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Ep 16: Science... sort of - Warm Light on a Winter's Day

Ep. 16: Science... sort of - Warm Light on a Winter's Day 00:00:00 - Your Paleopals bring the Heat this Winter's Solstice. Charlie and Ryan question the theoretical limits of the International Bitter Unit (I.B.U.) and discover a very 'science... sort of' I.P.A. (India Pale Ale), while Patrick, the ever-composed southern gentleman, calmly sips a Texan staple. 00:04:48 - We humans have been playing the global warming game so well, the Earth has decided to generously comp us a greenhouse gas bonus -- methane. Patrick takes us to the ocean depths where methane hydrates, a sherbet-like substance made of methane molecules trapped inside frozen water molecules resides. 00:21:50 - Trailer Trash Talks with Ryan nearly falling from the rarefied pedestal of comic geekhood. But with an impressive recovery his status shall not be questioned again. we discuss the disturbing iterative trend in the number of villains in superhero movie sequels -- Iron Man 2 plots right on the line unless you count the bottle as a villain (we do not btw). 00:30:30 - Ryan continues to bring the endothermy with a discussion of warm-blooded dinos. Yes dinos, our listeners wanted more dinos and we delievered. 00:47:33 - Listener Feedback Time: Listener Rob loves endorphins and will run great lengths in search of a fix. The paleopals pushers do what they can to enhance Rob's experience but do not, STRICTLY DO NOT, condone the use of Heroin, especially while running 20+ miles. Bump Music: Pink Bullets - The Shins Iron Man - Black Sabbath Dan Black - Pump my Pumps Foreigner - Hot Blooded

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Ep 15: Science... sort of - Fire and Ice Ep 15: Science… sort of - Fire and Ice. The paleopals begin as they always begin, with chilled savory refreshments. Ryan and Patrick come up with a new meaning for an old label, while Justin samples from a vintage year for Trader Joes. 00:04:42 After discussing their iced beverages, Patrick delves into a study that explores a hotspot below our favorite island state. Justin ponders whether or not magma still glows if no one can see it. 00:26:51 Trailer Trash Talk opens with a discussion of 'The Book of Eli'. All wonder what the book could possibly be- maybe this is a marketing ploy from Amazon to sell Kindles? 00:26:51 Ryan returns to the deep to discuss life under the ice on Europa, a moon of Jupiter, with Richard Greenberg, Professor of Planetary Sciences at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona. 00:52:31 What would a Science… sort of Episode be like without a quick trip to our favorite continent Africa? Ryan leads the way on a journey through the strange world of mole-rats- animals that don't feel pain, don't need oxygen, don't get cancer, and are apparently immortal for up to 30 years. Of course, every superpower comes with a superweakness.
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Ep 14: Science... sort of - Below the Crust From the ashes of episode 13 rises the phoenix of episode 14. 
The Theme: Below the Crust.

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Intro: 00:00:00 One of the Paleopals is missing but, on the other hand, that means that 75% of them are here.  That's a passing grade.   It could be a lot worse.  

Crocs… sort of: 00:02:55 Patrick is his usual crusty self in examining this feast of fossils.  Did these fossil crocs rule the world? Are they even crocs? Does duckcroc satisfy Kirk Cameron?

Nitrogenous Isopterans: 00:21:35 We interview professor Kena Fox-Dobbs about her work suggesting that when in Africa, the termite is king of the nitrogen hill (or mound).  You might think that big organisms would hold the keys to moving nitrogen around the savannah, but you might be wrong.

Trailer Trash Talk -  Clash of the Titans: 00:43:54 A remake of a 1980's stop-motion classic.  Patrick reminisces about the original movie that tells the story of the myth of Perseus.  Will the remake be a Greek tragedy?

Fish on Europa? 00:53:47 There is almost certainly a vast ocean on Europa (everybody knows t hat).  There may be some oxygen dissolved in the water (Ok). There may be 600 million tons of fish on the planet (I'm listening)!?!   The question is, would the sushi be any good by the time you got it back to Earth?  Call me back when there is life on Uranus.  

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Ep 13: Science... sort of - Digging Deep Episode 13: Science... sort of - Digging Deep Links and more available at In which Patrick puns, Ryan runs (his mouth), Charlie contemplates and Justin bothers to show up. 00:00:00 The Paleopals begin with bickering and confusion. Who's there? What's being drunk? (drinked? drankened?) Who wants to get a word in edgewise? 00:05:31 Then they talk to the Acid Queen. She says something interesting, Ryan says something awkward in response. The usual. 00:30:22 Trail Trash Talk steps inside the Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus this week. It's a confusing place, and Gilliam's luck sends the show off the rails but can the guys recover and make sense of it enough to buy stock? 00:47:23 After a trip to the Imaginarium the guys'll want a stiff drink, but the one they're talking about requires a bit of effort. 00:59:15 Self-correcting listener feedback from Jameson, just like Science... sort of. Music provided by: Adventures in Solitude - The New Pornographers Acid Queen - Tina Turner Make You Feel Better - The Red Hot Chili Peppers Drunken Lullabies (Acoustic) - Flogging Molly
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