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00:00:00 – The Paleopals Ryan, Patrick and Charlie are all drinking beers (shocking!) and they're all in locations (also: shocking!) but the only way to learn what those beers are and where they're being consumed is to listen!


00:05:44 – This week the Paleopals are talking with Dr. Seth Shostak ( who hunts aliens and has a real radio show. (He also uses radios to hunt aliens.) They're talking specifically about an article positing that the search for ET may need to focus more on the AI than the squishy EBE's that made them.


00:33:03 – Because everybody loves George Clooney this week's Trailer Trash Talk features The American (not the one from The Bugle).


00:42:23 – Charlie, widely considered the most energetic of the Paleopals, brings us a story about some of the problems facing alternative energy. The guys are sure to get this problem solved, they just need some organic matter to be broken down over a few million years until it's some sort of fuel… made from fossils. That would do the trick!


01:03:01 – PaleoPOWs are as follows: Patrick cheated by using a facebook post from David Precht ( earlier when we talked with Seth Shostak. H. Elliot wants to know if you can smell in space. And Ryan gets some love for the “sort of side” from Danielle ( when it comes to stripping.


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12:51 – The Strokes

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00:00:00 – Charlie is taking point this week to welcome everyone to the Science... sort of golden anniversary. Hooray! We made it to 50! Next stop... 51! (Obviously)

00:06:11 – There are a lot of animals in the world worth talking about. The Paleopals crank through as many as they can with this omni-list segment of some of our favorite extremophiles! (Not really extremophiles but the word was thematically appropriate.) 

00:43:44 – Trailer Trash Talk is feeling monstrous this week so we take a trip to the Mexican border with the trailer for Monsters. 

00:51:18 – We're sad to report that last year we lost a Chinese snake with a foot when it was tragically beaten to death with a shoe by a woman who caught it crawling up her wall. Hard to blame her. 

00:56:29 – PaleoPOW brings us a question about the Hulk which makes Charlie angry (you won't like him when he's angry), a 'critical' review from a 'pal' of 'Pods' over at iTunes, and some good old fashioned spam debunkery!


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00:00:00 – Patrick is feeling whiney again; Charlie thinks he's being typical and Ryan unwinds with some local flavor after a long journey.

00:04:46 – Patrick surprises everyone by telling us marsupials might not have come from Australia at all! Ryan argues for the Creationist perspective. Charlie tries to make sense of it all.

00:17:59 – This week Trailer Trash Talk goes behind bars as the (chain)-gang talks about the new documentary Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo.

00:28:29 – Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the frying pan Charlie scares us more than a prison rodeo with his story about mutant canola escaping the confines of the farm.

00:43:39 – Now all Ryan wants to talk about is kissing with the dudes, which is different than kissing dudes, a distinction he may have missed.

00:53:41 – PaleoPOW is a bit somber this week as Nicole takes us to taxonomy class, Ryan gets yelled at for illegally riding a dinosaur while under the influence and finally H. Elliot's husband used us to get an 'A.' We approve but want to see the assignment for ourselves.


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Old Number Seven – Devil Makes Three

Australia – The Shins

Prisoner of Today – Billy Talent

Personal Space Invader – Sugar Ray

Kiss Me – Sixpence None the Richer


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00:00:00 – Charlie drinks something that helps clarify a previous misstep. Patrick avoids problems. Ben is bennnnn. Ryan regales (or bores) everyone (including you) with his tales of travelling around the USA in search of good beers. 

00:07:36 - Jack Horner and Co. have taken our Triceratops but the Paleopals are arguing to get them back!

00: 23: 43 - Dinosaurs may not be expendable but your favorite 80's action stars are in this week's Trailer Trash Talk for The Expendables!

00:31:53 - Charlie sounds like a Bond villain as he explains possible plans to geo-engineer the Earth!

00:57:20 - Ben may not drink alcohol but he has no problem recommending a quick drink to help superconductors function better.

01:04:18 - PaleoPOW: Canada steps up its game with an all new, all northern iTunes review. Patrick thanks, COED magazine for some unexpected publicity. Charlie finds out how much we confuse the older generation. And Ryan revisits an old friend, an old joke, and an even older computer program.


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00:00:00 – The Paleopals are introduced as Ryan does his last show in California (for awhile) sitting in the same room as Charlie. Jacob returns too from the double east coast, which isn't as cool as a double rainbow but suffices.

00:06:00 - Jacob tells us about some sweet retro future rockets that can keep you cool on a hot summer's day. Or while reentering earth's atmosphere. Whichever. 

00:20:34 - Next Ryan attempts to explain a new method for finding planets. Charlie attempts to help. We hope you attempted to learn something from it all. Also, some of the inner workings of West Virginia culture are illuminated, because you were dying to know.

00:37:17 - Instead of relying on the Paleopals to help you out why not rely on some Other Guys, which is the title of the movie in this week's Trailer Trash Talk!

00:46:26 - Jacob yet again takes us back to school teaching us the ins and outs of wind turbines (Hint: Wind goes both in AND out). Charlie and Ryan decide that if America wanted to be Communist, we’d be the best at it. Somehow those previous two sentences are related.

00:59:46 - The PaleoPOW delivers the goods with a little bit of criticism. We're scientists, we can take a critical beating, just keeps us honest.


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East Coast Anthem – Good Charlotte

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In Search Of – Miike Snow

Nice Guys Finish Last – Green Day

Four Winds – Bright Eyes

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