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00:00:00 - We get a bit distracted talking about mythical winds in the opening but that soon blows over and we're left with part 1 of Ryan's interview with Daniel H. Wilson about his novel Amped coming out in paperback as well as the history of sci-fi writing and the state of modern book burners.

00:26:23 - Since Daniel told us about his favorite Portland brews and donuts, Ryan braves Rogue's Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale, which was not good, but thanks to a donation from James K. was able to wash it down with a Shocktop Midnight Wheat. Thanks, James! Patrick was also gifted a beer by his sister Courtney, in this case a Newcastle Werewolf which is about as disappointing as all the werewolf movies Patrick has forced his wife to sit through. On the other hand, Charlie is loving his Rockwall Wine Company Zinfandel.

00:36:54 - This week we try something a bit different for Trailer Trash Talk by pondering the future of TV on demand thanks to Netflix's ambitious House of Cards.

00:52:31 - Time for part 2 of Ryan's interview with author Daniel H. Wilson. This time: Turing testsUltron, raising kids while thinking about AI, and affirmation from others. Enjoy!

01:10:43 - PaleoPOWs are lot like Turing Tests; we can be pretty sure the person writing the e-mail is human, but we can never be certain. Ryan jumped the gun in the drinking segment so nothing to report here. Charlie reads some of the recent iTunes reviews glorifying Ben from the likes of chmegs013 and majorham. And Patrick has a glowing e-mail from Emily H. who managed to enjoy the podcasts of the Brachiolope Media Network even without internet!


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00:00:00 - We start the show off with the announcement that Ryan Brown (of Ep 134) is the newest blogger for the PaleocaveHe hops on to tell us about just what he intends to say with his new platform and how he recently plugged us on actual radio. We then immediately follow that up with Charlie reading two e-mails from Theopolis W. and Ronald I. asking about things dropping beneath absolute zero and Ben doing his darnedest to explain.

00:27:28 - Drinks are things that only exist at a temperature where they are still liquids. Ryan collaborates with a "The Perfect Crime" only to be told he's racist by Charlie. Ben branches out with a Sprite in a fancy cup that he "smushed" with oranges. No one else knows what the word means. The proper term is "muddled." Charlie is calling back to an old favorite that Ryan tries to guess and fails. It was a Hop Henge from Deschutes and is Charlie's 3rd favorite beer (subject to change without notice).

00:35:03 - This week on Trailer Trash Talk it pays to have a few physicists around when Charlie and Ben manage to somehow explain the mehanics of the upcoming film Upside Down.

00:50:54 - Nams n Nachos wanted us all to know that dung beetles use the Milky Way for orientation. We agree that this is information worth sharing.

01:03:38 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like a dung beetling rolling dung. It probably serves a purpose, but most people don't care to find out what that is. Purpose number one is to give Zach Weinersmith a change to plug the Kickstarter for his new book, as well his and Kelly's appearance on Story Collider, and Ben's podcast. Charlie jumped the gun by forcing Ben to explain absolute zero (see above). Ryan presents a new recurring donation from Christina H. who wants to become the official sponsor of the Timer Duck! We accept! And we utilize said donation immediately by having Ben explain Joseph F.'s conservation of black hole mass question, a real doozy and the type of question perfect for Timer Duck implementation.


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00:00:00 - The coffee culture of the Pacific Northwest puts the world at risk yet again. This time it's all the excreted caffeine getting into our oceans, which could have nasty affects on marine life down the line, but could also serve as an indicator of other contaminants. Either way, we still can't function without java and of course...

00:16:32 - booze. Not the best part of waking up, but still an important part of the day. Patrick refers to another aquatic disaster with his Burning River Pale Ale. Charlie and Ryan laugh at the mishaps that led to Lagunitas Sucks. And Ryan goes over the top with a 1000 IBU by Mikkeller.

00:24:56 - Trailer Trash Talk goes beyond the sea by going beneath the surface in the upcoming Soviet submarine movie Phantom.

00:37:04 - Abigail W., natural artist extraordinaire, asked us to look over a new paper claiming that Edicaran organisms may have started on land and not the sea, but does the claim hold water?

00:59:59 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like paleosols, if you try hard enough, you can see them everywhere you look. Patrick jumped the gun in the previous segment. Charlie thanks Gabrial A., who hopes Kelly is back on the show soon, for a donation. Thanks, Gabrial! And Ryan has a question from Greg B. wanting to know why humans have evolved to be so smart... or have we?


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00:00:00 - Massimo Pigliucci returns to the show to talk about his new book, Answers for Aristotle. Part 1 of our interview barely scratches the surface for how science and philosophy (aka SciPhy) can help YOU answer some of life's biggest questions.

00:27:49 - In our estimation, one of the big questions of life is, "What are you drinking?" Kelly answers with a Cabernet Sauvignon. Ryan has a multivariate cocktail including some barrel-aged gin from Smooth Ambler, some homemade tonic water using a Sodastream and Jack Rudy tonic syrup, and, of course, a splash of lime. Jacob kicks back Hofbräu Dunkel.

00:35:06 - Jacob announces a new, and hopefully more scientific direction, for Trailer Trash Talk for 2013, beginning with Tom Cruise's latest scientifical sci-fi flick Oblivion.

00:49:56 - Part 2 of our interview with Massimo begins with Jacob getting us off topic on science philosophy and science literacy. Plus some of the specifics for finding your own eudaimonia. Make sure you read Ryan's review of the book and buy your own copy! Thanks again to Massimo for giving us some of his time and make sure to check out his own blog and podcast!

01:24:53 - PaleoPOWs are quite philosophical, in that the uninformed don't quite get the point, but trust us, it matters. Kelly kicks off with an iTunes review from Tzeros who assaults our comedy chops, but after giving us 5-stars we don't really care what the words are. Ryan is rapturous thanks to a donation from Cameron L. Thanks, Cameron! And Jacob closes us out with a Facebook comment via James C. regarding a Vonnegut misremembering, which Jacob deleted like a punk, so now James is in charge of Jacob's admin status. Take him down, James!


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