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00:00:00 - Joe Batwinis, from our sister show Technically Speaking, joins us to discuss whether or not we should drop the S (for science) from STEM education as the hard work to earn the degree doesn't seem to be paying off for most graduates.

00:16:42 - Regardless of their major, many college students enjoy a drink. We're not in college anymore, but we do our best. Joe enjoys a Raspberry Brown from the Lost Coast Brewery but Patrick thinks his Rogue made Mocha Porter is superior. Ryan avoids the fray with a cocktail called the "Gentle Giraffe" invented by former guest of the show Willow Belden. To make one for yourself and a friend, simply combine in a shaker:

00:22:40 - You should never drink and drive. You can, however, drink and discuss movies about driving such as Rush which this week gets the Trailer Trash Talk treatment!

00:33:21 - Photographing lions is both risky and difficult. Two intrepid photographers build some robots to help them out, which makes both the tech and bio nerds quite happy.

00:46:05 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like modifying cameras, they're both likely to void your waranty. Joe begins with a voicemail from Danielle N. who wants to know, based on previous discussions of robotic cars, if removing humans from the equation will eliminate traffic jams. Ryan receives a delightful donation (Thanks!) from Michael M. along with an e-mail about 3D modelling of the complicated skulls of animals like crocodiles and fish for the purposes of research. Patrick suggests winning an award, and Ryan suggests following some relevant folks on Twitter. Patrick finishes the show with an e-mail from Jaroslav T. who has spotted some bigfoots (or is it bigfeets?) in the wilds of Louisiana, and thought we should know. We agree that this is indeed important information, but are more concerned with how to refer to the beasts in the plural form. Help us out in the comments!


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Music for this week's show:

Career Day - The Format

Who told ya? - The Woody Pines

Don't Rush - Tegan and Sara

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00:00:00 - New planets may be starting to seem like old hat, but this time we're using Ben's favorite fundamental force, gravity, to find them! Charlie also enlightens us on the BEER method for detecting planets.

00:14:55 - Speaking of BEER... Ben has a grass jelly drink, which brings up the topic of hippos spraying their poop somehow. Ryan is enjoying a Cerahopsian IPA given to him by Paloeposse member extraordinaire, Danielle. N. Thanks, Danielle! And Charlie is having an appropriately titled Stark Raving Red wine.

00:20:28 - Revelations as surprising as those made in the story itself are discussed alongside the trailer for the controversial Ender's Game.

00:36:43 - Given the right circumstances, you can turn your own digestive system into a very tiny brewery, which is exactly what has happened to one man in Texas.

00:49:44 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like breweries, they smell like bread and are lots of fun. Ben has a question from Luke J. about the mechanics surrounding Krypton's distance from Earth, including Neil DeGrasse Tyson's contribution to that mythos. Ryan presents a new iTunes review AND a recurring donation from Dave M. Thanks for being a double-threat, Dave! Charlie answers a question from Amy H. about tidal locking, with some contribution from Ben.


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Music for this week's show:

Everlasting Light - The Black Keys

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Instant Karma - John Lennon

Brewer Fever - Former Milwaukee Brewers Theme Song

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