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Ep 24: Science... sort of - Hilarity Ensues

This week's theme: Hilarity Ensues

You never know what you're gonna get with Science... sort of and this week it's no exception. Somehow we lost segments and wound up with a longer than usual show, ain't it whacky!?

00:00:00 Apologies instead of intros, but you get enough info to keep listening.

00:01:36 We talk to science comedian Brian Malow. What more do you need to know? Isn't that enough? It's funny, I promise.

00:31:08 Trailer Trash Talk takes a trip... through time! The Paleopals ponder Hot Tub Time Machine.

00:42:26 Why do we laugh? Sounds philosophical but we try to tackle it from the psychological. Mallow provides most valuable insights.

01:04:02 Turns out a bee could pick your face out of a lineup. Is this an accident of evolution, or an intelligently designed plot to sting you on the nose?


Music this week provided by:

The Final Countdown - Europe

One More Time - Daft Punk

Help, I'm Alive - Metric

Queen Bee - Taj Mahal


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Ep 23: Science... sort of - SHARK WEEK!!

15 February 2010 - We're sticking tight to a theme this week. CHANNEL your DISCOVERY of this week's show with episode 23 - SHARK WEEK!!

00:00:00 - The gang's all here plus one extra-Sharky, but never too snarky, Sora Kim! Beers are both thematic and provided.

00:05:47 - The Paleopals grill Sora on her underwater research. Patrick makes up species, Sora sets us all straight.

00:24:28 - It's insanity in the PaleoCave with this week's Trailer: The Crazies! Can you handle not-so-zombie zombies?

00:35:06 - Would you want to be headbutted by something called a shark but isn't a shark with something called genitalia but isn't actually genitalia? Yeah, us neither. But the science reporting is what it is, so that may be our fate.

00:47:48 - And you thought Great White Sharks were bad? How would you like to get chomped by a Megalodon? Chris from NJ asks the important questions.

01:05:06 - Then we bring it all home with a lengthy PaleoPOW segment. It's finally safe to go back in the mailbox.

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Ep 22: Science... sort of - Robot, all too Robot

00:00:00 – Ryan, Patrick, and Charlie are settling into their roles as the standard Paleopal permutation, recording once again in the same tower (err… empty classroom). NASA scientist Shawn Hart is our special guest this week and he complements the entire show. Ryan struggles with the drink... in a funny way not the 'affecting friends and family' sort of way. Patrick supports earthquake prone Eureka, CA with his brew selection. Charlie gets creeped out by his beer label. Shawn’s not much of a beer drinker but represents with a classic microbrew favorite.

00:06:36 – This week starts off science heavy with Shawn telling us all about the benevolent robot camera HiRISE. HiRISE, onboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, circles Mars 300 km above the surface and takes pictures at submeter per pixel resolution. It makes one wonder what spy satellites can see on Earth. Find out why HiRISE is the people's camera and how you can choose where on Mars it should look next.

00:28:08 – Trailer Trash Talk – Think incessant phone calls from credit card collection agencies are bad? Try missing a payment on your cybernetically enhanced organs. Forest Whitaker and a beefy Jude Law will track you down and kill you. Is Repo Men good Scifi? Is any Scifi good? We hash it all out and more.

00:40:20 – Next we tread deep into the 'Uncanny Valley' – The Uncanny Valley is a pseudo-scientific concept that explains our repulsion to robots that look almost human but not quite. In a 1970 paper in the journal Energy, roboticist Masahiro Mori proposed that a robot that’s too human-like can veer into unsettling territory, tripping the same psychological alarms associated with a dead or unhealthy human. Does it really exist or are we being robot bigots? What is with all this anti-robot propaganda anyway? The Paleopals get over their initial prejudices and greet creepy robots with open arms. Disclaimer: We still do not like zombies.

00:54:15 – Shawn's one of those rare scientists with extensive right brain aptitude. His website, onehundredthmonkey, reveals his eye for aesthetics, art, and culture. In his words, 'this site is an outlet of rad stuff from around the world, and various diatribes and impassioned calls to action (generally not the serious kind). Hope you enjoy it. ...oh and if you're wondering about the name one hundredth monkey, it's some pseudoscience theory about crazy brainwaves communicating ideas across the ether. Ya, don’t even worry about it.' We Paleopals frequent this site and we think the Paleoposse would love it.

01:05:10 – Listener Feedback – We were featured on iTunes! It ruled. We have a ton of new listeners and a ton of new feedback. Charlie fails at reading a bad review; Patrick succeeds. As it turns out, trailer trash is a whole lot like anchovies, Radiolab is a good podcast, and, well, Charlie, Ryan, and Patrick are hicks. Ryan reads off a list of the Paleoposse elite – they have special prizes coming their way.

This weeks music can be found here:

  • House Party – Chomp Chomp < Up and coming indie Band from Bellingham, WA–stay tuned
  • High Roller – The Crystal Method
  • Guns of Brixton – Nouvelle Vague
  • Deceptacon – Le Tigre
  • Where It's At – Beck


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Ep 21: Science... sort of - Red Devils

00:00:00 - The Paleopals are together again for the first time.  We explore the art of podcasting from the same time and space.  Also, we explore what we are drinking.  Finally, Ryan disappoints us… sort of!

00:03:42 - We kick off the science this week with a story of a stranded red (planet) rover.  The spirit has finally left the little robot in a pile of sand.  Spirit still works, she just doesn't get out as much as she used to. 

00:13:30 - Trailer Trash Talk - This week we go down the rabbit hole to discuss the Disney/Tim Burton live-action Alice in Wonderland. Apparently, this is an extension of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass.  Best we can tell Tim Burton just put the band back together.  Is that a good or a bad thing?  The Paleopals will set you straight.

00:21:56 - Dinosaurs were a colorful lot, at least according to this story.  Science finds evidence of coloration on dinosaur feathers.  Naturally, this news makes Ryan want a pet Velociraptor even more than he did.  We discuss melanosomes and whether pet theropods are a good idea or not. 

00:36:34 - Tasmanian devils have cancer, so's their face.  Wait it gets worse, it's contagious (amongst the devils, not to humans).  As if Australia wasn't deadly enough already.  The future doesn't look bright for these guys.  Probably the best thing they can do have lots of sex with partners they aren't likely to encounter in the first place.  That or quit biting each other.  

00:41:33 - PaleoPOW. We give the Paleoposse their props and close out the show with some poll results on the ethical treatment of steak, I mean cows. 

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