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00:00:00 - Brown snakes may have reached Guam, but once there how do they reach between tree branches? New research shows how these tiny snakes would rather go up than across.

00:19:26 - Drinks bridge the gap between sobriety and drunkenness. Patrick sups a Naked Grape pinto grigrio. Ben kicks back some guava nectar from Egypt. And Ryan has a Jashimi cocktail invented by Jacopo Falleni.

00:24:45 - Ben and Ryan argue over comparisons to other movies while Patrick laments the plot twist seen in the trailer for Robot & Frank, the subject of this week's Trailer Trash Talk.

00:37:28 - The same mine that gave us Titanoboa has also given us a very large, round, and flat turtle called Puentemys mushaisaensis. Was the shape a way to avoid swallowing or was it a better way to thermoregulate back in the day? We honestly don't know but we're sure as shooting going to talk about it.

00:48:42 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like reptiles, you think they're slimy but really they aren't. Patrick has a question from Kyle P. about tracking all the fossils paleontologists manage to find. Ryan has a very poetic e-mail from Sonny C. And Ben promotes the Brachiolope Media Network forum by giving us the results of the most favorite Paleopal poll!


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00:00:00 - You might never need to plug in your electric car if we just went ahead and made the roads moving charging platforms. Expensive? You bethca! Worth it? Eh...

00:22:40 - One way to get a charge is via ethanol, which consumed in moderation should never require the insertion of wires into your body. You figure out what that means. Jacob went foul by freezing his Yuengling Black & Tan, but he doesn't mind a mixed beer slushy. Charlie enjoys the gift of Rittenhouse Straight Rye whiskey and shares a summertime cocktail treat. And finally Ryan picks the inspiring  Lot No. 3 IPA by Evolution Craft Brewing.

00:33:32 - The guys try to remember the details of the original film in this week's Trailer Trash Talk: Total Recall.

00:47:19 - Orangutans are unequivocally awesome but consequently difficult to study. So a team in England has turned to parkour runners to imitate the movements of an ape for the purposes of science. And that's just cool.

01:00:55 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like parkour, circuitous and of debatable worth. Charlie starts us off with a charitable donation from Sarah B. who appreciates our company during yoga and cave/office time. No problem, Sarah, we're here to help! Jacob has a comment from Continuum in Episode 138, who thinks he's found a connection between nationality and zombie plans. Discuss. And finally Ryan poses a question he's been asked from Adrian Z. about flying through the atmosphere of Jupiter.


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00:00:00 - A new Zune review fails to distract the Paleopals from noticing just how hot it's been. According to NOAA, the organization not the dude, it really has been "hot as balls" out lately, and the weather has been whackier than usual too boot. The last time it got this hot might have been the PETM, which we mention here but have talked about in a bit more depth on a previous episode. 

00:22:53 - Drinks help you beat the heat. Believe it. Patrick is feeling patriotic with his all-American (Belgian-owned) Budweiser. Ryan is also in the spirit of USA drinking an Independence Day ale from Innis & Gunn (from Scotland). And Charlie, in the true spirit of the states, has a homebrewed ESB, made by a British dude. We might have botched this round.

00:27:44- Trailer Trash Talk present a future "What did Charlie think" as the Paleopals feel conflicted over the 'documentary' Craigslist Joe.

00:38:47 - Male cuttlefish do their best impression of Harvey Dent to fool other dudes in the tank while courting the ladies. Recent works shows that these animals are not just masters of camoflauge but can also multitask with the best of them. And they're not "essentially snails," so don't even go there.

00:56:02 - PaleoPOWs are lot like cuttlefish, you never know if you're about to be tricked. Ryan tells the tale of Lee U. who set up a new recurring donation because that's what awesome people do for fun these days. Patrick presents an update on the "French cave of wonders" story from a few weeks ago via an e-mail from Vincete. And finally Charlie et al. try to help Michale M. pick some classes to help his move forward with SCIENCE.


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00:00:00 - Lousiana wants to implement vouchers to send kids to private schools. Problem is some of these schools teach Creationsist science and math. And it seems the Loch Ness Monster is their ace in the hole to disprove evolution. So there's that... 

00:25:07 - Drinks dull the pain of bad science. Ryan has a merlot with a marshmallow. It's a think he's been meaning to try. And Kelly kicks back a Cabernet Sauvignon, which apparently is an old favorite for her. Who knew? Jacob has a Bold City Brewery's Lamp Post Ale. He claims it's only OK, but he certainly didn't take long to finish it.

00:31:46 - Ryan couldn't wait any longer so this week's Trailer Trash Talk gets excited over the conclusion of Nolan's Batman trilogy with The Dark Knight Rises.

00:45:51 - Everybody knows that cheetahs can outrun greyhounds, but how? A new paper in the Journal of Experimental Biology explores the distinctions by putting them both on a track. SCIENCE!

01:06:10 - PalePOWs are a lot like cheetahs, easy to tame but hard to catch. Kelly has an e-mail from Elio asking why exactly Jeff Goldblum is in Jurassic Park, other than showing off his "sensual chest." Jacob has an e-mail from Ben H. who, after reading James Gleik's Chaos and more, has some in-depth questions about chaos, computation, and other heady math stuff. Plus some fractals. Recurring donor Abigail A. sends along a belated missive explaining why as an artist she enjoys the show (as well as the podcast Dame is a Four Letter Word by listener Laurin P.) and her own efforts to spread the love of phenology locally


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