the title is clever.

00:50:58 - Planes live closer to the sun than  cars, or so we're told, therefore it was only a matter of time before someone built a solar-powered plane. Solar Impulse has done just that, and now intends to fly around the world. So how about that?

01:07:39 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like solar plane, everything can be going fine then a slight breeze ruins it all. Jacquelyn has an e-mail from Diana asking about avocado dispersion as explained by The Evolution Book. Jacob thanks John P. for a very generous donation. Thanks, John! And Ryan is proud to have inspired Stephanko from the Brachioboard forum to try their hand at science outreach in the Journal of Unanswered Questions.


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It's time for the annual Thanksgiving Science... sort of special! Each year the Paleopals pick an extra-long PaleoPOW and cover it in a little more detail than usual. Just like the pilgrims did.

00:00:00 - Patrick has an e-mail from Mike S. to start the show. Mike is in Rochester, and the people in Rochester are doing good work concerning cancer in blind mole rats. How do they compare to our official unofficial animal the naked mole rat? Tune in to find out!

00:13:35 - Drinks are a thing definitely worth giving thanks for. Patrick reaches for a Sofie from Goose Island, Ryan's knowledge of the brewery prompts Jacob to call him a snob. Jacob heads back to the old country to try and earn Ryan's respect with a Ayinger Ur-Weisse, but questions the descriptions posted on a certain beer website. Ryan is having a beer with few IBUs and the addition of fennel in the Spring 2012 Biere de Mars from Almanac Beer Co. It may have been a mistake. And Charlie enjoys Ninkasi winter seasonal Slayer to celebrate pagan traditions.

00:26:36 - Jacob brings us an e-mail from a serviceperson offering us some coin. We suggest that those serving in our armed forces instead donate to the USO or Cup of Joe for a Joe. Regardless, Jaimie K. wants to know about DNA replication buffers, which Patrick identifies as telomeres, and the morality of life imprisonment in a world without death, which no one has a good answer for.

00:42:24 - Trailer Trash Talk leaves everyone feeling nostalgic for power gloves yet ironically jaded towards movie previews thanks to the snippet from the upcoming disappointment Noobz.

00:58:09 - Ernie wants to know if birds suffer the same sleep deprivation that they force upon him. Ryan actually looks up real science to give him the answer. It's like the show is going legit or something. Until...

01:114:02 - Charlie ventures into the terrifying wilderness of our Facebook page to bring us a story from Clayton F. concerning the Oklohma Wildlife Department's stance concerning the existence of puma farms and bigfoot. Patrick points out the potential for bigfoot DNA from a wholly unreliable source.

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00:00:00 - A new psychology study claims that in the brains of people with math anxiety, the anticipation of a hard math problem lights up the pain centers of said brain. The media reported that math problems cause physical pain. The Paleopals discuss.

00:21:15 - Drinks can also cause physical pain, but it's usually time delayed until the following morning. Patrick tries to describe his Tröeg's Dead Reckoning Porter. Ryan braces for some Popcorn Sutton's XXX Tennessee White Whiskey (aka. moonshine). And Ben, claiming science as a sport, re-hydrates with Pocari Sweat sports drink.

00:27:38 - The aptly titled Gangster Squad is the subject of this week's Trailer Trash Talk. Patrick and Ryan try to explain violence to a Canadian.

00:38:59 - Patrick and Ryan are stunned to learn that the universe may be nearly done forming new stars. Ben is unimpressed and resists attempts to have feelings pried out of his cold robot heart.

00:59:37 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like star formation, they don't often impress Ben. Ryan starts with a voicemail from Dana about ski resorts and climate change. Patrick reads an iTunes review from PangolinMoth questioning our mascot's naming convention. And Ben has a Canadian e-mail from Andrew (a Canadian) who has been arguing with his wife about Magneto's powers. Definitely our sort of debate!


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00:00:00 - Astronomer Eli Bressert joints the Paleopals to talk about his entry into science, his time working for the Chandra X-Ray Space Telescope, and whether or not life sustaining planets could for in galactic clusters. And that's just part 1!

00:25:55 - We have drinks. Because, that's why. Eli starts off with a Three Sheets Pale Ale from the Lord Nelson Brewery. Charlie assaults his palate with a Hopageddon from Napa Smith. And Kelly has a Angry Orchard cider that's a bit too sweet for her but good nonetheless. And Ryan may not be keeping it local, but at least he's keeping it regional with Odell's Footprint RegionAle.

00:31:09 - The groups is split over opinions about Director Quentin Tarintino, but his new movie, Django Unchained, just might the thing that brings them all together in this week's Trailer Trash Talk!

00:42:43- More science with Eli as we talk about whether or not stars can form in isolation and other interesting astronomical ideas.

00:56:50 - PaleoPOWs area lot like books about Python, appreciated by fewer people than they ought to be. Eli tells us about how he created one of our favorite Brachiolope images as well as his new book: SciPy and NumPy: An Overview for Developerswhich is about computers, not snakes, in case you were wondering. Charlie tackles some questions from new Canadian listener Les about asteroid composition and the possibility of us putting out a book. And Ryan gets a question from Any S. via Facebook about the potential for quadrupedal predatory dinosaurs. And Kelly tells us that Temporal Tony dropped what he was doing, as instructed, to let us know he had caught up on the show.

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00:00:00 - First off, our hearts go out to those affected by Sandy, Ryan did his part by promoting crowd-sourced science from the storm, but Ben recommends the Red Cross. Ben has also written a paper all about explaining the physics behind an H. P. Lovecraft short story. Hear him explain it to Ryan and Jacob while waiting to the inevitable quacking of the timer.

00:24:40 - Drinks are a lot like non-Euclidean geometry in that they make things wobbly. A roughed-up Jacob tries to take flight with a Red Bull. Ben has a pennywort soda/juice/thing, it yet another in his long line of weird beverages, but he claims this one will improve his brain. And Ryan lets the other guys chose what he drinks from the Sierra Nevada beer camp collection. They disagree so Ryan winds up with an Imperial Pilsner AND an Imperial Red Ale.

00:31:17 - Trailer Trash Talk gets nostalgic with the remake of the 1980's classic Red Dawn (original trailer here). 10 points to the first person to calculate the time spent talking about the original relative to the new one.

00:49:48 - Red Bull decided to outdo NASA by dropping Felix Baumgartner from near space. Jacob is impressed, and he's happy to tell us all why.

01:09:46 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like HALO jumps, risky and of questionable merit. Ryan starts off with a Facebook comment left by Brittany V., who finally understands the purpose of this very segment. Jacob then breaks down the chaos by responding to Jeffery W. and his critiques of The Butterfly Effect. Finally, Ben explains to fellow Canadian Lorant how the universe expanding doesn't prevent the Milky Way from colliding with Andromeda.


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Dreamland Island - Jimmy Newman

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When The War Came - The Decemberists

Long Way To Fall - Autopilot Off

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00:00:00 - Not to alarm you, but it's possible we're all living in a simulation (see Rationally Speaking for a primer). Some physicists have thought up a measurement that might prove our reality or show it for the farce it is. Ben poo poos, and the conversation meanders back and forth between philosophy and physics, eventually just settling on The Matrix.

00:36:28 - Drinks can help you simulate happiness. Ben enjoys the oddly spelled Jamaican Cream Soda Sof Drink. Charlie has risks his tongue trying the Voodoo Bacon Maple Ale made from Rogue. And Ryan experiments with a quinoa old-fashioned mixed up with Corsair's new Quinoa Whiskey.

00:44:42 - Trailer Trash Talk tackles the legacy of 007 by breaking down our thoughts on the upcoming 23rd installment of secret agent James Bond, Skyfall.

00:59:34 - Methane on Mars, if it's there the Curiosity rover intends to find it. Charlie helps break down what such a discovery would mean, and the instrumentation that could make it happen.

01:13:147 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like methane on Mars. Hard to detect and we're not sure what they mean if we we find them. Ben has an e-mail from Steven, a fan of Feynman, asking our thoughts on new forms of higher learning like the Khan Academy? A lively discussion on the efficacy of lectures ensues. And be sure to go hear Ben participate in a panel discussion of education in podcasting from Podcast Squared. Ryan reads an iTunes review from Rob G. who makes sure to give his dog longer walks to listen to the show. Good for the dog, good for Rob's brain. And Charlie has an update from Temporal Tony about the merits of being a science teacher over an actual researcher as well as getting an NSF grant to study extremophiles in China even after citing this very show in her personal statement. Risky move, Tony.


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00:00:00 - Elphant hair: curious leftover or useful coolant? New research suggests the latter, and Derek Mead of Motherboard is here to fill in the sparsely haired gaps!

00:18:02 - Elephants spray water on themselves to keep cool. Since humans sweat, we don't waste precious liquids on our skin when they can easily be put in our mouths. Derek is double-fisting a hometown favorite Sierra Nevada Tumbler brown ale and a new experience in the Peak Hop Noir. Patrick justifies his Gnarly Head Zinfandel 2012. And Ryan is excited by the beer availability of Colorado as demonstrated with a Paragon Apricot Blonde.

00:23:27 - Found footage is all the rage, and there is clearly much rage in the upcoming horror film Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes which is the laughable subject of this week's Trailer Trash Talk!

00:34:35 - Noble gases are impressive by nature, especially in sign form. But unfortunately we're running low on some, like helium, and never had that much of others, like xenon. A new study in Nature explores why we may be lacking, and Patrick questions why we have so much of others.

00:50:20 - PaleoPOWs are lot like noble gases, impressive but sometimes hard to pin down. Derek uses his PaleoPOW to plug his own wares at, but also gives a shoutout to Joakim W. for posting the tardigrade video Derek made on our Facebook page. Synchronicity! Patrick thanks Vincnent B. for starting a new recurring donation, and Vincent calls in to tell us just how to pronounce his last name.  Thanks, Vincent! And finally Ryan has a new dual addition to the Brachiolope Gallery as submitted via Twitter by Tommy L


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Summer Wind - Frank Sinatra

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Bigfoot Song - Buddy Knox

All The Way Up To Heaven - Guster


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00:00:00 - After some time back east Patrick has started wondering if we should kill all the mosquitos. An article from Nature intern Janet Fang explores the issue and the paleopals discuss their own awesome ideas on the matter.

00:25:00 - Like male mosquitoes, the paleopals also prefer plants to blood, but for the purposes of the show the guys usually weight for it to ferment a bit first. Patrick "enjoys" a Corona light, Ryan points out that his beer is overpriced based on it's isotopic composition. Because he's a jerk. Ryan is having a hard cider with the addition of a bitters infused sugar cube. Jacob is intrigued, but is himself having a Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat, leading to vociferous lamentations of autumnal beers.

00:35:00 - If you survived a plane crash would you care if the pilot happened to be drunk? What if him being drunk was the reason the plane landed at all? These questions and more are explored in Trailer Trash Talk via the preview for the upcoming film Flight.

00:48:30 - Neal Stephenson wrote about the future of the internet in the year 2000. Now he's lamenting the supposed technological stagnation the internet itself has cost. His solution? Build a 20km space tower! The guys talk about the feasibility of such an idea, whether or not it would have the desired effect, and the interplay between innovation and imagination.

01:09:30 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like space towers, neither are actually in space. Patrick begins with a Facebook photo from Aussie fan Rikka P. who wanted to show us his 6 year old son explaining titanoboa to a wizened old paleontologist all thanks to our interview with Jason Head in Ep. 135. It's an adorable photo, be sure to check it out. Ryan has an e-mail from Barbara in Rochester, MN thanking us for touching back on the early days of the show in our celebratory 150th episode. And lastly Jacob addresses Matthew D.'s Facebook post concerning innovation in electric cars. Instead of charging each time, why not just switch out the batteries? Science! That's why. Jacob explains.


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Blood - Abandoned Pools

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00:00:00 - Diane Kelly decided to tell the story of how she came to accept scientific sacrifice through the lens of the armadillo penis. This, somehow, leads a larger discussion of scientific storytelling prowess.

00:23:55 - Drinks are a lot like penises, often unexpected and sometimes disappointing. Ryan enjoys the Canadian-made Unibroue Grande Réserve 17, because somebody has to represent the beers of the great white north. Ben enjoys the 'soft' version of the piña colada as made by SoBe. And Kelly calls back to the previously enjoyed Leinenkugel Summer shandy, that she enjoys while also calling back to the #SciFund Challenge which is about to start Round 3!

00:30:57 - Kelly is also super stoked for the upcoming found footage horror movie The Bay, which involves the evolution of isopod causing them to parasitize humans instead of cute fishies. THE HORROR!

00:42:22 - Ben talks about how physicists claim that they can build a clock lasting longer than the universe. Ryan and Kelly are skeptical because it involves crystals, which are notoriously pseudoscientific  But Ben deftly explains the pros and the cons.

01:01:39 - PaleoPOWs are lot like clocks, they can be hard to interpret. Kelly has an e-mail from Miles T. asking for our help promoting Ada Lovelace Day supporting women in science, technology, engineering and math(s). Which Ryan is all for as soon as Ben explains to him who Ada Lovelace was. Ben wants everyone to know about this year's Podcast Awards, as well as the new and exciting Stitcher Awards! Please consider nominating us today! And finally Ryan reads an iTunes review from Tom, who gave us 5-stars in response to Ryan attempting to trade reviews for new shows.

The Ada Lovelace E-Mail: See show notes for this episode here.


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Killing in the Name - Rage Against the Machine

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00:00:00 - Dave Hone talks to Patrick and Ryan about his research into tail length. Turns out there is a lack of consistency and it just might throw everything into a tizzy. Ryan seems fixated on mammals like a jerk. Plus we get an update on the state of his various web project including the ever-entertaining Ask a Biologist, of which Ryan is a proud contributor.

00:37:06 - Drinks are a lot like tails, they vary in length and strength. Jacob touts his "perfect" margarita. Charlie and Ryan take issue. Jacob loses. Charlie is ready for fall, thus forcing down a Sierra Nevada Tumbler Brown along with the appropriate autumn sountrack, whatever that means. And Ryan celebrates the Pacific Northwest, friendship, and a tasty brew with Eylsian's The Immortal IPA.

00:43:26 - Trailer Trash Talk makes Jacob feel like he's been pegged into a stereotype, much like the main character in the nostalgic upcoming CG-film Wreck-It Ralph.

00:56:00 - Someone finally had the good sense to ask if wind power was worth it. It is. And then some. The paloepals discuss the current state of alternative energy and why this obvious answer was worth not one, but two, studies.

01:13:56 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like wind energy; there's plenty of them, but are they worth your time? Ryan recounts the discovery of a botanical subspecies of the Brachiolope found by Thomas B-L. Charlie touts symbiosis with the Beta Nerd blog wherein Mike B. writes about discovering Robot and Frank via our infamous Trailer Trash Talk segment. And finally Jacob calls upon Ryan's high-school level physics to help answer a question about speed from Steve B.


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Long Time Coming - The Zutons

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00:00:00 - Ryan chats with some of the geographers from the Floating Sheep blog about their stastically rigorous maps charting beer vs. church in the tweets of Americans. What state will win? What state will lose? How will this affect the electoral college? Tune in to find out!

00:36:21 - Big data projects like the one above require alcohol. Literally. It was one of two search parameters. The Paleopals are silmialr in this regard. Patrick has Old Dominion's English Style Ale. Again. Nothing new there. Charlie has homemade soda water. Everyone agrees this is good and that soda water machine companies should sponsor the show. Ryan has a religiously themed beer to try and bridge the gap with a Salvation golden-style ale from Avery Brewing Company.

00:41:04 -Trailer Trash Talk lacks the ability to back in time to assasinate segments we no longer like, but if we did, we may run the risk of being forced to kill ourselves, much like the sexy protagonists of the new time-travel crime thriller Looper.

00:53:04 - There was a time when the US government had the audacity to ask, "What happens to beer if we nuke it?" Having an excess of nukes, they decided to try it. The results? Delicious. Wander the wastelands of taste as the guys discuss Operation Teapot Project 32.2a.

01:05:15 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like nuked beer; they probably aren't worth any money, but some people still seem willing to pay. Patrick has a new recurring donation from Danielle N. who wants us to buy some beer, even though we try to save the cash for more 'legitimate' purposes, but who are we to argue with the fans?  Patrick also sneaks in another donation from Wade W., who's more of a serial donator than a recurring donator. Whatever works, for you, man. Thanks, Danielle and Wade! Ryan has an alliterative and imperative iTunes review from Trailrun, who seems to think that the apocaplys is immenent. The almost-forgotten Charlie has an Emerald City originated e-mail from Mike S. who wants to offer us the exclusive use of the Museum of Flight. There's no way this doesn't work out well for everyone involved. Get ready for SSOcon 2013!


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My United States of Whatever - Liam Lynch

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00:00:00- Scottish Loch Ness tour guide Captain George Edwards claims to have the best phoot of Nessie yet and Steve D. wants to know what the Paleopals think. We're not impressed, scientists find new species regularly. Neither is the uncredited token skeptic from the clip Benjamin Radford, who hosts the Monster Talk podcast. Ryan attempts to debunk, Charlie finds a conflict of interest, and Patrick comments on the aesthetics. The faithful will no doubt remember that our first episode started with a Nessie story, so it's only right to keep that going on our anniversary.

00:16:31 - Drinks are a lot like Loch Ness, deep, dark, and possibly hiding something wonderful. Charlie returns to a sage-muddled whiskey spritz. Patrick defends the value of wine blends. And Ryan captures a yeti (stout) with a brachiolope (glass).

00:23:19 - Trailer Trash Talk goes back to Santa Cruz with a tangent filled segment obstensibly talking about the preview for the SC-based surf movie Chasing Mavericks.

00:38:37 - Jake C. heard about a new study claiming that glass shape affects the drinking speed of alcoholic beverages and asked us about it via our Facebook page. The Paleopals have nothing but kind words for the new study published in PLOS ONE, but that may just been the booze in a curved glass talking.

00:57:31 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like this episode, already 2/3's done. Patrick presents a donation from Nick W. letting us know he's back on the bandwagon and happy we made it to 150. Thanks, Nick! It's been 3 years and we're all thrilled for 3 more but it's also important to look back so the boys then round out the show reminiscing and talking about emotions, podcasting, and friendship.


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Music for this week's show provided by:

Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - U2

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...And Then They Were Upon Us - Reigning Monarchs (Greg Beherent's band, co-host of the Walking the Room podcast)

Pull Shapes - The Pipettes

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00:00:00 - Phil Edwards, the Senior Fake Scientists at Fake Science Labs, joins Patrick and Ryan to talk about his new textbook: Fake Science 101, for when facts are too confusing. Be sure to follow the continuing adventures of the unreal reality by following the Fake Science tumblr blog.

00:39:37 - Drinks can make you feel things that a fake, best just to bottle it up. Kelly joins the show just in time to ruin Ryan's surprise by drinking a gifted Yazoo Hefeweizen. Ryan has a long story involving multi-state travel to eventually wind up with a Aviator Brewing Company's Devils Tramping Ground Tripel (bought from the excellent Peabody's Wine & Beer Merchants in Boone, NC) out of a Terrapin Brewing Company glass given to him by Kelly. Was that sentence totally necessary? Yes. Yes, it was. Finally, Patrick continues to enjoy the beers offered by Heavy Seas, even the oft-maligned style exemplified by the Peg Leg Imperial Stout.

00:47:29 - Trailer Trash Talk promises many things, but one thing it never promises is answers, much unlike the protagonist of the totally not based on Scientology movie The Master.

01:00:18 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like being tickled, they're both unexpected and met with mixed results. Patrick has a voicemail from Julian asking about the evolutionary benefits of being ticklish. The Paleopals discuss rat laughter, why you can't tickle yourself, and the two modes of tickling whose individual terms ought to be recognized. Kelly has a glowing new iTunes review from cephyn, which we always appreciate. And Ryan has an e-mail from Ori asking us to change the way we name our files. Patrick explains why 3 long years ago we chose to do it another way. 


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Faker - Miike Snow

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00:00:00 - PhD Candidate Trey Mack joins the Paleopals to talk about KELT, a tiny telescope that's able to find planets orbiting other stars. Trey gives us the basics, then we get sidetracked asking him just how he got into this whole astronomy gig in the first place.

00:17:53 - Drinks can also be hard to find, especially if you've already have a few to begin with. Ben, who can't have artifical colors, settle for a Glaceau Vitamin Water Lemonade flavor, to help him through a 'hot' Canadian day. Whatever that means. Ryan and Trey share a Brooklyn Black Ops. And Patrick promotes a new East Coast standard in Old Dominion's Dominion Ale.

00:24:11  - This week Trailer Trash Talk takes a page from This American Life whilst discussing the new, possibly funny, film Sleepwalk With Me. 

00:38:49 - We decide to let Trey stop talking about himself long enough tell us more about his amazing planet-hunting science.

00:55:33 - PaleoPOWs are lot like planets, it helps if you have some idea where to look for them. Ryan is thrilled by a new recurring donation from Blair C., who has drawn some awesome t-shirts you should definitely buy and wear (after getting your Science... sort of shirt, of course). Ben has a Facebook comment from Brittany V. which questions his relationship with bonobos. It's better not to ask. And finally Patrick has a Twitter conversation initiated by Ty Von P. about how an understanding of punctuation finally convinced him to try the show.


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Music for this week's show provided by:

Astronomy - Blue Oyster Cult

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Sleepwalkin' - Modest Mouse

Now That We've Found Each Other - Ray Charles (from Brother Ray Is At It Again!)

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Ep 147: Science... sort of - Flash Fried Frog Legs

00:00:00 - Much like podcasters, frogs try to avoid talking over each other. It really screws with getting noticed by a mate. They do such a good job that tech nerds are trying to figure out how have networks work the same way. Ribbit.

00:21:05 - Frogs like to take a dip in the drink, whereas the Paleopals like to dip drinks into their mouths. This week Ryan begins with a Triple Digit Aftermath Scotch Ale, just because he can. Ben is very excited about his not too sweet Jamaican grapefruit pop Ting. Patrick has one of Ryan's favorite IPAs, a Bell's Two-Hearted Ale. And finally Jacob has some whipped-cream vodka and orange soda abomination that he calls a "creamsicle." 

00:29:10 - The Paleopals have fun making fun of the trailer for Hit & Run in this week's Trailer Trash Talk.

00:40:55 - The funny sounding lab of Picatinny have developed a FREAKING LIGHTNING GUN. Ben says he had the idea first, but didn't want to unleash such horrors upon the world. At least he can explain it to the rest of us.

00:59:31 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like lightning, random and deadly. Patrick has an excellent iTunes review from Zachary G. Ryan was sent a Triassic sellosaurs on an ice drift from Jesse G., which can be seen in our Art... sort of gallery. Ben finds a foreign iTunes review from UK listener Luke S. And finally, Jacob reads a website comment from Cecilia, left on Episode 142, about how best to exercise one's cheetahs.


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00:00:00 - A theory is nice, but without the right tech it can sometimes be hard to test. Such was the case with the popular "selfish herd theory" and it took some very precise GPS and some perturbed sheep to finally prove it right.

00:17:12 - Drinks are more fun when you're in a herd. Charlie has mixed feelings towards his Hell or High Watermelon from 21st Amendment. Kelly is refreshed by a Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat. And Ryan has to explain his B-Craft Black Double IPA by Arcadia Ales.

00:21:14 - Trailer Trash Talk laments the over-exposure of the American electorate, The Black Keys, and the comedy duo of Will Ferrel and Zach Galifianakis in the new comedy The Campaign.

00:32:10 - Decades ago we launched some probes into the far reaches of space. They're out there still chugging along, but the Pioneer probes were chugging a bit slower than they should have been. After converting some very old data, scientists think they've narrowed down the options for the cause of the anomaly.

00:56:02 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like untested theories, we're pretty sure it's a good idea but have no way of knowing yet. Kelly has a most excellent e-mail for Temporal Tony, who knows exactly how long it's going to take before he hears it. Ryan appreciates the kind words of Shlomo D.'s iTunes review. And Charlie makes a social network exception to read a Facebook message from Brian E.


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00:00:00 - Brown snakes may have reached Guam, but once there how do they reach between tree branches? New research shows how these tiny snakes would rather go up than across.

00:19:26 - Drinks bridge the gap between sobriety and drunkenness. Patrick sups a Naked Grape pinto grigrio. Ben kicks back some guava nectar from Egypt. And Ryan has a Jashimi cocktail invented by Jacopo Falleni.

00:24:45 - Ben and Ryan argue over comparisons to other movies while Patrick laments the plot twist seen in the trailer for Robot & Frank, the subject of this week's Trailer Trash Talk.

00:37:28 - The same mine that gave us Titanoboa has also given us a very large, round, and flat turtle called Puentemys mushaisaensis. Was the shape a way to avoid swallowing or was it a better way to thermoregulate back in the day? We honestly don't know but we're sure as shooting going to talk about it.

00:48:42 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like reptiles, you think they're slimy but really they aren't. Patrick has a question from Kyle P. about tracking all the fossils paleontologists manage to find. Ryan has a very poetic e-mail from Sonny C. And Ben promotes the Brachiolope Media Network forum by giving us the results of the most favorite Paleopal poll!


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00:00:00 - You might never need to plug in your electric car if we just went ahead and made the roads moving charging platforms. Expensive? You bethca! Worth it? Eh...

00:22:40 - One way to get a charge is via ethanol, which consumed in moderation should never require the insertion of wires into your body. You figure out what that means. Jacob went foul by freezing his Yuengling Black & Tan, but he doesn't mind a mixed beer slushy. Charlie enjoys the gift of Rittenhouse Straight Rye whiskey and shares a summertime cocktail treat. And finally Ryan picks the inspiring  Lot No. 3 IPA by Evolution Craft Brewing.

00:33:32 - The guys try to remember the details of the original film in this week's Trailer Trash Talk: Total Recall.

00:47:19 - Orangutans are unequivocally awesome but consequently difficult to study. So a team in England has turned to parkour runners to imitate the movements of an ape for the purposes of science. And that's just cool.

01:00:55 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like parkour, circuitous and of debatable worth. Charlie starts us off with a charitable donation from Sarah B. who appreciates our company during yoga and cave/office time. No problem, Sarah, we're here to help! Jacob has a comment from Continuum in Episode 138, who thinks he's found a connection between nationality and zombie plans. Discuss. And finally Ryan poses a question he's been asked from Adrian Z. about flying through the atmosphere of Jupiter.


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00:00:00 - A new Zune review fails to distract the Paleopals from noticing just how hot it's been. According to NOAA, the organization not the dude, it really has been "hot as balls" out lately, and the weather has been whackier than usual too boot. The last time it got this hot might have been the PETM, which we mention here but have talked about in a bit more depth on a previous episode. 

00:22:53 - Drinks help you beat the heat. Believe it. Patrick is feeling patriotic with his all-American (Belgian-owned) Budweiser. Ryan is also in the spirit of USA drinking an Independence Day ale from Innis & Gunn (from Scotland). And Charlie, in the true spirit of the states, has a homebrewed ESB, made by a British dude. We might have botched this round.

00:27:44- Trailer Trash Talk present a future "What did Charlie think" as the Paleopals feel conflicted over the 'documentary' Craigslist Joe.

00:38:47 - Male cuttlefish do their best impression of Harvey Dent to fool other dudes in the tank while courting the ladies. Recent works shows that these animals are not just masters of camoflauge but can also multitask with the best of them. And they're not "essentially snails," so don't even go there.

00:56:02 - PaleoPOWs are lot like cuttlefish, you never know if you're about to be tricked. Ryan tells the tale of Lee U. who set up a new recurring donation because that's what awesome people do for fun these days. Patrick presents an update on the "French cave of wonders" story from a few weeks ago via an e-mail from Vincete. And finally Charlie et al. try to help Michale M. pick some classes to help his move forward with SCIENCE.


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00:00:00 - Lousiana wants to implement vouchers to send kids to private schools. Problem is some of these schools teach Creationsist science and math. And it seems the Loch Ness Monster is their ace in the hole to disprove evolution. So there's that... 

00:25:07 - Drinks dull the pain of bad science. Ryan has a merlot with a marshmallow. It's a think he's been meaning to try. And Kelly kicks back a Cabernet Sauvignon, which apparently is an old favorite for her. Who knew? Jacob has a Bold City Brewery's Lamp Post Ale. He claims it's only OK, but he certainly didn't take long to finish it.

00:31:46 - Ryan couldn't wait any longer so this week's Trailer Trash Talk gets excited over the conclusion of Nolan's Batman trilogy with The Dark Knight Rises.

00:45:51 - Everybody knows that cheetahs can outrun greyhounds, but how? A new paper in the Journal of Experimental Biology explores the distinctions by putting them both on a track. SCIENCE!

01:06:10 - PalePOWs are a lot like cheetahs, easy to tame but hard to catch. Kelly has an e-mail from Elio asking why exactly Jeff Goldblum is in Jurassic Park, other than showing off his "sensual chest." Jacob has an e-mail from Ben H. who, after reading James Gleik's Chaos and more, has some in-depth questions about chaos, computation, and other heady math stuff. Plus some fractals. Recurring donor Abigail A. sends along a belated missive explaining why as an artist she enjoys the show (as well as the podcast Dame is a Four Letter Word by listener Laurin P.) and her own efforts to spread the love of phenology locally


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00:00:00 - Supervolcanoes could striek at pretty much any moment. At least that's what Ayla has to say as she joins from a mid-reconstruction New Zealand to tell us all about her research into potentially destructive magma chmabers just waiting to strike!

00:25:53 - Drinks cool you down as the magma heats you up. Ben has some weird vita malt thing from Denmark. He loves it. Ryan suspects it tastes like beer and Ben just doesn't know what that tastes like. Ben washes it down with a banana, your guess is as good as ours. Ryan and Abe sip some sotol from the Chihuahua region of Mexico. It's like mezcal or tequila, only... not.

00:34:25 - Trailer Trash Talk debate the trailer tactics of Pixar in relation to their latest offering Brave.

00:44:45 - Dogs have been around for awhile. Some maybe more than others. New research attempts to combine the results of genetics, archaeology, and biogeography to shed new light on the origins of man's best friend.

01:09:03 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like dogs. No one is quite sure where or when they came from, but we know they're here now. Ryan tries to pick Ben up with a quote as recounted by Lee U. A quote which was so inspirational it sent Lee back to school. Go Lee! Ben then used that energy to give Andrew B. a very long answer about laser guns in sci-fi. And finally Abe has a tweet from Christina praising his "hot hard rock"-ness. OK, then.

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Volcano - Presidents of the United States of America

Mexico - Cake

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00:00:00 - LeMans is a race that takes 24 hours. It's a Motorsport thing, which comes dangerously close to SPORTZ. So the Paleopals call in reinforcements in the form of Joe Batwinis. Why attempt to recreate Car Talk at all? Because the race was won by a diesel hybrid, and that's quite interesting.

00:21:07 - Drinks are also of interest, at least to the presenters of the show. So here's what they were having. Jacob was loving his saison from Smuttynose. Patrick is perplexed by his Harpoon IPA. Joe comes close to receiving Southern wrath with his mispronunciation of the popular Dixie soda Cheerwine. And finally Ryan goes pre-purity law with a 13th Century Grut Bier.

00:29:10 - This week on Trailer Trash Talk the Paleopals abandon Ryan in their overall dismissal of the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man.

00:47:54 - The guys may not know how to pronounce Chauvet, but they do know it's home to some old paintings, but just how old? And done by whom? Patrick and Ryan explain how we date the difficult, and whether or not neanderthals are to blame for the pieces. It's all part of science's new obsession with old pigments! 

01:01:07 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like cave paintings, no one knows exactly how they started. This week: all foreign edition! Patrick gets a recurring yen donation from Curt S. who likes to wear his Science... sort of shirt while visiting foreign breweries. EVERYTHING ABOUT THAT SENTENCE IS BEYOND AWESOME! Thanks, Curt! Jacob has a question from Karl M. about bad science in movies and how that makes us feel. Ryan first makes up for not mentioning the new podcast Generation Anthropocene but ends with a "simple" question about dinosaurs from Luke J., the answer to which manages to confound and anger poor Jacob.


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00:00:00 - Daniel H. Wilson returns to talk to us about his new novel Amped, as well as his recently published Wall Street Jounral op-ed about the futur eof human augmentation. Hear our first interview with Daniel where we discussed his first novle Robopocalypse in episode 95.

00:22:45 - Kelly has beer on the brain after trying the local craft offering: Good people coffee oatmeal stout. Charlie kicks back a Campari sprtiz and laments the loss of beetles in his beverage. And finally Ryan has an Old Engine Oil to commemorate our robotic guest.

00:26:00 - Trailer Trash Talk covers Seeking a Friend For the End of the World which forces them to think about the end and the existential questions imminent death presents, such as: Do we keep podcasting if we know an asteroid is about to destroy earth?

00:35:31 - Part 2 of our conversation with Daniel delves into the ethics of enhancement, plus there's even sports talk, and we like sports.

00:56:55 - PaleoPOWs are a lot novels. They're both new. Charlie starts off with a handsome donation from Rebecca W. Thanks, Rebecca! Ryan has a questioning comment from episode 136 left by Blaine B. And finally Kelly has a self-proclaimed enthusiastic iTunes review written by HerpetologyFTW!


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Amped - Cypress Hill

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00:00:00 - Because according the media, 3 disparate events make a global trend, the CDC had to come out and assure everyone that we are not at the beginning of a zombie apocalypse. That being said, no reason you shouldn't prepare anyways, right?

00:17:08 - Jacob enjoys a Dark Night in Munich, a Longshot beer from Sam Adams. Ryan has a Stateside Saison from Maryland. And Ben kicks back with mango nectar from Egypt.

00:23:04 - The Americans try to educate the Canadian on US history, which is hindered by the subject of this week's Trailer Trash Talk, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

00:35:24 - Mars-One wants to send people to Mars using reality TV and your money. Sound like a bad idea? It probably is. We break down what might be going with these folks, including why they seem to have the support of Nobel laureate Gerard 't Hooft. For background on exactly why getting to Mars isn't easy check out our interview with Charles Doarn in episodes 69 and 70.

01:01:56 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like one way trips to space. WORTH IT! Jacob has an e-mail from Limnality, of, hoping we keep up the good work as they listen through the back catalog. Ben has a voicemail from Tom asking for some nuclear clarification after listening to episode 20 of The Weekly Weinersmith. The answer might need a bigger show, but we do our best. And finally Ryan has an e-mail from Zachary G., a hiker of the Appalachian Trail who appreciates the company we provide. 

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Music for this week's show provided by:

When the World Ends - Dave Matthews Band

The Long Way Around - The Dixie Chicks

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00:00:00 - Turns out that thing your grandpa did, you know the one, well it's why you have green eyes. Or something like that. Epigenetics is tricky, thankfully Kelly is here to help sequence a new study about how mice respond to stress generations later.

00:24:17 - What you drink now could effect your great-grandkids, so why waste time? Patrick returns to a new favorite in the Loose Cannon, surprising Ryan with his embrace of hops. Ryan keeps it local with a West Mountain Brewing Co. IPA and a cup of the house roast from Common Grounds in Fayetteville, AR! And finally Kelly has soothing aloe infused lemonade. It tastes bad, like medicine ought to.

00:28:53 - Trailer Trash Talk goes back to the start of it all with Ridley Scott's prequel to the eventual quadrilogyPrometheus.

00:39:24 - Patrick jumps the gun with his PaleoPOW by using an e-mail from Kirstie G. about the finding of fossilized cephalopod ink from the Jurassic. What is it with paleontologists these days always hunting for various colors? Either way the science is sweet.

00:52:50 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like prequels, you kind of know how they're going to end. Kelly has an iTunes review from Whackfoo who grinds the show to a screeching halt with the knowledge that a 4-year-old child is subjected to the show, but she wants to be a paleontologist, so let's call it practice. Now eat your vegetables, take a bath, and go to bed. It's what all good paleontologists do. Finally, Ryan has an e-mail from retroflatus with a Brachiolope and a newly purchased mug. He also has a question, so we bring in Ben for universal explanations.


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My Generation - The Who

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We had so much fun with Jurassic Park that we've decided to come back with our second installment of Science.. sort of Theater 3000! Or something like that. This round we're tackling J. J. Abrams 2009 reboot of Star Trek! If you don't have the movie, don't worry, it's available for instant play from Amazon at this link here. Jacob and Ryan start things off with some instruction for how to sync up the audio then they're joined by Kelly, Ben, and Charlie to watch the movie. We hope you enjoy listening be cause we sure enjoyed talking!


Thanks for listening and be sure to check out all the great content available from the Brachiolope Media Network!


(Obvious) Music for this week's show: Star Trek Theme (2009) - Michael Giacchino

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00:00:00 - Science keeps chugging along, and the media keeps reporting it wrong. This week Patrick and Ryan go toe-to-toe in the friendliest of ways with recurring guest Brian Switek and newly minted guest Derek Mead in a discussion of how the science gets reported based on an article by Derek and a how-to guide by Double X Science.

00:32:27 - Having been told that reporters drinks, the Paleopals decide to do the same. Derek downs a Modelo Especial sin Lima, because apparently cirtrus in "chincy." Don't worry, Ryan asks what it means while he also drinks a Restraining Order cocktail. Patrick isn't sure if he's drinking a Magic Hat #9, and he also isn't sure if he likes it.

00:36:40 - Time travel may not yet be possible, but if it was don't expect a warranty especially if you're responding to the classfied ad which inspired this week's Trailer Trash Talk: Safety Not Guaranteed.

00:42:41 - The Paleopals et al. discuss the recent failures of mainstream science journalism that prompted the discussion part 1 of this very episode! Brian has been hard at work debunking the recently promoted nonsense concerning space dinosaursaquatic dinosaurs, and of course, flatulent dinosaurs.

01:15:36 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like bogus science reporting, they happen more often than your might expect. Patrick regales us all with tales from Betsy and her adventures taming a supposedly aquatic brachiolope, which you can judge for yourself in the Brachiolope Gallery. And Ryan has an e-mail from an Aussie in exile, Graeme N., concerning some of our fruit and marsupial based distinctions discussed in episode 131. Thanks for the clarifications, mate!


And finally, we didn't have time to talk about them but helps the theme make sense: FOSSIL FLEAS FEEDING ON DINOSAURS


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I Got News - Sweatshop Union

Bozo's Lament - Jonathan Coulton

Push It (Feat. Sean Kingston) (REMIX) - Be South 13

Where We Went Wrong - The Hush Sound

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This short special edition is a recording of the speech I gave to a group at a rally on April 14, 2012 opposing HB0386 and supporting good science education in TN. My open letter to the governor is available here, and the following is a transcript of my speech:

My name is Ryan Haupt, I'm a graduate student at Vanderbilt University. I came to Nashville specifically to study how species evolve in response to climate change, so this bill hits very close to home. I was raised in a state where evolution and other "controversial topics" were not taught in schools, but in my home I was taught to question everything, so by actively taking courses that challenged me in college, I was able to learn about evolution and its role in the natural world. This knowledge inflamed a passion that has driven me to dedicate my life to the study of science, and the exploration of the natural world through the scientific method.

However, my story is likely the exception, not the rule. I should not have had to wait until college to be taught about the basic fundamental principles of biology. My story is a story of luck, and students in Tennessee should not have to rely on luck to get a good education.

Furthermore, allowing special interests to push forward legislation that singles out particular politically-charged theories does nothing but damage the educational reputation of our state. Just the other week Governor Haslam announced funding for new schools designed specifically to promote science and technology education, but with him allowing this bill to become law he might as well give back the money because what good are schools designed to promote science when teachers are going to be encouraged to teach inaccurate science?

The bill claims to be one of academic freedom.  However, academic freedom should not include the freedom to teach falsehoods to students, and enough freedom already exists to allow the teaching of the most up to date and accurate science.

The thing that most angers people of my generation is that laws like this are enacted by people much older than me and my peers. Climate change is a real problem; a problem created unknowingly by our ancestors, but now willfully ignored by our elders, only for my peers and my descendants to suffer. Legislation that undermines those younger than me from having a complete understanding of climate change creates a legacy of ignorance that threatens efforts to actually confront and deal with forthcoming problems. This is the exact opposite of what legislation should be doing. It is the exact opposite of what the majority of my generation thinks they should be doing. I am reminded of a Greek proverb, "A society flourishes when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in."

All this bill does is grant license to those who would salt the Earth rather than plant a tree. It presents a Trojan horse of academic freedom but actually carries troops of disinformation and political propaganda, neither of which belongs in a science classroom. I have been opposing this bill for over a year because I believe it is at best unnecessary and at worst a detriment to the education of young people inTennessee. I think the best thing we can do now is let our teachers know that we support them teaching sound science and that they don't need to "teach the controversy."  Instead, we want the next generation to be a best prepared as possible and that means sound science education. Thank you.

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00:00:00 - Jason Head joins us to talk about Titanoboa, the largest snake ever found and subject a new documentary starring Dr. Head himself. Part 1 tackles the initial discovery and piecing together of the biology of the snake. We actually recommend watching the documentary (or play the game) first, but you're a smart person, you'll figure it out regardless.

00:27:29 - Some snakes function better in the water, some scientists podcast better with a drink. Charlie tries his hand at cider, Patrick calls back to an old-faithful Pinot Noir, and Ryan compliments his recently acquired Biere De Mars from Jolly Pumpkin.

00:31:28 - Trailer Trash Talk tangents into board game territory, i.e. anything to avoid talking about how bad Battleship looks.

00:43:50 - Part 2 of our interview with Dr. Jason Head finishes the story of The Infamous Biting of John Bloch, as well as discussing the paleoecological significance of this awesome find. We also ask about the process of having a documentary made about your work. All in all, a good time is had.

01:02:10 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like fossil snakes, easily lost to the rigors of time. Charlie has an iTunes review from an underaged fluffyraptor decrying his lack of ability to donate. We come up with an alternate, more collegiate use for the money. Speaking of money, Eric C. decides to set up a recurring donation, and Patrick is quick with the praise. And finally, Ryan has a question from Kyle H. concerning which scientific topic the guys would most like to see animated.


Thanks for listening and be sure to check out the Brachiolope Media Network for more great science podcasts!


Music for this week's show provided by:

Crawling Snake King - The Doors

Johnny Appleseed - Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros

The Battle of Who Could Care Less - Ben Folds Five

So Long - Guster

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00:00:00 - This week the Paloepals are joined by Ryan Brown of the Glacial Till blog! He joins us to break down some space rock basics for diving into our second segment. SYNERGY!

00:16:55 - In the future drinks might come from asteroids. For now they just come from bottles. Ryan B. has a Down Under Stout by Red Hook. Charlie believes in Ninkasi's Believer. Patrick wades into Heavy Seas with a Loose Canon. And Ryan H. tries to balance confusing weather with a Dogfishhead 75 Minute IPA.

00:23:34 - This week on Trailer Trash Talk the guys all start by giving their opinion of Wes Anderson, then their opinion of fonts, then finally their opinions on his new movie Moonrise Kingdom.

00:36:33 - Charlie pulls his PaleoPOW trigger early by using an e-mail from Michael S. as the introduction to our second segment discussion the new startup Planetary Resources, which hopes to mine asteroids for all their astro-goodness. Can they do it? What does Jacob think? Will they hire Charlie? We tackle the big questions!

00:54:11 - PaleoPOWs are lot like startups, everyone starts off really excited but most just fall apart. Ryan Brown is his own PaleoPOW, promoting his various internet wares mostly concerning his blog and twitter feed. Check them out! Ryan H. has a Facebook post from Charles Insandiego who's working his way through the old shows. Good luck! And Patrick praises Bob M. for tossing a bit of cash our way via a donation. Thanks, Bob!


Thanks for listening and be sure to check out the Brachiolope Media Network for more great science podcasts!


Music for this week's show provided by:

The Sky is Fallin' - Queens of the Stone Age

Beer Beer Beer - The Clancy Brothers

Full Moon in June - Black Prarie

Planetary (GO!) - My Chemical Romance

Direct download: Ep_134_Science..._sort_of_-_Tilling_the_Stars.mp3
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00:00:00 - Tyranosaurs be feathered! David Hone joins Patrick and Ryan to talk about the cuddliest of all megapredators just released from the fertile fossil fields of the Orient!

00:27:57 - With new dinos out of the way the guys kick back for a cold one. Charlie keeps consistent with a Coors Light, Patrick thinks it's a lovely day for a Guinness, Zach Weiner has a NEW handcrafted cocktail: Thai Iced Weiner. And Ryan harkens back to Zach's first appearance and tries to show him how to do a fruity malt beverage right with a Bridgeport Brewing Stumptown Tart!

00:34:14 - The criticisms flow like water for the upcoming shock-umentary Last Call at the Oasis which is the subject of this week's Trailer Trash Talk!

00:49:36 - Hyenas will eat just aobut anything, so what happens when the nearby humans drastically change their diet for 40 days? Well the hyenas have to go on lent too, at least that what scientists have found by going through their poop. Donkeys beware when Ethopians stop chowing down on delicious goats. Plus, special bonus content concerning hyena taxonomy. YAY!

00:59:39 - PaleoPOWs are lot like hyenas, people say they steal your children, but they really don't. Zach Weiner is his own PaleoPOW, which also makes him an oroboros. He's got his fingers all over the internets, go enjoy his wares, won't you? Patrick brings us a different sort of bones from Great A. in the form of a donation. Thanks, Greg!  Ryan has a randomly selected iTunes review from mattgoranson chosen out of the many after the deluge from the offering of prize packs. And finally Charlie has an e-mail from Daniel R. asking about how to design a baby Brachiolope costume. Halloween can't come soon enough!


Thanks for listening and be sure to check out the Brachiolope Media Network for more great science podcasts!


Music for this week's show provided by:

Fuzzy - The Incredible Moses Leroy

Silver and Cold - AFI

Treading Water - Alex Clare

Give It Up - The Format

Direct download: Ep_133_Science..._sort_of_-_Bones_Feathers_and_Talismanic_Scat.mp3
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Ep 132: Science... sort of - Under Pressure

00:00:00 - A new study sheds light on the effects of social hierarchies in monkeys, which may then help us understand why those of lower social status are less healthy than their well-to-do peers. Finally, monkeys helping the poor instead of just messing stuff up.

00:11:39 - Drinks, they're what monkeys wish they had to unwind. Charlie ups the ante with a Drake's IPA. Patrick keeps it local with a Starr Hill Jomo lager. And Ryan is perplexed by the hipster can of his Sixpoint Resin Imperial IPA.

00:16:11 - This week's Trailer Trash Talks discusses the pleasant lack of found footage, the creepiness of little girls, and the propensity of Russians for drink all contained within the preview of Chernobyl Diaries.

00:26:04 - Fossil raindrops be falling! We know they happened, but under what conditions? A new study sheds light upon the status of the atmosphere whence old rain fell. Further, this also helps explain the 'faint young sun paradox'. All that science from one old rock with dimples! Thanks for Manuel G. for submitting this story via our Facebook page!

00:38:09 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like fossil raindrops, they can both be used as proxies for the atmosphere of the room. Patrick rejoices in the addition of a NEW RECURRING DONATION via Tommy G. all the way from Lund, Sweden! Ryan gets slightly self conscious over a website comment left by Shanna. And Charlie reads our first new iTunes review in over a month from Sciencer44, who may just want a prize pack, but was willing to give us 5 stars to get it!


Thanks for listening and be sure to check out the Brachiolope Media Network for more great science podcasts!


Music for this week's show provided by:

My Monkey - Jonathan Coulton

I Like Beer - Tom T. Hall

Under Pressure - Queen

Have You Ever Seen The Rain? - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Direct download: Ep_132_Science..._sort_of_-_Under_Pressure.mp3
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00:00:00 - What's the point of being smart if you don't get to argue about the little things? The Paleopals start the show by breaking down some of the pedantic scientific distinctions brought up on io9.

 00:27:09 - While there may be no real distinction between left and right, we know for sure that at least one hand of each Paleopal holds a drink, the question is, what is it? For Patrick it's and Old Dominion Oak Barrel Stout. Kelly enjoys a Real Ale Rio Blanco, complete with a drawl. Ryan enjoys an Aviation from Juliana. It's a classic pre-prohibition cocktail, and Juli has been mixing up a storm. Finally, Charlie imbibes a silver bullet. 

00:32:42 - Will Ryan been able to let the others speak when Trailer Trash Talk tackles Marvel's The Avengers? The only way to find out is to listen.

00:45:37 - We now know newts use their kidneys for sex. We're not sure exactly how, we're not sure exactly why, but we know that it happens. Thank you, science!

00:54:24 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like sex kidneys, if you really want one you'll have to go and find it. Ryan has a bit of coin in the form of a donation from Doug S. Thanks Dough! Patrick answers a question from retroflatus, who in return promises to buy a mug. How'd we do, retroflatus? Charlie has an e-mail from Pedro P. critiquing the decline of our transitional powers. We do our best. And lastly, Kelly has a comment from Bob about where the atmosphere ends. How appropriate!


Thanks for listening and be sure to check out the Brachiolope Media Network for more great science podcasts!


Music for this week's show provided by:

All Hands Against His Own - The Black Keys

The Bullet - The Devil Makes Three

Superheroes - Daft Punk

Kidney In a Cooler - Keller Williams

Direct download: Ep_131_Science..._sort_of_-_Sex_Kidneys_and_Other_Distinctions.mp3
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00:00:00 - The LRO, everyone's favorite lunar orbiter, has taken some photos of Space Race era Soviet landers which has finally answered pressing questions such as: did the lander fall over? and, why was this rock so weird?

17:24 - It's easier to drink on Earth than on the moon, especially carbonated beverages such as Ben's Canada Dry ginger ale or Jacob's Cold Nose brown ale. Ryan, however, would be sipping just fine on his Balcones Rumble, whatever the gravity.

00:23:22 - Trailer Trash Talk gets cutesy with the upcoming Disney documentary Chimpanzee

00:36:23 - Jacob wishes we could live long enough to take advantage of ion thrusters (which he's written about before on the Paleocave blog), Ryan wants to know what this means for TIE fighters, and Ben finally understands the aerodynamics of the Star Wars universe.

00:53:47 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like ion thrusters, they take a long time to get going but are hard to stop. Ben has a tangent promoting e-mail from Peggy. Jacob helps Randy answer an elementary math question. And Ryan reads a website comment from Kevin with a bit more info on pterosaur taxonomy.

Thanks for listening and be sure to check out the Brachiolope Media Network for more great science podcasts!

Music for this week's show provided by:

To The Moon & Back - Savage Garden

Rumble - Nigel Goodrich (Scott Piglrim Original Score)

Take Care of Me - Jonathan Coulton

Momentum - The Hush Sound

Direct download: Ep_130_Science..._sort_of_-_Old_Lander_On_The_Moon.mp3
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00:00:00 - Amateur astronomers have been pouring over a cloud on Mars. What could it be? No one is quite sure, but no matter what it's a game-changer for the red planet.

00:16:55 - Mars may be dry but the Paleopals are not. Charlie has an IPA that would be good if not for a better one earlier in the week. Ryan cracks open a microbrew in a tallboy. And Kelly supports gay rights with a decaf Starbucks coffee.

00:22:49 - This week's Trailer Trash Talk is on the trail of a The Hunter, a new movie about looking for Tasmanian tigers amidst intrigue and drama. The Paleopals also spend some time talking about Thylacines and marsupials in general.

00:36:15 -  For awhile the Universe was missing mass. An Australian student finally looked in the largest objects ever known and found it. What were the odds?

00:48:28 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like galactic filaments; they both take up more space than expected. Ryan has a new recurring donation for Abigail A. Thanks, Abigail! Charlie answers a question about exoplanetary atmospheres and Goldilocks zones from Corey B. And finally Kelly has a website comment from Chelsea R. letting us know Ep 127 may be her favorite yet!


Thanks for listening and be sure to check out the Brachiolope Media Network for more great science podcasts!


Music for this week's show:

Floating (Time Isn't Working My Side) - Portugal. The Man

So Right - Dave Matthew's Band

Dead and Gone - The Black Keys

Something's Missing - John Mayer

Direct download: Ep_129_Science..._sort_of_-_Amateur_Hour.mp3
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00:00:00 - Male fruit flies hit the bottle harder after rejection from females. There's brain chemistry involved which might actually help humans suffering from depression and PTSD. A study of drunk flies that could help humans? Potentially the perfect win-win science study.

00:16:26 - In the wake of St. Patrick's Day, what are the Paleopals enjoying? Jacob has a faux-Irish beer with a Killians. Charlie has a possible bourbon with Maker's Mark (including an excellent sounding recipe for bread pudding). And Ryan experiments in the world of Irish whiskey with a Charlie-approved Tullamore Dew.

00:24:14 - Ryan doesn't quite seem to get the title of this week's subject of Trailer Trash Talk: The Hunger Games. Thankfully, Jacob and Charlie are there to explain, along with helpful hints for how to utilize your town's digital library.

00:34:40 - Jacob is excited about the new hot thing in rocket launch technology, Ryan just wants to reminisce about the good old days. Can they find an accord? Yes, yes they can.

00:54:53 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like The Hunger Games, Ryan hasn't read a lot of them. Jacob starts off with a new recurring donation from Allison B. Thanks, Allison! And thanks again every month! Ryan has a long overdue e-mail from Brooks E. concerning podcast convergences from times past. And finally Charlie provides a Facebook roundup from Thom G., who's enjoying his Science... sort of swag, and Andy B., who laments our failure to defenestrate in last week's episode.


Thanks for listening and be sure to check out the Brachiolope Media Network for more great science podcasts!


Music for this week's show:

Reject - Stroke 9

Blood of Cu Chulainn - Jeff Danna and Mychael Danna

Put You On The Game - The Game

Airplanes (feat. Hayley Williams) - B.o.B.

Direct download: Ep_128_Science..._sort_of_-_Mile_High_Club.mp3
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00:00:00 - Illustrator David Peters thinks a tiny pterosaur was a vampiric leach of larger sauropods. Does paleontologist Chris Bennett agree? Should we ignore evidence so we can live in a world with blood sucking pterosaurs? These are the important questions of our time, people.

00:23:28 - Some drinks that aren't blood include: a Kona koko brown as enjoyed by Charlie, water from a mug via Ben, Newman's own wine as imbibed by Kelly, and the classic beer and a shot combo Canadian style consumed by Ryan.

00:28:13 - Este semana en Trailer Trash Talk, actor Will Ferrell es en una pelicula nueva, llama Casa de Mi Padre, sobre drugas en Mexico. Todas las personas le gusta?

00:43:01 - Everybody knows lizards love to leap. Now biomechanical scientists from Robert Full's lab have tested just how their tails help them leap so well, by building robots. And of course, they had to test their findings against Jurassic Park. Did the movie get it right? Listen and find out!

00:55:58 - PalePOWs are a lot like pterosaurs, difficult to reconstruct. Ryan begins with a bit of cash from Kyle H., who apparently felt bad after hurting our feelings in episode 123. Thanks, Kyle! Ben comes through with yet another new Canadian iTunes review! Charlie gets corrected on his French wine translation, Ben attempts to comfort him with the intricacies of accent marks. And Kelly hears from Alesa M. about her luck of the Jurassic and subsequent attempts to find a VHS player (a.k.a. a VCR).


Thanks for listening and be sure to check out the Brachiolope Media Network for more great science podcasts!


Music for this week's show provided by:

There's Something Wrong - Brad Sucks

One Shot - O.A.R.

Caress Me Down - Sublime

Spanish Flea - Herp Albert & The Tijuana Brass

Jump Through the Hoops - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Direct download: Ep_127_Science..._sort_of_-_Padre_de_Chupacabra.mp3
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00:00:00 - Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson joins the Paleopals for the first time in 101 episodes to talk about NASA budgets, exploration, and his new book Space Chronicles! Be sure to check out Dr. Tyson's own podcasting efforts on the show Star Talk Radio.

00:36:17 - Drinks, they're a part of the show, so they get a segment. This is that segment. Ben has a typical (for him) weird coconut drink (with jelly). Charlie has a midday can of Cocoa-Cola Classic. And Ryan has a hasty gimlet.

00:39:31 - Trailer Trash Talk gets dark, and potentially boring, with the trailer for the quasi-historical Poe thriller The Raven.

00:49:22 - Even though Ben just did an entire show on warp drives, there's always something new to talk about, and he does just that.

01:03:45 - PaleoPOWs are lot like space, both are worth investing in. Charlie has our "bread and butter" of feedback, an iTunes review from Brittany Vegas. Ryan has a Facebook comment from Matthew P. concerning our Science... sort of Theater, as well as more cinematic corrections from Ryan R. And finally, Ben has an all-new all-Canadian iTunes review from faelystia!


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Music for this week's show provided by:

Space Travel is Boring - Modest Mouse

Coconut - Kermit, Two Nurses and the Witch Doctor

Raining in Baltimore - Counting Crows

Warped - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Direct download: Ep_126_Science..._sort_of_-_Science_Chronicles.mp3
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00:00:00 - The Russians are repopulating their tundra with 30,000 year old squirrel leftovers i.e. they germinated a plant from a 30,000 year old seed (sort of)  and now they have a pretty flower. Awesome.

00:13:18 - Drinks are needed to make plants and Paleopals grow. Jacob has BAWLS, don't ask. Kelly has a favorite win. And Ryan has a Dark Depths Baltic IPA that he's happy to explain.

00:17:38 - Ryan subjects Kelly and Jacob to the insanity of Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie on this week's trailer trash talk. Will they be charmed or disgusted? Listen and learn!

00:29:03 - Finally! A fungus has been found that eats plastic and likes it. Stop worrying about conservation, apparently it's all taken care of.

00:41:07 - PaleoPOWs are like plastic eating fungi, they probably won't amount to much. Kelly has an e-mail to Ryan from Cameron about our Special Edition Jurassic Park commentary! Ryan has an iTunes review from the DepressionMachine that is anything but. And Jacob has a blog comment from an old blog post questioning the validity of the work-energy theory. Crackpot test anyone?


Thanks for listening and be sure to check out the Brachiolope Media Network for more great science podcasts!


Music for this week's show:

Ancient Walls of Flower - Marcy Playground

Wrecking Ball - Interpol

Like A Movie - Midtown

Plastic Jungle - Miike Snow

Direct download: Ep_125_Science..._sort_of_-_Zombie_Plants_and_Hungry_Fungus.mp3
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00:00:00 - Lake Vostok is perhaps the most difficult to get to lake in the world. Yet the Russians have spent over a decade attempting to tap it. What's the deal? Why so interesting? And is it even a good idea? There's a lot to say about Vostok and the Paleopals waste no time diving right in. (Also: Secret Nazi Hilter clones from the South Pole, you can't make this stuff up.)

00:22:00 - Many people enjoy drinking near lakes. The Paleopals are no exception. Patrick is sitting on and sipping on a Red Chair from Deschuttes. Charlie has his the mark with an affordable Cotes du Rhone. And Ryan is slamming down a Hopslam.

00:26:00 - This week Trailer Trash Talk feels like its rehashing familiar territory as the Paleopals discuss Thin Ice.

00:35:00 - If lakes weren't already taking up enough space on land, now they're hiding out at the bottom of the ocean! While Patrick gets pedantic, Charlie and Ryan discuss the trippiness of these wicked "subaqueous lenses."

00:46:15 - PaleoPOWs are lot like lakes, Patrick is unsure of the definition of both. Patrick begins things with a donation and question from Andy G. Thanks, Andy! Charlie has a referential iTunes review from ryanaridder. And Ryan has some awesome Antarctic followup from Blair H.!


Thanks for listening! Find more shows of a similar ethos at the Brachiolope Media Network!


Music for this week's show provided by:

The Crystal Lake - Grandaddy

Red Rocking Chair - Black Prairie

Thin Ice - Pink Floyd

The Lake Effect - Béla Fleck/Edgar Meyer

Direct download: Ep_124_Science..._sort_of_-_The_Lake_Lake_Show.mp3
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00:00:00 - Brynn Metheney joins us to talk about coffee, aparently, but also her new world-building project 'The Red Valley' and her new print for sale featuring a very familiar mascot.

00:18:31 - This week we're dealing with feedback asking about biology. Leslie L. wants to know about ring species and Summer F. asks about genetic bottlenecks. Charlie explains. (Just kidding, Ryan and Patrick explain, but Charlie asks good questions.)

00:40:35 - Everyone is drinking something new. Charlie has a Wee heavy that Ryan suspects may be a trap. Patrick learns the value of a porter done just right. And Ryan is quaffing Spanish brandy, from a snifter and everything.

00:48:15 - Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is a movie that apparently got made. Does its trailer do anything to sway opinions in its favor? Tune to find out!

00:57:04 - And finally, two folks, Manuel G. and Kyle H., asked about multicellularity with a link to the same article. Coincidence or cooperation? You decide!

01:11:41 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like valleys, easy to get into than to get out of. Charlie has an extra special donation from Mark W. Mark doesn't always agree with us but had the chops to support us regardless, thanks Mark! Ryan has a pleasant e-mail from Conor B. He tries to read it in a Kiwi accent and should probably apologize to everyone involved. And finally Patrick has a series of tweets from @mwelting and @BenVH concerning the realities of the HSX.


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Music for this week's show provided by:

Peaches - The Presidents of the United States of America

The Ring Song - The Bravery

Can you feel it? - The Apples in Stereo

(Ghost) Riders in the Sky - Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

Brand New Colony - The Postal Service

Direct download: Ep_123_Science..._sort_of_-_Bio-feedback.mp3
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And now for something completely different! We Paleopals figured it might be fun to watch a movie together. We also figured it might be fun for you to join us. Thus this experiment was born. So the entire crew sat down and watched the 1993 cinematic classic Jurassic Park, while simultaneously on Skype and these are the results. This show is intended as a fun and scientificially informed running commentary to be listened to while watching the movie. Jacob provides instructions in the first few minutes on how to sync up your viewing with ours then it's off to the races! Hold onto your butts and enjoy the show!

Thanks for listening! We really want some feedback on this so let us know how you liked it. We want to do more but only if there's sufficient demand. And if you come up with a more efficient way to title these episodes, send that our way too. As always, we are are proud member of the Brachiolope Media Network, so check out our other shows for more fun science podcasts.

(Obvious) music for this week's show:

Jurassic Park Theme - John Williams

Direct download: Special_Edition_6_Science..._sort_of_Theater_1_-_Jurassic_Park.mp3
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00:00:00 - Bora Zivkovic chats with Ryan about Science Online 2012, the unconference that we're happy to have clutter our twitter feeds! Then Jacquelyn Gill returns to tell us about her experiences as a participant as the very same conferences. Two perspectives?! It's like real journalism in here.

00:34:34 - Taking a cue from #Scio12, the paleopals also kick back with a beverage. Guest Jacquelyn is chilling out with some hot ginger lemon tea. Patrick is searching for nirvana in a Japanese barley ale. And Ryan is getting wet with Old Burly. Ryan also uses the label as an excuse to drop some New River facts on the crew in preparation for an upcoming segment. SYNERGY!

00:40:40 - A surprising origin, director, cast, and writer leave the paleopals conflicted on the trailer for the upcoming oddly-titled movie John Carter.

00:53:53 - Plants and rivers have been shaping the earth dramatically since they both showed up on land. Nature did a special feature concerning some new discoveries on the matter and the paleopals waste no time floating on down the line of new and exciting alluvial science! Also, there's a Pleistocene park in Russia. It's all related somehow.

01:21:21 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like mammoths, never found in Siberia. Patrick has a generous donation from Bruce H. Thanks, Bruce! And Ryan has a photo from Steve D. of a captured Brachiolope! Next up, Steve will find us a bigfoot and take a non-blurry photo.


Thanks for listening! Be sure to check out all the great podcasts coming at your ears from the Brachiolope Media Network!


Music for this week's show provided by:

Here Comes Science - They Might Be Giants

Old Man Time - O.A.R.

Mars Attacks - The Misfits

River Deep - The Devil Makes Three

Direct download: Ep_122_Science..._sort_of_-_Finding_a_New_Course.mp3
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00:00:00 - Are you dying to know how diamonds make it to Earth's surface? Well the answer just might kill you. Abraham Padilla joins the Paleopals once more to talk about gas-powered kimberlite super-volcanoes on steroids. BOOM!

00:22:20 - Beer is also gas powered... sort of. Charlie has a beer of a different sort with his Bundaberg ginger beer from the land down under. Ben is stocked up on weird pop and this week choses to enjoy a Blue Sky Cherry Vanilla Cream Natural Soda. The name is as long as the taste is good. And finally, Abe has brought Ryan some hard to pronounce Icelandic beer: Kaldi Dökkur Lager Bjór and Skjalfti (photo of Ryan podcasting at the link!).

00:28:15 -Movies often show you an occurrence of events in a temporal sequence, but few are as on the nose about it as the upcoming found footage superpower flick Chronicle.

00:37:11 - Thanks to science, we now have a better idea of what color Archaeopteryx might have been. This also sheds light on it's abilities as a flyer. Ben gets distracted by other fossils while Ryan tries to explain what another paleontologist named Ryan has found out.

00:51:36 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like feathers, they can keep you aloft when you need it most. Charlie has a two tweets from prodigal listeners, @YPGeek and @clarkraykent. Thanks for coming back guys! Ryan has the greatest gift of all in the form of a handsome donation from handsome Nick W. left at our handsome donation page. Thanks, Nick! And finally Ben pleas for more Canadian iTunes feedback, but follows it up with a fantastic rendition of an Aussie iTunes review from Martin B.

Thanks for listening! Be sure to check out the other great shows available on the Brachiolope Media Network!

Music for this week's show provided by:

Diamond - Klint

Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin

Superpowers - Five Iron Frenzy

Black Crows - honeyhoney

Direct download: Ep_121_Science..._sort_of_-_Diamonds_are_for_Feather.mp3
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00:00:00 - David Shiffman, from the Why Sharks Matter blog, joins the Paleopals to discuss the recently discovered hybrid shark in Australia. He has a lot to say about the media coverage of sharks, global warming, and this story in particular.  Be sure to check out Southern Fried Science for more marine science blogging!

00:33:04 - Fact: sharks are found in water. Fact: Water is a drink. Fact: The Paleopals have drinks. Conclusion: the Paleopals are actually sharks. Charlie breaks out a Boont amber ale. Patrick slums it with an old Blue Moon. And Ryan has a Yeti-Christ from Ben.

00:36:05 - This week on Trailer Trash Talk the Paleopals are breaking down the ice of Big Miracle. A movie in the "whale genre" according to Patrick, and based on some real world events involving far fewer white people.

 00:49:18 - The Hominid Hunting blog from Smithsonian Magazine had a post suggesting that Gigantopithecus may have been the inspiration for prehistoric Sasquatches. The article is... interesting, but it all gets silly in the comments. Get ready to name that logical fallacy! 

01:05:46 - Paleopals are like black swans, no one really believes they exist until they see one for themselves. Justin C. delivers a donation to our door. Thanks, Justin! Doug P. wants to thank the Paleopals for giving him the upper hand during a model UN session. Let's hope one day he and his team get to the real UN and make some Science... sort of inspired changes! And Charlie reads a 5-star iTunes review from Groundedcontrol.

Thanks for listening! Be sure to check our sisters shows available from the Brachiolope Media Network!

Music for this week's show provided by:

I'm The Ocean - Neil Young

Shades of Gray - Robert Earl Keen

Out On The Border - Rolla Olak

Animal - Pearl Jam

Direct download: Ep_120_Science..._sort_of_-_Black_Swans.mp3
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00:00:00 - This week Ben, Jacob, and Ryan start the week off by getting the science behind temporal cloaking with Alessandro Farsi. If you can make sense of it you win a laser to the ye, but you'll also be able to avoid it, so there's that.

00:23:00 - Drinks are only hidden by cloaking them in your mouth. Boring Ben has plain old water. Jacob has tossed some top shelf Canadian whiskey into a Pepsi. And Ryan brings up the rear with a Snow Cap from Shelly.

00:27:00 - Trailer Trash Talk gets historical this week as the guys discuss the World War II racially charged Red Tails. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day everyone! Now get out there and fly a plane for America!

00:41:00 - A group of scientists from China claim that individuals with Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) have differences in their BRAINS! We're not sure IAD is actually a thing, but we still bet you can't stop listening to this segment.

00:54:00 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like temporal cloaking, easy to miss. Jacob has an possibly Swedish iTunes review from BrkGrm, about us inspiring him to be a scientist. Awesome. Ben has a Facebook comment from Jonathan B. that causes Ben some concern which he then uses to his own benefit. And Ryan has a new recurring donation from Shlomo D.! Thanks Shlomo! (Even though Ryan was probably wrong about the Stitcher thing, whoops.)


Thanks for listening! Be sure to check out the other shows available from the Brachiolope Media Network!


Music for this week's show provided by:

A Moment of Temporary Color - Jackie Greene (off the album "Till the Light Comes")

Down by the Water - The Decemberists

Tail of the Sun - Stroke 9

Addicted - Simple Plan

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00:00:00 - Kelly tell us about the fascinating world of kleptoparasites, specifically silverfish that hide inside ant colonies with chemical mimicry. Patrick and Ryan interrupt.

00:14:55 - Drinks also use chemicals, and they hide inside your glass until attacking your mouth. Patrick picked Kona's Coffee Porter, he's been there before, and he'll go back again. Kelly also chooses an old favorite in Great Lake's Edmund Fitzgerald. And finally, Ryan has brought something back from the slopes of Park City with his glass of Bourye whiskey.

00:20:10 - The Paleopals bring aboard blogger and Tolkien scholar Juliana to help discuss this week's trailer: The Hobbit. It may be a long ways off, but the doesn't prevent excitement now.

00:36:08 - Botany on the high seas sounds hard enough, but try doing it as a woman dressed as a man aboard a ship full of men. And you have to share a room with the captain. What sounds like a potential comedy is actually the true history of Jeanne Baret, only recently recognized for the woman and scientist that she was. Check out the book, The Discovery of Jeanne Baret, for much more info on this interesting discovery.

00:45:11 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like cross-dressing. There's a time and a place for both. Ryan rings in the new year with an iTunes review from LA Stern. Kelly has a donation from Nena. THANKS, NENA! And Patrick promises Randy H. a hair update.

Thanks for listening! Be sure to check out the blog,, and see if it keeps to that resolution.

Music for this week's show:

Stolen Memories - Sweatshop Union

Hey Porter - Johnny Cash

Ballad of Bilbo Baggins - Leonard Nimoy

Captain's Chair - Sanctus Real

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