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00:00:00 – This week on the show: The Paleopals featuring the Yeti! Sounds like a good band, right? A band of knuckleheads!


00:01:40 – Turns out some animals are stealing the limelight, literally. An oriental wasp is found to be solar charging it's yellowed-butt and a slug is eating, incorporating and reproducing stolen photosynthetic genes!


00:22:01 – What are you drinking? Taking a back seat to science but never a backseat to flavor. The Paleopals have nothing too surprising save Patrick who rolls in a PaleoPOW from Craig L. that is definitely NOT spam but can definitely be seen in the new gallery Art... sort of!

00:27:36 – Trailer Trash Talk this week is the story of something you might actually find on a trailer or in a trash heap... a tire! A tire named Robert, who has some issues with humanity in the new horror/comedy Rubber. (which was actually suggested by listener Jeff Sykes!)


00:39:09 – Eusociality is a tricky thing, so we waited for Justin to come back on and explain it to us. This new controversial paper in Nature uses math, and that's even trickier. Can't we all just agree not to breed and get along?!


00:57:35 – One group that definitely knows a thing or two about being social is the Paleoposse and this week is no exception as the Paleopals wade through the Feedback Stack! Justin has questions from Pang about self-serving science promotion. Charlie sifts out the art from the words and updates the guys on the latests offerings to the Brachiolope Gallery from SonyaB, who brings the love, Eli, who has his eye on the sky, and Adam who knows how to put a pencil to paper. Thanks guys! Finally, Ryan has an e-mail from Catherine who's upset about a kids book promoting Creationism by co-opting the awesomeness of dinosaurs. The guys discuss the vexing conundrum of science vs. nonsense.

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Music for this week's show:

The Circle of Life - Elton John

Sunshine - Ray Charles

Wheel of Misfortune - Dropkick Murphys

Queen Bee - Freakwater


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00:00:00 – This week the Paleopals skip the usual intro because they're just so excited to talk to author Dr. Sheril Kirshenbaum author of The Science of Kissing!


00:52: 29 – In keeping with the oral fixation the guys let Sheril off the line then talk about getting a "kiss from sweet lady hop." That Charlie really is such a poet. Also Ben seems to have some issues with how beer is produced.


00:58:18 – This week Trailer Trash Talk is going on a field trip for the very first time with Ed Helms and John C. Reily in the new Sundance comedy movie Cedar Rapids!


01:08:31 - PaleoPOW is a time to reflect, and this week the Paleopals might as well be surrounded by mirrors.

  • Charlie et al. are taken to task by[blank]  for panning the trailer for The Last Mountain in Episode 70. Charlie explains our position in depth and refers listeners to Episode 51 where we break down the problems facing alternative energy development.
  • Ben helps budding young scientist Cam nail down the specs for his experimental hot fusion reactor, which he only learned about through Ryan's articles for Marvel. If Santa Cruz is a crater next week you'll all know who to blame.
  • Ryan and the guys geek out over a crocheted baby Brachiolope made and photographed by superfan Sarah. Go check it out yourself in the Brachiolope Gallery! She's asking for a name so they all throw out their ideas. Winner gets the prize! 
  • And finally, Kate wants to know why we don't have more women on the show. Patrick deals with her concerns with his typical well-reasoned and thoughtful style.



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Music on this week's show:

The Denial Twist – The White Stripes

Kiss you all over – Exile

Kiss the Bottle – Lucero

Rock and Roll All Nite – K.I.S.S.


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00:00:00 – This week the Paleopals start the episode off with a bang. Whales are doing it beneath the waves, and doing so in a way that may surprise the monogamous among us. (DISCLAIMER: This story acknowledges the existence of sex and the linked story has the pictures to prove it!)


00:13:01 – The "What are we drinking?" sequence takes back seat to the sex lives of whales, but don’t worry, it’s still there and still delicious. Patrick whines... about foil; while Charlie and Ryan sync their taste buds Kentucky style.


00:16:35 – If you want to guarantee a spot on Trailer Trash Talk, make a werewolf movie. Patrick cannot resist them; it is his own distinct curse. As such, the guys are talking Red Riding Hood; an updated Twilight-esque take on the centuries old fairy tale of debated initial gruesomeness.


00:26:59 – Borneo is a wealth of weird biological stuff we’re just now figuring out. This week the Paleopals present a tale of a new mutualism wherein bats and pitcher plants finally get along after fighting over insects for generations. The cost of a cozy new vegetal apartment? Nothing more than the gift of a nitrogenous guano deposit.


00:39:57 – PaleoPOW is where we give the love back. No exceptions this week.

  • Patrick has follicle follow-up with special thanks to former guests Kelly Weinersmith (, Zach Weiner (SMBC) and Ryan North(Dinosaur Comics) for helping him gather the hair of the masses.
  • Charlie learns that Brachio-morphs come in all shapes and sizes when a conversation Danielle has prompts the discovery of a Brachiobou now on exclusive display at the Brachiolope Gallery.
  • Ryan has an iTunes review written by mycleverinternetnickname literally from on high, an Alaskan mountain-top to be precise. Beer in hand with Science… sort of in the ear is just what we like to read!



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Music for this week's show:

Music is my hot hot sex – C.S.S.

Ryan singing a song he made up (Not available on Amazon, sorry)

Rip it up! (c. 1919) – BB Wolf & the Howlers [From the official album of the book BB Wolf & the 3 LP's, read Ryan's review at the Paleocave Blog!]

Bats in the Belfry - Dispatch



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