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00:00:00 – After a few weeks of questionable beverages the Paleopals are all back on the beer wagon. Patrick and Ryan are feeling stout-y and Charlie's drinking like he ain't in the city no more.



00:05:06 – Blogger and soon to be author Brian Switek of drops by the Paleocave to chat about science blogging, SVP and terrifying (and warm) Mesozoic reptiles of the deep!



00:41:31 – Charlie needs the advice of the title in this week's Trailer Trash Talk as the Paleopals try to sail through the propaganda storm from the upcoming documentary Cool It.



00:59:49 – On-Call Canadian ben joins the Paleopals to help them figure out the ramifications of new research that shows the future seems to affect the past. What does this mean for next week's show? Seriously, I have no idea. Stupid time-travelling psychics messing everything up... sort of.



01:21:19 – In this week's PaleoPOW ben is bringing sexy back with his Canadian iTunes access and a review from Medep. Patrick's faith in evolution is reaffirmed thanks to an e-mail from Chis H. (Make sure you got to the website to see the accompanying photo, and his own blog Peter L. comments on the Facebook post for last week's show which warms Charlie's cockles but sparks debate between him and Ryan about burping. And finally Ryan cheats with a quick doublePOW from Josh J. and Bacon from the website that explains a question about Pittsburgh from last week.



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00:00:00 - Patrick and Charlie provide a weather report that has influenced their choice of beverage. Ryan makes a pilgrimage and returns with goodies for all! (Really only for him, selfish jerk.)


00:05:53 – According to Charlie an economy magazine had an article about rats putting on weight based on light and dark cycles. Does it make sense? Patrick says yes! Is it interesting? You decide!


00:15:18 – Trailer Trash Talk runs a bit long this week, about 127 Hours too long. Just kidding! That's the name of the movie!


00:25:17 – Stephen has a question about time travel (or is it space travel?) so the guys bring in the big ben gun to help clear things up (as though things are ever any clearer after talking to a physicist).


00:44:50 – Patrick and Ryan are back from Pittsburgh where they attended the 70th annual meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology. The guys give the highlights and talk a bit about whether or not we're in a 6th great mass extinction. Tune in to find out the answer!



01:01:18 – In the PaleoPOW this week Curtis is running away with us on iTunes and Patrick (no, a different Patrick) is about to learn the joys of time-shifted media.



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You made it through the glory (yes, the glory) that is Part 1, and while Patrick and Ryan traipse around the globe (i.e. Pittsburgh) the Paleopals have made sure you have a boatload more content to get you through another week. Brian Malow sits in for another hour of tangential science beginning where we left off last week with the start of Trailer Trash Talk!


00:00:00 – Trailer Trash Talk has the guys seeing RED. Literally. There's a movie called RED. It's about spies who are very bad at staying secret cause they just can't blowing stuff up. Or something like that.


00:16:23 - Then it's off to tangent land again as the Paleopals and continuing guest Brain Malow start off talking about the UN's plan for alien contact. I seriously have no idea where the conversation went from there. E-mail in your reports after listening to!


01:02:29 - PaleoPOW! Diving right in. Patrick has a comment from Betsy who has a complaint about Episode 55. Not about us, but about America and its ability to read and watch at the same time. Ryan has a “short but sweet” e-mail from old friend of the show Jeff Sykes! Charlie is laying down the rules for a new contest, details below.



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The Wicked Science... sort of Autumn Quarter T-shirt Lottery.


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-Get the flyer from (to your left, no... your other left) and print it off.


-Tack it up to a message board or two around your campus.


-Take a picture of your handywork and email it to along with the t-shirt size and color that you know will make you look all sorts of darwinian fit. You can check them out at the store link to the right. Sorry posse, special edition anniversary shirts and hoodies are off limits.


-We'll assign entries a number and then we will draw from the geekiest and fairest 'hat' on the intertubes,  We'll pick two lucky winners. Yeah!


Legal blurb: By entering this contest you agree to the above terms and conditions and recognize that we are poor academic scientists and that you will not sue us etc. for hosting this wicked t-shirt lotto.


Good luck and thanks for spreading the science,


The Paleopals



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00:00:00 – Introductions abound and everyone has a drink. Patrick is undoing dehydration, Charlie is refreshing and Ryan's beer is responsible for years of oppression on Brian's. It's all very complex.


00:08:59 – Catching up with Brian Malow, earth's premier science comedian, and all his distracting facets.


00:31:21 – Supposedly this section is about monkeys and mirrors, they're connected somehow but of course we get off topic. You cannot expect me to honestly list all the tangents that happen here, can you? I'm just an intern, I don't even get paid. I linked to the story (on the website) they were supposed to talk about, isn't that enough?! Maybe once I re-listen to the thing (it's in the job description) I'll update this space and the website with some more links.


01:21:23 – Announcement about Episode 57 from our very own Patrick!



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