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00:00:00 – In the intro Patrick is unsure about the theme, and the quality therein, Charlie is expanding his IPA repertoire and Ryan gives a mini-dissertations on the merits of small batch Kentucky bourbon.


00:08:21 – What is the one thing that separates humans from all other mammals? Spicy picante hot pepper chili sauce! Our monkey brains are so broken we like the pain capsaicin provides. Charlie elaborates and Patrick gets a bit blue.


00:28:31 – Trailer Trash Talk wants to come in from out of the cold as the Paleopals discuss the "new" child Vampire romance Let Me In.

00:39:43 – Birds can't taste the spicy, but they can still pack a punch all their own when they're gigantic and toothed, just like a new find from Chile.


00:55:18 – PaleoPOWs come in all shapes and sizes. Patrick has the Cadillac of picks with a double dip of donations from Doug in AL and Curtis from TX. Thanks guys! Jackie reminds us, via Charlie, that science needn’t always be silly. And Ryan has a voicemail from RJ in KS who needs help with AI.



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One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer – John Lee Hooker

You're so damn hot – OK Go

I'll Let You In – Jackie Greene

Can you picture that – Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem

(In honor of Jim Henson, who would have had his 74th birthday last Friday, September 24)


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00:00:00 – It's a high-powered introduction this week as the Paleopals are drinking top shelf beverages endorsed by various world leaders!



00:07:12 – Charlie says video games can make you react faster, we'll see how fast he reacts when he's popping pills to stave off ghosts.



00:20:46 – Ben and Charlie get deep with this week's Trailer Trash Talk. Ryan keeps it on the level. Either way, Its Kind Of A Funny Story.



00:35:08 – Ben wants to tell you about Australians using lasers to move particles and call it a tractor beam. Oh Ben, when will the silliness end?



00:45:03 – PaleoPOW this week has Charlie and Dustin K. taking it to the Yeti. Ben is back on the Canadian iTunes reviews with a new one from NessaB87 (really sorry if I spelled this wrong, I couldn't see it, your guess is as good as mine) and Ryan has a message from Pete in Japan about some hilarious wordplay. Who are we kidding? Wordplay is ALWAYS hilarious.




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00:00:00 - Ryan is surprised this week to find a girl (i.e. Heather) has infiltrated his boys only podcasting clubhouse. How will Charlie respond? Stay tuned to find out!


00:05:13 – Not only is the moon getting farther away but now it’s shrinking too?! Will our kids even be able to see the darn thing?!


00:16:49 – For maybe the first time ever a PG movie is on the chopping block for Trailer Trash Talk as the Paleopals discuss Legend of the Guardian: The Owls of Ga'Hoole.


00:24:00 – Owl Monkeys are many things. Firstly they are adorable. Secondly they are nocturnal... sort of. It's weird cause they need the moonlight, but also some temperature stuff. Just listen to the segment alright?!


00:39:29 – In the PaleoPOW this week Charlie reads an iTunes review from Jason Gosse that's all about having business in the front and a party in the back. Heather has blog feedback from Dustin Kreidler. And Ryan thanks everyone for the birthday wishes and deals with a question about Wolverine posted by Vincente Bolocofsky on the Facebook page.


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This week on the podcast Science... sort of celebrates it's one year anniversary by doing a mostly normal show!

00:00:00 – Patrick actually tries for a decent beer this week (and succeeds), Charlie is being covertly classy and Ryan has too many options thanks to friend-of-the-show Josh Christie (!

00:08:43 – Can alcohol make you live longer? One study says it could but the Paleopals put on their science hats to get to the bottom of this too good to be true correlation.

00:25:29 – Trailer Trash Talk this week celebrates the downfall of Joaquin Phoenix in the new documentary I'm Still Here, which may, in fact, be a mockumentary but no one is really sure. 

00:35:24 – Patrick shoehorns his PaleoPOW, a voicemail from Jay in Ferndale, WA, into a new study about tetrapod diversity over time.  

01:01:07 – PaleoPOW is stunted this week because Ryan and Patrick were trying to streamline things but Charlie still have some great feedback in the form of a bumper stick the Paleopals called for in a previous show provided by BabbleTrish ( and on display in the Brachiolope Gallery.

Also this week we announced our brand new store where you can buy all kinds of Science... sort of merch, go to the website ( and click on the store link to see all the great swag! 

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