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Ep 12: Science... sort of -  Boldly Going Welcome to episode 12! This week's theme is Boldly Going.  We are seeking out new (fake) life and (potential) new civilizations.  

00:00:00 Intro and what-are-you-drinking? Justin has decided to pursue a career doing actual science and thus leaves us stranded for this episode.  So, we call upon Charlie again to bail us out.  

00:03:57 Ecoterraforming Plot - How do we turn Mars into Earth?  Well, driving some Hummers around the Red Planet would be a start.  Charlie has a few other ideas but they all sound really hard.  Maybe we'll just hurl some nukes at Venus and see what happens.  Ryan contemplates the future leggy Martian race, once the planet is livable.  

00:21:25 The Morae River - Category: Best Faux Naturalist Art;  and the Award goes to… Brynn Metheney.  Brynn tells us how she thought up the Morae River and her plans for  life after kicking her Velociraptor habit.  We learn about her artistic process and then put in a request some future faux naturalist art.  Outside of her blog, Brynn has a book on Blurb.  Buy it, it's only available for a limited time.

00:34:29 Trailer Trash Talk - The Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. Can Disney live up to past high expectations for Swashbuckling?  Can Jake Gyllenhaal play a convincing Persian?  Why do bad guys always want to destroy the world, isn't that a little short sighted?  Has their ever been a good movie made from a video game?  We look for answers to these pressing questions and more.  

00:44:43 Updates and Listener Feedback:  LCROSS update, there is water on the moon, no word yet on green cheese.  Why can't NASA go from being sort of awesome to just awesome?  Also, we tackle comments from lunatics.  The Paleopals wax poetic on science and almost get emotional.  

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Ep 11:  Science... sort of - Releasing Your Inner Avatar 00:00:00 Intro and What are you Drinking: The Paleopals are drinking a wide variety of beverages this week and Africa sneaks back into the show (nearly unnoticed.

00:02:43 Oxytocin.  All your relationship problems might be solved with just a little extra oxytocin.  Or, you might just turn into a naked mole rat; it's too soon to tell.  The hormone might also explain why you can't seem to get along with your siblings during thanksgiving. 

00:18:48 Trailer Trash Talk - Avatar.  The Paleopals have been holding this one back waiting for the perfect time to pass judgment on James Cameron's remake of Dances with Wolves (in space).  Turns out this is the week.  Lucky you.  We discuss floating minerals and CG romance, then we reach a conclusion.  But you'll have to listen to find out if we are long or short on this one.  C'mon we even have time stamps now.

00:29:48 Babies Cry with Accents.  Patrick records his recent offspring for our listening pleasure.  Hard to place the accent but maybe she sounds a little like Zsa Zsa Gabor?  We teach you how to tell if you've adopted a French or German baby and also what floor to avoid if you are staying in a Ch inese hotel.

00:41:39 Odd man out - Superman Red Son.  Did Superman's spaceship land in the USSR instead of the USA.  No, but it be a whole lot cooler if he had.  Ryan and Justin leave Patrick out of Superman: Red Son.  They teach Patrick what the world would have been like if the Man of Steel had grown up behind the Iron Curtain.  Also, the book deals with why Superman and Lex Luthor are destined not to get along (and it has nothing to do with their oxytocin levels)
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Ep 10: Science... sort of - The End of the World Welcome to the Decasode! Pulling out all the stops for the Paleopalophiles this week’s show notes include… time stamps! @ 00:00:27 – The intro! Has Patrick realized his fitness? Do the guys have a theme? Do they have drinks? All these questions will be answered. @ 00:09:23 – Topic #1: The audio equivalent of Hemmingway’s Snows of Kilimanjaro as the guys discus melting tropical glaciers, and the gumption they had daring to exist in the first place. @ 00:25:42 – This week on Trailer Trash Talk the guys take 2012 to task. Patrick again name drops the competition so here’s a link their site, cause we’re just that nice. The Paleopals even manage to include some Science… sort of (Hey! That’s the name of the show!) @ 00:38:36 – Topic #2: The universe shows the LHC a thing or two about how to accelerate a subatomic particle. Justin explains the science, Ryan drops some metaphors with SPORTZ. A science book is mentioned, and a non-science book is lamented. @ 00:51:22 – Ryan feels like he gets hit with a fist full of quarters since he’s the Odd Man Out as Patrick and Justin discuss the King of Kong! Music for this week’s show provided by: So Hard to Find My Way – Jackie Greene When the World Ends (Live) – Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds We Like Sportz – The Lonely Island Super Mario – Byu Vocal Point
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Ep 9: Science... sort of - SuperManEatingLions

In episode 9 the paleopals add Charlie to the mix again and then turn the mic on themselves, Justin specifically.  Justin had a paper come out in PNAS discussing the famous man-eating lions of Tsavo (of Ghosts in the Darkness fame).  He thinks that it was just one of the pair that was causing all of the trouble.  He also figured how many people they ate using only science.  Next the paleopals take a stab at The Box.  Is it a masterpiece of moral dilemma or another Richard Kelly debacle?  Would you push the button? Finally, the guys learn all about how Superman's various abilities are really just one physics defying power.  We start out discussing amongst ourselves, but Ryan has a surprise.  He brings in the big gun, Benjamin Tippet (AKA Lenny Lippet?), to infom us that unless you have a pocket full of kryptonite or a black hole at your disposal, you don't tug on Superman's cape (spitting in the wind is optional). 

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