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00:00:00 - The show begins with possibly the best cold open ever and then descends into discussion of quantum computing as D-Wave Systems released the first commercially available quantum computer EVER! Its a big deal if you know what quantum computing is, so the Paleopals do their best to distinguish a qubit from a double slit.

00:26:06 - Charlie feels imperial from the lager side of things, and betrays and old favorite.  Patrick is reminded of his early days as a craft beer drinker. Ben has a juice with enough calories to make him second guess his selection. And Ryan has a beer from California that everyone agrees upon, which if you listen to the show you know is a rare thing!

00:32:44 - Trailer Trash Talk tackles Rom-Com for the first time and is left feeling Green with Envy. This one gets a bit silly, ben even does voices.

00:44:25 - Bigfoot "researchers" go into the woods and come out with "evidence." The remaining question is: Bigfoot or bear? The Paleopals have way too much fun (including the poking variety) with an old cryptozoological favorite. Just remember folks, we all want bigfoot to exist, and that's why we don't accept crappy evidence.

00:57:35 - PaleoPOWs are like bigfoot, there are lots of sightings but most are seen while the witnesses are drunk. Patrick checks in our coffers which have expanded thanks to the efforts of Schlomo D., Robert M., and especially Chris V. Thanks, guys! You're literally making it all possible. Charlie takes us over to the Brachiolope Gallery (seriously, folks, go check it out) to showcase three new contribution from Manuel,  Brendan M. and Kyle "The Centaur" H. Ben relates the harrowing, yet subconscious, tale of Joe Ameen, who told us his story in the comments of Episode 90. And finally, Ryan reads an e-mail from Randy H. concerning the beers promoting on the show, and Ryan has a solution in the form of a blog post concerning Untappd.

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00:00:00 - Ben starts off the show with the horrifying news that spiders literally cannot be killed. Not even by drowning. Be afraid, but very afraid. Or be a biologist, like Ryan, who has no fear, only awe.

00:13:00 - Without time to prepare Ben is left looking for spiders in a glass of water, Kelly kicks back a Shakespeare stout and and Ryan keeps it beneath the drink with an emphasis on the cryptozoologic.

00:19:39 - After the immortality of spiders the Paleopals consider the implausibility of magic (which may or may not have mass) in the trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

00:29:02 - Ryan survived the summer of the 13-year cicada invasion and decides that it's high time the Paleopals discuss the little loud critters and how they evolved their long-form lifestyles. Enjoy the singing!

00:54:23 - PalePOWs are like cicadas, they're always prime.  Kelly has an e-mail from Jesse (not Ryan's friend)  who is happy to have found her via SMBC. Ben has an e-mail from Doug which asks a question about black hole vs. white holes and Ben has the answer! Finally, Ryan has a Czech e-mail from Michal that he has a hard time pronouncing, much to his dismay and everyone else's chagrin.

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00:00:00 - Kevin "The Numero" Uno joins the Paleopals to discuss his new paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences all about "Nutcracker Man" not doing what his name would imply.

00:19:42 - What are we drinking? Kevin paradoxically says that i's the water (not the grains), Charlie ponders new bottle shapes for and older brewery, Patrick experiments with pale ales and Ryan has a  Hibiki Birthday drink on the rocks thanks to a few fine ladies.

00:26:17 - Trailer Trash Talk gets historical this week as the Paleopals plus Kevin discuss the trailer for the upcoming documentary Project Nim, which tells the story of ape raising experimentation in the 70's. Yes, it's as messed up as it sounds.

00:38:58 - More science coming from hominid tooth isotopes as a new study from Nature suggests that Cavemen stayed put while Cavewomen searched for greener pastures. Kevin sticks around to help explain.

00:50:56 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like cavemen, rare and poorly understood. This week Charlie has some 5-star iTunes criticism from retroflatus. Patrick explains thenew way you can donate suggested by Brendan and endorsed (via participation) by Buddy. Thanks boys! And finally, Ryan has a Fayetteville-based venue suggestion from former native Sean P.

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00:00:00 - Whats the best way to look inside a mouse? Finely-tuned laser-excitable nanotubes of course! Ben has more in the way of explanations, but Ryan brings the analogies.

00:16:15 - Ben also has something weird to drink but he recommended it to all. Ben also brings his PaleoPOW to bear early with a voicemail from Anthony in AUS concerning som Vostok Space Beer. Charlie is calling back to an oldie but a goodie. And Ryan has a beer themed to go with our transition into...

00:25:19 -Trailer Trash Talk which is renewing it's lease in the show by reexplaining it's origins and purpose. Then we talk about Transformers: Dark of the Moon and why this trailer gets the science wrong within the first frames.

00:36:00 - Humans evolved eyes and the neurons to go with them, but sometimes people have eyes that don't work. A new study shows that clicking your way around the world actually involves processing in the visual cortex, therefor Batman just became that much more plausible.

00:52:37 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like transformers, they're hard to coordinate and you remember them as being better than they actually are. First off we say thanks to all those in the armed forces. And a special thanks to James H. who left some kind words on the Facebook Page. NOTE: We recorded this close to Memorial Day even if came out a week late. Next, it turns out we've been reviewed by Podcast Squared, who said mostly good things but also had some criticisms worth discussing. Self reflection is always riveting stuff!

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