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00:00:00 - This week the Paleopals are joined by Giacomo Bernardi from UCSC. He filmed fish using tools for the very first time, and is happy to tell us all about just why that's so awesome. Make sure to watch the video on our site and experience the glory for yourself!

00:34:04 - Tool use is not just required for cracking clams, but also for cracking open cold ones, even if Patrick is the only one with a beer. Charlie and Ryan bourbon each other while Kelly tries to make due without her usual bartender.

00:40:33 - It's all for one and every Paleopal for themselves with this week's trailer, The Three Musketeers in 3D! Will it live up to the 1993 classic?

00:53:49 - Patrick reports on his trip to the annual meeting of the GSA (not Gamers Sitting Around), the Geological Society of America (though some would argue it should be Geologic Society of America). He gave a talk, but you listen to him talk just about every week, so we thought we'd give some other people a chance. He mixed it up in the poster sessions and interviewed a bunch of undergrads and grad students about their research in a range of topics, from the timing of glacial retreat in the Himalaya to the best way to paint rodent teeth. Small warning: audio quality is maybe not all that it could be given that Patrick is waking around a giant concrete floored hall with geologists drinking and talking in the background.

01:36:43 - PaleoPOWs are lot like poster sessions. Crowded, loud, and full of lingering doubts. Patrick has a website comment from Hannah concerning last week's Kraken discussion. Kelly has an e-mail from John about catching up on the show and collective nouns for mascots. Ryan has a tweet from @DocBuckets about the Podcast Awards (still some time left to vote!) concerning conflicting podcast interests. And Charlie has a voicemail from the Pangster who still can't tell the difference between Charlie and Patrick.

Charlie is going to be on The Weekly Weinersmith! Ryan did an iFanboy special edition show! We're everyone! But our home is the Brachiolope Media Network, so stop by anytime.


Music for this week's show:

Come Together - Blur

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Posters - Jack Johnson

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00:00:00 - The scientific world was 'rocked' when news came out of GSA reporting a giant hyper-intelligent cephalopod discovered in the Triassic. But does the story hold water? (hint: NO) The Paleopals are joined by former cast-member Justin to break down this prehistoric cryptid!

00:18:28 - Their first story took place deep in the drink, so the Paleopals decide to dive in too. Justin has scotch, Kelly celebrates Ben's PhD with mangosteen juice (and a backup for her tastebuds), while Charlie has yet to make his Campari (it's made of bugs!) and soda, and Ryan presumes he's keeping it thematic with New England rum.

00:24:28 - Ryan is convinced he'll get a thumbs up from Kelly in Trailer Trash Talk this week where the team discusses Being Elmo. Does he succeed? You  must listen to know for sure.

00:33:54 - People often complain about the age we live in, how it was better before, etc. But what age are we living in exactly? Apparently it's not obvious, even to the committee tasked with figuring it out. Is the Holocene over? Has the Anthropocene begun? We need to know now! Or soon, probably, guess we'll wait and see...

01:02:37 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like Krakens, potentially very scary but seldom seen. This week Kelly cannibalizes an iTunes review from her new show written by Sam A. Charlie plugs The Podcast Awards being tirelessly promoted by Pang. It'd be cool to win, I guess. And finally Ryan has some instant feedback from@JustinDMcDonald about the Anthropocene.

That's it for this week, thanks for listening! If you need more sci-goodness check out The Weekly Weinersmith, a proud member of the Brachiolope Media Network and recently written up on our blog the Paleocave!


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00:00:00 – The Ig Nobel awards were a surprise to Sean Williams, and he blames Ryan. Thus Ryan concoted a game to tell the truly ignoble from the simply ficticious, and he forces Charlie and Jacob to play a round of Ig Nobel or Ig Know Not?! 

Topics covered include but are not limited to:

Congrats to all the 2011 Ig Nobel winners for making science just that much zanier!

00:20:57 – Drinks. When done correctly they go down smooth. This week Jacob succumbs to the marketing powers of AB InBev with a Leffe, is the flavor worth the sacrifice? Ryan undergoes a gluten-free beer experiment with mixed results. And Charlie has a red wine too difficult to spell here, but he liked it.

00:30:45 – This week Trailer Trash Talk attempts to unpack everything happening in the trailer for the remake of the 1984 classic Footloose. Can is possible live up to the original? Probably not, but Ryan tries his best. Plus Jacob and Charlie share their thoughts on Terra Nova in the wake of Special Edition 4!

00:49:20 – Ryan's gluten-free beer experiment continues while government computers controlling killer-drones get infected with keylogging virusesVectors of infection, trailers in Nevada, and the future of warfare are discussed.

01:08:54 – PaleoPOWs are at lot like viruses, they arrive in unexpected ways with devastating results. Charlie has some follow up from Sam O. about Episode 95's singularity discussion about robot vs. robot crime. Ryan recites the 3 Laws of Robotics from memory then talks pyschohistory. Asimov for the win! Ryan giggles his way through the absurdity of our Facebook page reaching 1,000 fans then immediately dropping to 999. We have a bit of a buffer now, but no reason not go join the fun, right? And Jacob deals, via an e-mail from Kendal T., with the 'controversy' surrounding bad headlines pitting gamers and scientists against each other in the struggle to cure aids. The Paleopals set things straight!


Thanks for listening! Make sure to check out Kelly's new venture The Weekly Weinersmith, a proud member of the Brachiolope Media Network!


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00:00:00 - This week we are joined by the wonderful Jacquelyn Gill to talk about mammoths and the spores found in their poop! Jacquelyn does a ton of outreach with her blog and twitter, so support the effort by checking them out, ok?!

00:23:53 - Drinks. They're what happens when it's too late in the day for coffee. Ben is having his final Sussex Golden Ginger Ale, since it's only available in one part of Canada. No one has the heart to explain FedEx to him. Jackie is treating herself to a New Glarus Raspberry Tart float, which is just insane but probably delicious. Ryan goes to Hog Heaven. And Patrick has the spiciest of all wines, and likes it!

00:30:26 - Trailer Trash Talk is celebrating Jackie Chan's 100th movie which happened in 1911. Not as much to say about this particular Asian War Epic, other than the fact that everyone but Ryan seems to love them and Jackie Chan can sing.

00:39:56 - Mammoth hemoglobin might help your limbs keep oxygenated in the cold. Finally, paleontology put to good use! 

00:57:53 - PaleoPOWs are like mammoths, hunted to extinction. Ryan gets and e-mail and donation from Eric W. But the money demands physics answers from Ben concerning faster-than-light neutrinos. Ben travels to the UK for an iTunes review. And Patrick has yet another donation from Kendal (male pronouns) that comes with a few caveats.

Thanks for listening! Check out Ryan on the latest episode of Inside the Atheists Studio if you're not sick of hearing him talk yet.

Music for this week's show:

Mammoth - Interpol

Fruit Machine - The Tink Tinks

Random Jackie Chan Song - Not available on Amazon, but here's a video of him singing live

Fresh Blood - Eels

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Brian Switek joins Ryan, Patrick and Ben to play Odd Man Out with the premiere of Terra Nova. Physics, dinosaurs, Spielberg; oh my! Will the Paleopals pass on the new show? Or did the antics of a family in the Cretaceous win them over? Tune in to find out!

Hear more with Brian in our full length interview fromEpisode 59 - Psi-Fi and Switek!

Also be sure to check out Brian's text review of the episode on the Smithsonian Magazine Blog (where he even embedded the trailer, our kind of guy!).

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