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00:00:00 - Dave Hone talks to Patrick and Ryan about his research into tail length. Turns out there is a lack of consistency and it just might throw everything into a tizzy. Ryan seems fixated on mammals like a jerk. Plus we get an update on the state of his various web project including the ever-entertaining Ask a Biologist, of which Ryan is a proud contributor.

00:37:06 - Drinks are a lot like tails, they vary in length and strength. Jacob touts his "perfect" margarita. Charlie and Ryan take issue. Jacob loses. Charlie is ready for fall, thus forcing down a Sierra Nevada Tumbler Brown along with the appropriate autumn sountrack, whatever that means. And Ryan celebrates the Pacific Northwest, friendship, and a tasty brew with Eylsian's The Immortal IPA.

00:43:26 - Trailer Trash Talk makes Jacob feel like he's been pegged into a stereotype, much like the main character in the nostalgic upcoming CG-film Wreck-It Ralph.

00:56:00 - Someone finally had the good sense to ask if wind power was worth it. It is. And then some. The paloepals discuss the current state of alternative energy and why this obvious answer was worth not one, but two, studies.

01:13:56 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like wind energy; there's plenty of them, but are they worth your time? Ryan recounts the discovery of a botanical subspecies of the Brachiolope found by Thomas B-L. Charlie touts symbiosis with the Beta Nerd blog wherein Mike B. writes about discovering Robot and Frank via our infamous Trailer Trash Talk segment. And finally Jacob calls upon Ryan's high-school level physics to help answer a question about speed from Steve B.


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00:00:00 - Ryan chats with some of the geographers from the Floating Sheep blog about their stastically rigorous maps charting beer vs. church in the tweets of Americans. What state will win? What state will lose? How will this affect the electoral college? Tune in to find out!

00:36:21 - Big data projects like the one above require alcohol. Literally. It was one of two search parameters. The Paleopals are silmialr in this regard. Patrick has Old Dominion's English Style Ale. Again. Nothing new there. Charlie has homemade soda water. Everyone agrees this is good and that soda water machine companies should sponsor the show. Ryan has a religiously themed beer to try and bridge the gap with a Salvation golden-style ale from Avery Brewing Company.

00:41:04 -Trailer Trash Talk lacks the ability to back in time to assasinate segments we no longer like, but if we did, we may run the risk of being forced to kill ourselves, much like the sexy protagonists of the new time-travel crime thriller Looper.

00:53:04 - There was a time when the US government had the audacity to ask, "What happens to beer if we nuke it?" Having an excess of nukes, they decided to try it. The results? Delicious. Wander the wastelands of taste as the guys discuss Operation Teapot Project 32.2a.

01:05:15 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like nuked beer; they probably aren't worth any money, but some people still seem willing to pay. Patrick has a new recurring donation from Danielle N. who wants us to buy some beer, even though we try to save the cash for more 'legitimate' purposes, but who are we to argue with the fans?  Patrick also sneaks in another donation from Wade W., who's more of a serial donator than a recurring donator. Whatever works, for you, man. Thanks, Danielle and Wade! Ryan has an alliterative and imperative iTunes review from Trailrun, who seems to think that the apocaplys is immenent. The almost-forgotten Charlie has an Emerald City originated e-mail from Mike S. who wants to offer us the exclusive use of the Museum of Flight. There's no way this doesn't work out well for everyone involved. Get ready for SSOcon 2013!


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00:00:00- Scottish Loch Ness tour guide Captain George Edwards claims to have the best phoot of Nessie yet and Steve D. wants to know what the Paleopals think. We're not impressed, scientists find new species regularly. Neither is the uncredited token skeptic from the clip Benjamin Radford, who hosts the Monster Talk podcast. Ryan attempts to debunk, Charlie finds a conflict of interest, and Patrick comments on the aesthetics. The faithful will no doubt remember that our first episode started with a Nessie story, so it's only right to keep that going on our anniversary.

00:16:31 - Drinks are a lot like Loch Ness, deep, dark, and possibly hiding something wonderful. Charlie returns to a sage-muddled whiskey spritz. Patrick defends the value of wine blends. And Ryan captures a yeti (stout) with a brachiolope (glass).

00:23:19 - Trailer Trash Talk goes back to Santa Cruz with a tangent filled segment obstensibly talking about the preview for the SC-based surf movie Chasing Mavericks.

00:38:37 - Jake C. heard about a new study claiming that glass shape affects the drinking speed of alcoholic beverages and asked us about it via our Facebook page. The Paleopals have nothing but kind words for the new study published in PLOS ONE, but that may just been the booze in a curved glass talking.

00:57:31 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like this episode, already 2/3's done. Patrick presents a donation from Nick W. letting us know he's back on the bandwagon and happy we made it to 150. Thanks, Nick! It's been 3 years and we're all thrilled for 3 more but it's also important to look back so the boys then round out the show reminiscing and talking about emotions, podcasting, and friendship.


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00:00:00 - Phil Edwards, the Senior Fake Scientists at Fake Science Labs, joins Patrick and Ryan to talk about his new textbook: Fake Science 101, for when facts are too confusing. Be sure to follow the continuing adventures of the unreal reality by following the Fake Science tumblr blog.

00:39:37 - Drinks can make you feel things that a fake, best just to bottle it up. Kelly joins the show just in time to ruin Ryan's surprise by drinking a gifted Yazoo Hefeweizen. Ryan has a long story involving multi-state travel to eventually wind up with a Aviator Brewing Company's Devils Tramping Ground Tripel (bought from the excellent Peabody's Wine & Beer Merchants in Boone, NC) out of a Terrapin Brewing Company glass given to him by Kelly. Was that sentence totally necessary? Yes. Yes, it was. Finally, Patrick continues to enjoy the beers offered by Heavy Seas, even the oft-maligned style exemplified by the Peg Leg Imperial Stout.

00:47:29 - Trailer Trash Talk promises many things, but one thing it never promises is answers, much unlike the protagonist of the totally not based on Scientology movie The Master.

01:00:18 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like being tickled, they're both unexpected and met with mixed results. Patrick has a voicemail from Julian asking about the evolutionary benefits of being ticklish. The Paleopals discuss rat laughter, why you can't tickle yourself, and the two modes of tickling whose individual terms ought to be recognized. Kelly has a glowing new iTunes review from cephyn, which we always appreciate. And Ryan has an e-mail from Ori asking us to change the way we name our files. Patrick explains why 3 long years ago we chose to do it another way. 


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00:00:00 - PhD Candidate Trey Mack joins the Paleopals to talk about KELT, a tiny telescope that's able to find planets orbiting other stars. Trey gives us the basics, then we get sidetracked asking him just how he got into this whole astronomy gig in the first place.

00:17:53 - Drinks can also be hard to find, especially if you've already have a few to begin with. Ben, who can't have artifical colors, settle for a Glaceau Vitamin Water Lemonade flavor, to help him through a 'hot' Canadian day. Whatever that means. Ryan and Trey share a Brooklyn Black Ops. And Patrick promotes a new East Coast standard in Old Dominion's Dominion Ale.

00:24:11  - This week Trailer Trash Talk takes a page from This American Life whilst discussing the new, possibly funny, film Sleepwalk With Me. 

00:38:49 - We decide to let Trey stop talking about himself long enough tell us more about his amazing planet-hunting science.

00:55:33 - PaleoPOWs are lot like planets, it helps if you have some idea where to look for them. Ryan is thrilled by a new recurring donation from Blair C., who has drawn some awesome t-shirts you should definitely buy and wear (after getting your Science... sort of shirt, of course). Ben has a Facebook comment from Brittany V. which questions his relationship with bonobos. It's better not to ask. And finally Patrick has a Twitter conversation initiated by Ty Von P. about how an understanding of punctuation finally convinced him to try the show.


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Now That We've Found Each Other - Ray Charles (from Brother Ray Is At It Again!)

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