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Ep 117: Science... sort of - Wrapped Up In Science

00:00:00 - Kepler (the satellite, not the dude, who would be a zombie at this point) done found us a planet within the habitable zone of a star a mere 600 light years away. THANKS KEPLER!

00:13:08 - Drinks are like planets, wait long enough and one of them goes away. Ryan has some holiday cheer with Mikkeller Santa's Little Helper 2010. Patrick is double-fisting an unimpressive Guinness black lager and a more palatable Lagunitas, even if they messed up their holiday schedule. And finally Charlie savors a cab sav from Napa Valley, perfect for a winter's night.

00:17:53 - Are you ready for some adventure Belgian-style? If so then you might enjoy The Adventures of Tintin, even if it crosses the uncanny valley.

00:33:24 - Humans and snakes. A feud as old as time itself. But have snakes always been the aggressors or do humans give as good as they get? A tribe in the Philippines may hold the answer. 

00:48:23 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like snakes, they get longer and more aggressive as time goes on. Patrick thanks the recurring donors , Bendan M. Buddy W., and Christopher V., for being awesome on a consistent basis. Ryan helps out Mike G. and Tommy G. (no relation, probably) who were having problems with episode 44. Ryan provides tech support. And Charlie ends the year with a short sweet iTunes review from lamotteskiddalyboomboom.

Thanks for listening! See y'all next year for loads more SCIENCE... sort of

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00:00:00 - Naked mole rats are even more awesome than previous thought: their sperm is terrible. Doesn't sound like a good thing? Well how come their awful sperm still works just fine? Because mole rates cannot be stopped, that's why.

00:11:53 - Like it or not, drinks are a part of the show and thus require a moment of discussion. Charlie has an old standby in the form of a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Patrick has a nondescript merlot, he can assert that it is in fact red. Ryan has a hot buttered whiskey based on a recipe he is happy to share from the book And A Bottle of Rum. And Jacob has spicy cinnamon vanilla eggnog, if that's what you're in to.

00:18:20 - This week trailer trash talk heads north to Scandinavia whilst the Paleopals try to breakdown the many incarnations of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

00:32:32 - Last year several circular holes opened up in Guatemala city, and while it may be tempting to call them sinkholes, according to an article Patrick found they should actually be called piping features. But there is still heated disagreement over karst.

00:43:43 - A man was arrested at CERN for messing with vending machines as an attempt to disrupt Higgs-Boson detection. He claimed to be from the future. A very "sort of" story as relayed by several exited Paleopals. Can they uncover the truth within the course of the segment?

00:52:41 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like time travelers, their existence is hotly debated and likely nothing more than a prank. Patrick has an extremely generous donation from John P. THANKS, JOHN! Ryan has a short sweet tweet from Sharon about painting frogs. Ryan is concerned for amphibian well-being, but hopes he's misreading things. Charlie has an iTunes review that seems have written by an SEO expert in Philippe. And Jacob explores the Facebook page for a messsage from Kendal about using our Amazon affiliate link to help the show out while doing one's holiday shopping.

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00:00:00 - Who knew crustaceans could be so crafty? An amphipod has evovled the ability to spin silk like a spider, except under water! Fraught with awesome imagery and potential medical applications to be sure.

11:11:11 - Every week we consume something on air and this week those consumables varied more than usual. Kelly has crafty Norwegian chocolate with an unexpected surprise. Ben has homo milk from a bag? We don't know either, Canada is even weirder than previously imagined. Ryan descends into a bottle of Hades from Great Divide Brewing in anticipation of this week's trailer. Charlie has bubbly water and explains it's morbid origins.

00:19:23 - This week for we have the divisive trailer for The Divide. Will the Paleopals be divided on their opinions? Or will the threat of impending apocalypse unite them all?

00:29:48 - Willpower, does it even exist? If so, how much have you got? These are the pressing questions vexing the Paleopals this week. Everyone brings something different to the table, including the concept of whether or not willpower is a worth 'scientific' inquiry. Hal Jordan, eat your heart out.

00:50:35 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like silk spinning crustaceans, unexpected but ultimately they make sense. Kelly has cash from Summer in Seattle. THANKS, SUMMER! Ben has a question from Roberta about the demarcation line for calling one's self a scientist. There's no fine line, but there are some good stories. Ryan updates all on the #SciFund poll from Episode 113. Charlie has an iTunes review from Sumo in Seattle who might be drinking on the job.


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