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Ep 37: Science... sort of - The High Ground

00:00:00 - You may not describe the Paleopals as rich, dark and smooth, but this week their drinks all were. That's something. Isn't it? It's not? Oh, moving on then.

00:04:51 - Birds like conventional wheat better than organic wheat according to a new study. The Paleopals dance around with this hot potato of a food issue.

00:20:36 - Ryan sounds like a jock during Trailer Trash Talk as he complains about the brainiacs who will out-research him once they finish high school in this week's trailer for the documentary Whiz Kids.

00:30:42 - Get down with Greenland, cause things are moving up. Wow, that made no sense at all but there's no time to fix it. The point is Greenland is rising and it's probably you and your CO2's fault. I hope you're happy. Greenland is soggy, wet, high and dry.

00:38:27 - Getting high can make you sick, and we're not talking about drugs. Altitude leads to adaptation in the people of Tibet, and a new study shows just how deep those changes go. Sir Edmund Hilary eat your heart out.

00:48:29 - PaleoPOW this week brings you a new feature to the website in the form of a Brachiolope Gallery, another reason for being a scientist from Cynthia G. and a place you probably don't want to add to your bucket list from Grainne S.


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Music for this week's show:

Higher Ground – Stevie Wonder

Fields of Gold - Sting

Kids - MGMT

The Snows They Melt the Soonest – Jesse Autumn & Friends

Everest – Ratatat

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Ep 36: Science... sort of - Seen from Space

00:00:00 – Ryan is the only one drinking alcohol this week. That's probably the sign of a dependency issue, but he'd argue the Paleoposse depend on great content and that he's just stepping up.

00:05:44 – There are holes in the Milky Way. Listener Angella Beshara is relying on the Paleopals to get to the bottom of it! Only Ryan stands in the way with his usual nonsensical sidebars.

00:15:41 – Beavers have been industrious up in the great wet north, but we have our eye on them… from space! Then Ben goes off on many tangents about Canadian history, because who would know if he didn't tell us? They certainly don't teach us about it in school.

00:30:11 – T-cubed this week is talking about the “documentary” Cropsey. What if the boogie man was real? Scary! What if he was from Staten Island? Well, none of us grew up there, so significantly less scary. And maybe fake. You decide!

00:44:29 – PaleoPOW is a doozy this week as the Paleopals celebrate a milestone, answer tough question from Charles Kressbach about The Flash without the aid of Tom Katers, and finally get inspired for new topics by Jaqueline F.

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Reasons to Quit - Phosphorescent

Holes to Heaven – Jack Johnson

O Canada – Celine Dion

Drinking at the Dam - Smog

The Kids Don't Stand a Chance – Vampire Weekend

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Ep 35: Science... sort of - Change Over Time

00:00:00 - The Paleopals go through the motions of introductions but they're tired because they were up late and they were up late because they were at the Calacademy Nightlife. Which was pretty cool and they'll tell you why.

00:08:36 - What happens when a species gets divorced? Does that mean they don't love us anymore? Patrick explains the delicate and debated topic of speciation; specifically some cute little lizards on islands.

00:26:20 - The trailer this week involves some irresponsible scientists with a tale as old as time as the Paleopals tackle Splice. The tale of creating a monster you can no longer control. The Paleopals get a little harsh on this B-movie plot that perpetrates the image of the irresponsible scientist.

00:36:13- Another tale from an old time is a dinosaur tale. And they may be back soon if the Canadians are allowed to have their way with Chicken DNA. Everything you just read is true. Moving on.

00:50:10 - PaleoPOW this week brings a scientific inspiration from Hannah Elliot, Patrick's favorite iTunes review, and Ryan pleading to stay ahead of some nude academics on podcast alley.

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  • Extreme Ways - Moby
  • Island in the Sun – Weezer
  • Experiment Number Six – Lemon Jelly
  • Things I Don't Remember – Ugly Casanova
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Ep 34: Science... sort of - Brain Freeze

00:00:00 - Yeah, yeah, yeah, Paleopals, drinking, some kind of theme. There's no guest this week, just the usual knuckleheads. It only takes a few minutes to get through, SCIENCE happens soon.

00:08:03 - After hearing that who on earth would feel inspired to become a scientist? Probably no one, but then again the Paleopals haven’t attained pop-culture icon status… yet. Someday in the future people will definitely say “I became a scientist because of Science… sort of!” Those will be grand days indeed.

00:21:55 - Asteroids are full of chemicals, some more interesting than others. Charlie tries to unboring up this story for the guys while Ryan complains about the media… again. Guys really got a hard on for reporters, must be some history there. Best not to ask and just move on to...

00:32:38 - Trailer Trash Talk (T^3) which this week is talking about another brainy guy with issues while reviewing indie movie The Scientist. Opinions are mixed, hearts are broken, little is accomplished.

00:50:12 - Ryan has your weekly CalAcademy Nightlife breakdown; it’s your best chance to see a Paleopal in their natural environment (i.e. drinking around SCIENCE). Like the show, all interactions with live Paleopals will be pre-recorded and highly edited.

00:41:14 - If you’re not bored with the show yet, then you'll love this next bit. If you are bored you've likely yawned, well your brain has tricked you into paying attention! HA! Take that stupid brain. If you feel that you were tricked you should send your complaints to us which may earn you a spot in the...

00:52:39 - PaleoPOW segment! We love the Paleoposse and devote (an increasing) chunk of the show to singing their praises. This week Ryan B. raises a question in the wrong solar direction, James P. P. (actually) and Patrick will not let whole fly penis thing go, and Ryan is pronoun confounded on iTunes. Of course, Ryan also has more to announce such as: 


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  • Still Alive – Jonathan Coulton & GLaDOS
  • The Motivation Proclamation – Good Charlotte
  • Rest My Chemistry – Interpol
  • Scientist – The Dandy Warhols
  • I Wanna Be Sedated – The Ramones

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