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00:00:00 - The theme this week is 2.0. Meaning the Paleopals want y'all to create some content, and y'all did! Each story this week comes as a submission from the Paleoposse. Thanks, everyone! The Paleopals Patrick, Jacob and Ryan have formed a pack to hunt some science, as suggested by Jesse W., first by debating the potential of pack hunting dinosaurs as opposed to just good wholesome group shredding post-mortem Komodo dragon style. Fun for everyone!

00:18:26 - Unfortunately, the one thing the Paleopals can't easily crowd source are drinks, but they thought to bring there own. Jacob gets down with Irene by having a Magic Hat #9, fingers-crossed for continued availability post-storm. Ryan, with no intended commentary on the Paleoposse, sups a Certified Evil and makes Patrick commit the evil sin of envy. But Patrick is also packing tasty liquid in the form of a fresh hop ale from Sierra Nevada.

00:25:27 - Even Trailer Trash Talk got out-sourced this week! Brent suggested the trailer Margin Call on the Facebook page, and the Paleopals oblige. Will a stock market thriller get a triple A rating from the guys? Listen to find out!

00:36:32 - Elliot M. thought the guys might like to talk about a trilobite orgy. Elliot M. was right. Safe for work if you're not an arthropod or overly-sensitive. And as promised, here's a PDF (head to with WAY more info on crustacean mating, if that's what you're into.

00:47:22 - Jacob has an e-mail from Alysia K. about the ethics of cloning Neanderthals. The guys barely scratch the surface and want to know what the crowd thinks. Good thing we gave this one a whole segment, no way it would fit as a mere PaleoPOW. Speaking of which...

01:08:15 - PaleoPOWs are lot like the rest of the show: user submitted. Short and sweet this week. Patrick has two tweets from Dustin K. and Ben V. H. Jacob has a niceFacebook comment from Georgia C. and Ryan has an e-mail from Lazlo complaining about accents (not ours) and asking for more politics.


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Bleed It Out - Linkin Park

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We did it!

00:00:00 - What are we drinking gets pushed to the front one more time as the entire former cast of the show (sans Justin) returns for the centennial episode! And everyone brought a beverage so hear what Ryan, Patrick, Charlie, Ben, Heather, Jacob and Kelly came to the anniversary show with.

00:09:35 - Game 1: Bleeping Science

Show notes are a bit different this week because we did a game show style episode instead of the normal format, and our first game was Bleeping Science. Hear the Paleopals try to guess what was said in old clips from the show with a word removed!

00:31:20 - Patrick gets back to Moe regarding that whole Stitcher thing. Bottom line? We're now on Stitcher. Enjoy!

00:33:04 - Game 2: What did Charlie think?

The second game is brought to the Paleopals by Ben when he makes them try to think like Charlie regarding old segments of Trailer Trash Talk. Were they able to get inside his mind enough to win?

00:45:53 - What would an anniversary be without sharing some memories? The Paleopals reflect on 100 episodes. There favorite topics, their favorite guests, and whatever else comes to mind. Have a memory of your own? Let us know with any of the myriad methods available to get in touch with us!

01:05:09 - In other news: Science... sort of is expanding! Ben and Kelly are itching to do their own shows, but rather than let them go they'll be staying under the group umbrella as we form a network. This is pretty huge.  We're all very excited. And we think you should be too!

01:10:36 - Game 3: Stars, man.

Patrick has combed over the iTunes reviews and reads a single sentence to the other Paleopals. Their job? Guess what star-rating the reviewer left!

01:26:26 - And finally, we end the show with a single PaleoPOW from Babbletrish wherein she sends us the awesome artwork you see above and at the Brachiolope Gallery. Then we decide to give away some prizes on the Facebook and Twitter pages as won by Sarah B., Edward A. and Dayna D. respectively. And finally a super secret tie-breaking game brought to us by Patrick. Thanks for listening all this time. You guys are the best, especially the ones who read to the bottom of the show notes. You know who you are!


We have a blog. It may soon even have an answer key for this episode. So check early and check often at!


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Charlie Brown Theme Song - Charles Mingus

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00:00:00 - Dr. Jai Ranganathan, of the podcast Curiouser and Curiouser, joins the Paleopals to talk about his new initiative, the #SciFund Challenge, which is a radical new idea on how to fun science. The Paleopals have concerns, but Jai makes this sound just crazy enough to work. Definitely a story we'll be sticking with as it moves forward.

00:37:05 - One thing the Paleopals make sure to fund each week are some tasty drinks. Patrick gets his hands on a can of Old Chub. Charlie is unimpressed by a local IPA. Kelly steals an OK porter from the lab fridge. And Ryan man's up with a Sea Smoke Barleywine.

00:44:38 - This week Trailer Trash Talk focuses on what is best in life. Well, maybe not so much as there are mixed feelings about ConanRyan does his best to do right by friends while defending this pulp icon, but will the other Paleopals be convinced?

01:00:22 - Neoteny is a funny thing, and one of Ryan and Patrick's favorite subjects in biology. The critter in question is the above pictured axolotl, which serves as a prime example of the concept but will grow up with nothing more than a bit of iodine. Something science has known for nearly 100 years.

01:18:03 - PaleoPOWs are in many ways neotenous. They could grow up, by why bother? Ryan gets some botanical taxonomic corrections from Chris H. as well as abit of Special Edition love from Lisa V. S.  Patrick gets positive with a bit of cash from Doug S. Thanks, Doug! Kelly gets a complimentary call from Colleen out of Michigan. And finally Charlie has some support from Julien on the Facebook page as the Paleopals push for 1,000 fans before next week.


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00:00:00 - Newly minted Dr. Brandon Murphy PhD joins the Paleopals to tell them all about the PETM and life on a boat. Turns out it's not like the popular music video would have you believe. It's much more like running to the sea floor and back while barely rocking at all.

00:24:14 - Per usual, drinks are consumed. Patrick steels himself for a Chardonnay, Charlie stands by with a Widmer Hefeweizen, Brandon kicks it with an agreed upon favorite, and Ryan records with a awkwardly named Vas Deferens Ale in hand.

00:32:16 - Patrick gets his stats nerd on with this week's Trailer Trash Talk subject Moneyball. He really cares more about the math than the sport and writes a blog post demonstrating just that.

00:43:51 - The US narrowly avoiding slamming into it's own self-imposed debt ceiling, and the Paleopals plus Brandon talk about what that means for science funding (which is what makes being a scientist a job rather than a hobby).

01:03:57- PaleoPOWs are always sort of a compromise between honesty and ego, and this week is no different. Charlie has an e-mail from Kim with a pressing and chaotic question. Patrick takes the crew to task with a 2-star iTunes review from poikkeus but Ryan has the antidote with some love from LP who is starting her ownScience... sort of inspired History podcast. Woot!

Thanks for listening! Our blog, now with new content from Patrick, can be found at

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